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 As that cry sounded out, hundreds of Legatees appeared, and nearly 1,000 people surrounded Zhao Fu. The inner circle was the 20 or so Dynasty Legatees who had Nation Armaments, and the others were on the outer circle.

They all roared as they invigorated the Fate Dragons within their bodies, causing different auras to flow out. Some were red, some were white, some were black, and some were green; there were all sorts of different colors.

"Roarrr..." Dragons' roars filled the sky as rays of light shot out from the Legatees' bodies and slammed into the sky, seeming to tear the sky apart.

The human world's sky gradually darkened, and the entire world's Fate madly gathered like a berserk gale. Everyone sensed something and looked towards the west, because the shockwaves from there were simply too powerful.

The shockwaves here were indeed quite terrifying. Around 1,000 Fate Dragons gave intense lights as they spiralled in the sky, their terrifying auras inundating everything like a horrifying tsunami.

Everyone present was someone who played a critical role in the human world, and they had much of the Fate of the human world. Each of their Fate Dragons could invoke changes in the heavens and earth, so their combined power was naturally quite terrifying.

The terrifying shockwaves affected the entire battlefield, and many people could not help but look over. How could such terrifying power exist in this world?


A massive explosion rang out in all directions as the thousand Fate Dragons formed a massive dragon-shaped magic formation. An even greater pressure suddenly descended, causing the ground to cave in.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Some unfortunate people who were caught in it felt as if they had been struck by something that was millions of kilograms heavy, and their bodies directly exploded, causing blood and guts to fly everywhere.

Zhao Fu was underneath the magic formation, and his body was bound by that terrifying power. Images of dragons appeared around Zhao Fu, making it so that he could not move at all.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite startled. He tried to struggle free but found that he was unable to do so at all. The dragon images around him tightly bound him in place.

Seeing this, the countless Legatees all grinned; this was something they had especially prepared for Zhao Fu in order to kill him. They did not hesitate to burn their Fate Dragons' power.

A Fate Dragon was the most important thing to a person, and it affected their fate. Igniting it came at a great cost, and it would be difficult for the Fate Dragons' power to recover.

"Everyone, let's work together to kill Great Qin's Legatee!" a Legatee cried out in joy seeing that Zhao Fu could not break free of the binding.

The others all acted, sending all sorts of powerful attacks towards Zhao Fu, causing the space around him to seem to explode.

In order to kill Zhao Fu, the Legatees all continuously attacked. The 20 or so Dynasty Legatees used most of their Nation Armaments' power to blast towards Zhao Fu, causing explosions to continuously sound out.

Seeing so many terrifying attacks being unceasingly launched towards Zhao Fu, Bai Qi could not help but feel a trace of worry.

Only after ten minutes did the Legatees stop and let out a sigh of relief. After releasing so many monstrous attacks, they had definitely blown Zhao Fu to smithereens.

After all of the light dissipated, everyone was shocked to see that six chains had come out of Zhao Fu's chest, and there were six terrifying figures that were each four meters tall around Zhao Fu.

One of them looked savage, had fangs, and two horns on its head. It had a powerfully-built body, and tongues of flame occasionally appeared on the surface of its body. It gave off a heavy sulphuric smell and had the head of a demon, and it held a trident.

One looked like a skinny human without any flesh on its body. Its limbs were very long and thin, and it had a large and round belly. Its skin was gray, and it looked quite ugly. It had pointy ears and white eyes, which were filled with savageness. There was a piece of cloth around its waist, covering its lower body, and it held a large bone knife.

One of them looked essentially like a human and had a handsome face and well-built body, and it wore white clothes. There was a blood-red sword at its side, and its eyes were also blood-red colored, giving off dense killing intent.

One of them looked exactly like an evil ghost and had pure black eyes, fangs, and a pair of wide wings. It also had a tail and wore black armor, holding a large halberd.

One was human-shaped and was covered with muscle. It looked quite strong, and it had gray-white skin and three heads. One was a chicken's head, one was a duck's head, and the other was a pig's head. There was a beastskin tied around its waist, and it seemed to be filled with powerful fleshly power.

These were the Six Paths Demon Images, and they had stretched out their hands, sending out their Domains to form a Six Paths Defensive Barrier.

The Six Paths Defensive Barrier was gray and was formed from six complicated and mysterious-looking compasses. It contained boundless Six Paths of Reincarnation power, and the eerie ghostly qi flooded the surroundings.

The temperature sharply decreased, causing countless people's hairs to stand on end as their bodies uncontrollably trembled. Everything seemed incredibly gloomy and eerie.

The first time Zhao Fu had unleashed the Six Paths Demon Images' power, allowing them to appear in the human world, they had gone out of control, so Zhao Fu had not dared to use their power this entire time.

Now, there was no reason for him to hold back. He only had a single goal, which was to kill everyone in front of him.

"Arghhh!!" Zhao Fu tilted his head back as he roared. Four dragon's roars could be heard from within his body as a four-colored aura flame burst out from his body and a terrifying power also exploded out. Zhao Fu had also used his Fate Dragons.

"Roarrrr..." Countless mournful cries sounded out as the dragon images around Zhao Fu were destroyed under that immense power.

This caused the other Legatees' expressions to fall, because it seemed that Zhao Fu would soon break free.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

The Dynasty Legatees once again did not hesitate to release all of their Nation Armaments' power. They did not hold anything back and even burned their life force as aura flames appeared and massive winds started to blow.

Nine bronze cauldrons giving off a boundless aura was the first to descend, after which a spear giving off an aura of conquering appeared. This was followed by a crown that was like the sun, and then a flower that looked like a Japanese rose appeared.


A golden light tore through the sky as a golden scepter covered with ancient runes and giving off an aura that seemed to be able to command the world appeared, seeming like no one could resist it.