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 All of the Egyptians could sense something, because this scepter was Egypt's Clan Armament, the Was Sceptre!


Another massive explosion sounded out as countless rays of white light filled the entire sky. Pure-white feathers slowly floated down from the sky as a white book descended from the sky.

An unimaginably powerful energy spread out as every living creature seemed to become illusory. This book was the Clan Armament that Babilon wielded, the Book of God!

Twenty or so Nation Armaments and two Clan Armaments' power caused the entire human world to feel the power of extermination. Under that wave of terrifying power, countless people's bodies froze in terror, and countless beasts ran in fear.

As the Dynasty Legatees acted, the surrounding thousand Legatees also moved as well. They cut open their palms and raised their hands.

The blood flowed out of their palms and was attracted by a formless energy, flying into the massive magic formation made of Fate Dragons.


The magic formation gave off even more shocking power as space was ripped apart. A thousand dragon-shaped chains shot out from the sky, bringing with them immense power as they shot towards Zhao Fu.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

These chains were incredibly terrifying, and they were unobstructed as they shot into the Six Paths Defensive Barrier, tying Zhao Fu up.

The dragon-shaped chains were not corporeal, and they were formed from Fate. The Six Paths Defensive Barrier could not block the chains made of Fate, but the chains consumed a large amount of Fate.

Now, Zhao Fu's upper body was wrapped in chains, and there were countless dragon images around him. He tried to struggle but could not break free at all.

"Kill!" The Dynasty Legatees did not hesitate at all and used their Nation Armaments to blast Zhao Fu. With so many Nation Armaments attacking, the sky was torn, and the power seemed to be able to even extinguish the heavens.

Before that power had even come close, it seemed as if the world was coming to an end.

Zhao Fu's body was finally harmed by that power, causing blood to flow out from him as a few wounds appeared on his face.

"Arghhh!!" Zhao Fu felt immense pain as he roared towards the sky, causing the heavens and earth to tremble.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions sounded out as waves of power aura exploded out. The Twelve Metal Colossi giving off immense killing intent, a stone staff giving off massive destructive power, and a jade seal giving off an Emperor's might all appeared.

The 20 or so Nation Armaments and two Clan Armaments that Great Qin possessed were all simultaneously released by Zhao Fu.

After releasing the power of so many Nation Armaments, Zhao Fu's body gave off an intense black light that turned into a pillar of light, giving off a destructive aura as it shot into the sky. The terrifying power seemed to rip open a hole in the sky, and a boundless dark and destructive aura flowed out like a fountain.

"Arghhhh..." The Legatees held nothing back as they roared, exploding out with their full Nation Armaments' power as they blasted their Nation Armaments at Zhao Fu.

The countless Nation Armaments around Zhao Fu continuously trembled and gave off immense lights as terrifying auras came out from them. They gave off world-destroying power as they madly crashed against the incoming Nation Armaments.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the sky seemed to shatter and a terrifying shockwave rippled out. Ten or so regions were instantly reduced to flatlands, and everything within them were obliterated.

The entire human world trembled as the sky above the human world's Western Continent was torn apart, and an aura of destruction filled the world.

The sky above the northern side was covered by an azure energy barrier. A massive dragon's might, containing power that seemed to suppress the world, appeared, and countless creatures felt a massive force weighing down on them.

A massive azure dragon appeared in the sky. It was covered with azure scales and had many branches in its horns. It had powerful claws and a mighty aura - this was the northern side's Guardian Beast, the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon!

The western side's torn sky was now covered by a fiery-red barrier. A searing heat spread out from the sky, and countless traces of water vapor instantly evaporated. A world-destroying power appeared, making countless people feel terror.

A massive flaming bird appeared in the sky - this bird seemed like a phoenix but was not a phoenix. Its eyes and beak were as red as rubies, and they gave off an intense red light. This was the Divine Sun Fire Bird.

The eastern side's sky was covered by a white energy barrier, and the sound of water could be heard. An unimaginable might descended, causing countless people in the east to feel as if they had fallen into boundless darkness.

A massive whale appeared in the sky; it was snow-white and had blue eyes, and it looked extremely beautiful. It had a pair of pure-white wings, and it was the Guardian Beast of the east, the Sovereign Emperor White Whale.

In the southern side, multicolored light spilled out of the sky, causing all creatures to seem to put on multi-colored clothes and making the world seem quite beautiful. A massive might slowly descended, and even though it was powerful, it caused no fear. Instead, it made people feel reassured.

A massive dear appeared in the sky. Its fur was multi-colored, and its horns were platinum-colored. It gave off a gentle aura, and it was the Guardian Beast of the south, the Nine Celestial Enchanting Deer.

As the shocking destructive force rippled out, the human world's four Guardian Beasts simultaneously appeared. It could be seen how terrifying that destructive force was, to the point that it could destroy the world. This was indeed the final battle.

The western side's Divine Sun Fire Bird was the first to speak, and it said in a coarse man's voice, "These humans are going to destroy the world, are we not going to interfere? If this goes on, the human world's Fate and source energy will be severely damaged."

The Sky Desolation Azure Dragon's ancient image replied, "We can't interfere! This is a battle for the unification of the human world, which will cause the human world to become one. When that happens, everything lost will gradually recover."

The Emperor Sovereign White Whale replied with a simple and honest voice as it laughed, saying, "If the human world is unified, our mission will be complete, and we'll be able to leave the human world!"

The Nine Celestial Enchanting Deer said with a young girl's voice and also lightly laughed, "Mm! After this battle concludes, we can head to the Devil Domain. Great Qin's Legatee is quite terrifying, facing so many people by himself. If he can unify the human world, that might just be the best outcome for the human world."

At that moment, the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon spoke, saying, "Let's stabilize the human world for now in order to prevent these humans from destroying the world. That will affect us greatly."

The three other Guardian Beasts nodded and each guarded one direction as a formless power covered the human world, and the four figures gradually disappeared into the sky.