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 Bang! Bang! Bang...

As the Nation Armaments madly collided with terrifying power, explosions continuously sounded out, and the sky continued to be torn. The shockwaves turned into berserk gales, and everything in the surroundings had been annihilated.

At that moment, Zhao Fu was still bound by the countless dragon-shaped chains, and he loudly roared as he exploded out with waves of immense power. Soon, the chains and dragon images were slowly being repelled by him.

The faces of the thousand Legatees fell; they were only at a slight advantage because they were restricting Zhao Fu while the Dynasty Legatees attacked with their Nation Armaments. If Zhao Fu broke free from the bonds, the ones who died first would definitely be those without Nation Armaments.

"I, the Legatee of the Dali Kingdom, order all of the Dali Kingdom's Fate to gather into the Dragon Formation!"

"I, the Legatee of the State of Wei, order all of the State of Wei's Fate to gather into the Dragon Formation!"

In this moment of life and death, countless Legatees disregarded everything and raised their bloodied hands as they shouted out. Not only did they send their own power into the Dragon Formation, but they also sent their nations' fate in as well.


As the countless traces of Fate fused into the Dragon Formation, the Dragon Formation instantly became more than ten times bigger, and its power reached new heights as an even greater might spread out.

The chains obtained even more power and bound Zhao Fu even more tightly, and Zhao Fu felt as if he was going to be squeezed into pieces.

The various Dynasty Legatees continued to use their Nation Armaments to madly attack. Because Zhao Fu's body was bound and his power was being suppressed, Great Qin's Nation Armaments seemed to be at a disadvantage.

This made the Legatees feel delighted, and they felt that they had a chance at killing Great Qin's Legatee. If they could kill Great Qin's Legatee, this battle would conclude and they would all have hope.

The Legatees attacked Zhao Fu even more ferociously, and their soldiers' morale greatly rose. They desperately resisted Great Qin's attacks, while Great Qin's aura became slightly weaker.

"Hahh!!" Zhao Fu roared, shaking the heavens and earth and causing a wild gale to stir.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three massive stars appeared, one giving off boundless blood-red light, one giving off boundless gold light, and one giving off boundless gray light. They dyed the world three different colors, and their unfathomable might could barely be contained by the human world. The world continuously trembled and fell apart before being restored.

The four Guardian Beasts were protecting the human world's source energy with all their power. If the two sides continued destroying it, it would not be able to recover until a long time had passed.


The three massive stars gave off intense starlight and a might that seemed to be enough to destroy the world. A terrifying pillar of starlight descended onto Zhao Fu's body, making his aura continuously rise.

A shocking aura of death covered everyone as they felt their bodies go stiff. Boundless terror surfaced in their hearts, and they felt as if they were going to die in the next moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

At that moment, they seemed to sense something, and their minds felt as if they were going to explode.

Terrifying auras rose up from every Legatee's body and shot into the sky. Different-colored stars giving off horrifying mights descended to the human world.

Some stars gave off red lights, some stars gave off blue lights, some gave off violet lights, and some gave off yellow lights. Even though they were all of different colors, what united them was that they were all King's Stars.

Under the might of Zhao Fu's three Emperor's Stars, they had been forced to summon their King's Stars.

The thousand King's Stars hung in the sky, giving off different starlights and different auras. There was not a single cloud left in the sky, and the scene was simply awe-inspiring.

What happened next was even more shocking. The thousand King's Stars gave off terrifying mights as they quickly moved, surrounding the three Emperor's Stars.

They each exploded out with intense starlight, and waves of powerful King's Aura formed an extraordinary King's Aura that covered the heavens and the earth. At that moment, countless people wanted to kneel down and submit to that King's Aura.

This King's Aura did not shrink back at all and pressed down towards the three Emperor's Stars, seeming incredibly ferocious as it challenged the three Emperor's Stars.

The four Guardian Beasts looked quite shocked as they watched the thousand King's Stars simultaneously descend. It was the first time they had seen such a thing before.

What shocked them even more was that these thousand King's Stars gave off a powerful King's Aura that challenged the Emperor's Stars. This was something that was almost impossible, and they could not help but feel nervous.

They did not feel much confidence in Zhao Fu, because a thousand King's Stars simultaneously descending was simply too powerful, causing even the heavens and earth to want to submit.

"Who will win the final battle of the human world?" If Great Qin won, the human world would be unified, and a new age would arrive. If the Western Continent won, the situation in the human world would be the same, and everyone would ally together to attack Great Qin.

The human world would welcome in a short period of peace, because if Great Qin lost, it would not be able to launch such a massive battle in a short period of time. If that happened, it would be a long time before the human world would be unified.

Zhao Fu's body was strung up in the air by the dragon-shaped chains, and the various Dynasty Legatees used their Nation Armaments to madly attack. Without Zhao Fu's direct control, Great Qin's Nation Armaments were continuously beaten back.

The King's Stars gave off waves of even more intense starlight, bringing with them a King's Aura that could cause even the heavens and earth to submit as they moved towards the three Emperor's Stars, starting an official challenge; they wanted to destroy the three Emperor's Stars.

Zhao Fu's face was a mask of pain from the damage from the Legatees, the backlash from unsealing the Six Paths Demon Images, and summoning the three Emperor's Stars.

The immense pain caused Zhao Fu's consciousness to almost disappear, and his body grew weaker and weaker.

The countless Legatees were ecstatic and became even more excited. Now, it seemed that they really would be able to kill Great Qin's Legatee. If they could kill him, everything would end.

The Western Continent's army's morale soared while Great Qin's morale fell. Great Qin's Nation Armaments were no longer controlled by Zhao Fu and could no longer block the attacks of the Dynasty Legatees.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Dynasty Legatees raised their Nation Armaments and gave off terrifying might as they attacked towards Zhao Fu, wanting to reduce him to dust.

Seeing this, Bai Qi felt horrified and immediately wanted to go and save Zhao Fu.

Suddenly, the powerless-looking Zhao Fu suddenly raised his head, looking at the Dynasty Legatees and causing them to feel a bone-chilling coldness. Their bodies froze, because Zhao Fu's pupils had all split.


An explosion that sounded like the heavens and earth exploding rang out as the four Guardian Beasts protecting the human world felt as if they had been hit by a massive force, and they all coughed up a large mouthful of blood.