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 Great Qin had used Disaster Pearls to deal with enemies in the past, and now enemies were using Disaster Pearls against them. These Disaster Pearls caused many injuries and casualties on Great Qin's side.

Bai Qi's gaze became cold as he ordered, "All Corps move out!"

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Fifty-six Corps rushed out from different places towards the defensive wall, roaring as they gave off terrifying auras that formed massive objects.

The Demon King Corps formed a Demon King that gave off evil demonic qi, the Sword Mountain Corps formed a sword that gave off boundless sharp sword qi, the Water God Corps formed a Water God that was surrounded by large amounts of water vapor, the Ice Corps formed a woman made of ice that was surrounded by countless traces of icy air, the Fire Corps created a woman made of fire that was surrounded by searing flames, and the Spider Corps formed a massive spider that gave off a ferocious aura.

56 massive objects were formed, which then gave off terrifying power as they charged at the defensive wall with unstoppable momentum.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The Great British Kingdom's Commander also gave the order for all Corps to mobilize. Thirty-three Corps gave off terrifying auras as they released their own Corps Formations.

"Ji!!" A snow-white fox gave off an ear-piercing cry and gave off an icy power as it appeared, causing snowflakes to fall down around it.

"Roarr!!" A dragon's roar sounded out as a blue dragon appeared, giving off a massive amount of dragon's might, causing countless people to feel terror.


Countless rays of golden light shot out as a golden scepter appeared, giving off a prestigious King's aura, making countless people want to submit.

The Great British Kingdom's 33 Corps unleashed 33 Corps Formations, which also gave off immense auras as they rushed at Great Qin's Corps Formations.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The air seemed to explode as the massive beasts of the two sides ferociously clashed. A world-destroying shockwave spread out, causing the surrounding ground to collapse. Countless trees were uprooted as countless people were blown away.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The massive beasts continued to disregard everything as they battled intensely. The horrifying scene seemed as if the heavens and earth were going to collapse and everything was going to be destroyed.

However, Great Qin had a big advantage - not only did they have more Corps Formations, but the Corps themselves were all Special Corps, while the Great British Kingdom only had 12 Special Corps. Moreover, Great Qin's Corps were higher level and had more people within the Corps.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Great British Kingdom's Corps Formations were given a severe beating by Great Qin's Corps Formations, but they still fought madly.

Seeing that they were at a disadvantage, the Western Continent's Commander gave the order to push out large doors. They all looked different, with some made of wood, some made of stone, and some covered with blood.

These doors were ten or so meters tall and seven meters wide, and they gave off terrifying power. There were 100 of each type of door, with a total of 1,000.

The Commander gave the order to open these doors, within which was darkness. Terrifying auras flowed out, causing everyone to feel afraid.

"Roarrrr..." Roars sounded out as countless Goblins holding weapons rushed out of some doors. Other doors had Orcs, Ogres, or Elves.

After charging out, these creatures charged at Great Qin's army, looking incredibly ferocious. There were tens of millions of these creatures, and their auras were shocking.

Bai Qi did not hesitate to give the order to use Destruction Crystals.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Countless crystals fell among the various creatures, resulting in massive explosions. Blinding white light filled the surroundings, and the terrifying explosive force devoured everything, causing the ground to continuously tremble.

Almost 70% of the dozens of millions of Outlanders were blasted to death, leaving behind fragmented corpses and blood on the ground.

"Roarrrr..." Countless Wyverns appeared in the sky, giving off violent gazes as they looked at the soldiers on the defensive wall.

"Roarrr.." At that moment, massive humanoid monsters clad in heavy armor also roared as they gave off bloodthirsty and ruthless auras.

The Wyverns flapped their wings and rushed down. Their bellies bulged as they gathered flames and icy air, preparing to blast the soldiers on the defensive wall.

Swish, swish, swish...

Suddenly, the sound of the air being torn could be heard as hundreds of arrows shot out, giving off terrifying ripples and striking fear into people's hearts.

Chi, chi, chi...

Some Wyverns were caught off-guard and were hit by the arrows. The arrows were ten or so meters long and contained immense force, easily piercing through the Wyverns' defenses and stabbing four or five meters into their bodies.

"Roarrrr..." Countless pained dragon's cries sounded out. Some Wyverns received light injuries while others suffered heavier injuries, and some that were hit in the head immediately died, their bodies plummeting down.

At a hidden location, 150 Dragon-Slaying Ballistae had been wheeled out. Great Qin had obtained 100 or so Dragon-Slaying Ballistae from Region Treasure Boxes, and the Western Continent had also obtained some and saved them to use against Great Qin's Wyverns.

The countless Wyverns started to become more careful, no longer rashly attacking. The 3,000 Corps Soul Commanders held heavy weapons as they rushed at the defensive wall and started madly attacking.

These Corpse Soul Commanders all had heavy armor and shields, making it so that the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae could not harm them.

The battle in the sky was incredibly intense and was not inferior to the battle on the ground. The City Lords viciously killed, and the terrifying shockwaves from their battle caused those far away to feel a chill through their bodies.

At the same time, City Lords from both sides continuously died, and their corpses plummeted to the ground.

The most terrifying battle was Zhao Fu's battle. Zhao Fu was facing hundreds of Legatees alone, and the battle was incredibly fierce. Only those who had Nation Armaments had the qualifications to actually fight with Zhao Fu. Those who did not have Nation Armaments could only attack from a distance.

"True King's Sword!!" Tina Pendragon raised her sword, and the Royal Seal within her body continuously trembled, sending King's Power into her sword. A golden sword light rushed into the sky, dyeing half of the sky gold.


Tina Pendragon slashed out, causing the heavens and earth to tremble. The golden sword light was filled with King's aura, and it was as if it could slash apart all creatures as it flew towards Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu immediately unleashed his Emperor's Domain to protect himself. The golden sword light crashed against the Emperor's Domain, resulting in a massive explosion. The golden sword light exploded out, turning into a golden gust of sword wind.


A clear cracking sound rang out as the Emperor's Domain started to crack, and Zhao Fu was forced back a few steps.

At that moment, someone cried out, "Grab this opportunity; everyone please ignite your Fate Dragons, or we won't have another chance!"