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 These five people were Ge Nia, Zhao Sha, Zhao Mo, Elise, and Mo Yao'Er. They all had Sect Armaments, which were just as powerful as Nation Armaments.

The Eastern Archipelagos' five Legatees had never thought that Great Qin would have such power; Great Qin had never displayed this power before.

They had still underestimated Great Qin, thinking that only Great Qin's Legatee had many Nation Armaments. Now, there were even others who had the same kind of power; Great Qin was simply too terrifying.

After appearing, Ge Nia and the others did not say much before acting. Terrifying attacks shot towards the Eastern Archipelagos' five Legatees; Zhao Mo, the strongest of them all, faced off against Ramis, who had established a Kingdom, while the others all each picked an opponent.

Five Nation Armaments against five Sect Armaments. The terrifying shockwaves were similar to a battle between thousands of City Lords, making people feel as if they had fallen into an icy cavern, and they felt immense terror.

The surrounding soldiers quickly left this region because the battle was simply too terrifying. If they were not careful, they could be killed by the shockwaves alone.

Ge Nia and the others from Great Qin were incredibly powerful, suppressing the Eastern Archipelagos' five Legatees right from the beginning.

Zhao Mo turned into a 100 meter tall demon and gave off heaven-toppling demonic qi as he ferociously attacked Ramis. Before, even without a Nation Armament, Zhao Mo would be able to kill someone with a Nation Armament just with his Demon King's power alone. Now that he had obtained a Sect Armament, he was even more powerful.

Even though Ramis had established a Kingdom and had the power of a Kingdom, he still could not rival Zhao Mo.

Ge Nia's sword skills were incredibly sharp and precise, drawing out cold lights that forced the Legatee fighting against him to continuously retreat. If he was not careful, he would be injured.

Zhao Sha gripped the demon sword Muramasa with both hands. Because he was originally an Assassin, his motions were incredibly unpredictable and ethereal, attacking from all sorts of angles, and each of his strikes was incredibly vicious and sought to take his opponent's life, forcing his opponent into a tough position.

Elise continuously shot out spider threads. Her opponent did not dare to get too close. If he got too close, he would be ferociously attacked, causing him to feel a chill on his back.

Mo Yao'Er continuously swung her sword, attacking her opponent. Even though her attacks were terrifying, her seductive aura and fiery figure could cause anyone's desires to erupt.

The Legatee facing her was a man, and his eyes went red, almost being charmed by Mo Yao'Er. If he could do it with her, he would be willing to even die.

The five people from Great Qin held a great advantage, and in the battle between City Lords nearby, Great Qin's City Lords also had a slight advantage because of their equipment.

However, in the battle between soldiers, Great Qin was at a heavy disadvantage. There were eleven massive creatures, including birds, bears, and demons, ferociously attacking the Great Wall, causing many deaths. These eleven creatures were the Corps Formations of eleven Corps.

Because most of Great Qin's soldiers here were people's militia, under the Eastern Archipelagos' ferocious attacks, they suffered great losses. The invaders had nearly broken through the Great Wall.

On the other side, the Skeleton army was becoming weaker and weaker as the Eastern Archipelagos' soldiers continuously killed them, and soon, they would be completely destroyed.

At the back, the Fish Scale people continued to attack from the ocean while the Eastern Archipelagos' soldiers stationed there mainly defended, and the battle there was quite intense as well.

The Eastern Archipelagos factions had a great advantage in terms of soldiers, and if this went on, they would definitely break through Great Qin's Great Wall and enter Great Qin's territory. Great Qin did not have any more soldiers to defend with.

Even though the five Eastern Archipelagos Legatees were facing Great Qin's people with great difficulty, looking at the battlefield below, they felt quite delighted. If their soldiers below could break through the Great Wall and then help them deal with these five people, they would win in the end.

"Kill! If we can break through the Great Wall, we'll win!" Ramis exploded out with a terrifying aura as he forced Zhao Mo back a step and shouted out. This caused the Eastern Archipelagos morale to greatly rise, and the various City Lords attacked with even more fervor.

Wei Liao's expression did not change as he surveyed the battlefield. He was not worried about the battle, nor did he give any commands.


A massive explosion sounded out as the Eastern Archipelagos' Void Zone was blasted apart, and a young man giving off terrifying demonic qi appeared in the sky.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Following this, soldiers giving off powerful demonic qi passed through teleportation channels and arrived at the Eastern Continent before starting to attack. The Eastern Archipelagos' defending forces were greatly shocked, as they had never thought that the Demon Race that the Northern Continent faced would attack.

Everyone quickly sent soldiers to defend, but most of the soldiers had been sent to attack Great Qin, and only a small portion remained.

Ye Cang brought 20,000 City Lords and one billion soldiers, and they gave off a massive aura as they flooded forwards. They started to rampage throughout the Eastern Archipelagos, and the various Cities and regions were powerless to resist at all as they were conquered.

After hearing that the Eastern Archipelagos was moving out almost all of its forces, Zhao Fu changed his plans. They did not know that the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world belonged to Great Qin, so they naturally did not know that Great Qin would be able to use the Night Dynasty's power.

This was a big advantage, and Great Qin could use it to launch a sudden attack on the Eastern Archipelagos. This would be completely unexpected, allowing them to reap great gains.

At the Midland Continent, the Eastern Archipelagos' forces had nearly broken through the Great Qin's Great Wall when they suddenly heard about the situation in the Eastern Archipelagos. Their joy turned into horror; they had never thought that such a thing would happen. The Dark Demon race was also joining in?

What should they do? The Dark Demon race was sweeping through their territory unhindered, and the Eastern Archipelagos leaders were all incredibly panicked because they were about to lose.

They had two choices: continue to attack Great Qin or immediately return to defend.

They would not be able to return in time because a countless number of Great Qin's soldiers were engaged with them, making it impossible for them to retreat. As such, everyone gritted their teeth and gave the order to continue to attack. Right now, breaking through the Midland Continent was their last trace of hope.

The Eastern Archipelagos' aura rose, and they attacked even more ferociously.

A few hours later, as the sun set, the golden sunlight seemed to drape golden clothes over the land. After paying a huge price, the Eastern Archipelagos factions had broken into Great Qin's territory, leaving blood and corpses everywhere.

However, the Eastern Archipelagos had lost many of its City Lords, and Great Qin's City Lords had turned on Eastern Archipelagos' countless soldiers. Of the Eastern Archipelagos' five Legatees, only two remained.

Even though Great Qin suffered heavy losses as well, it had obtained victory in the end. The Eastern Archipelagos' losses were already set in stone, and Wei Liao finally let out a sigh of relief and smiled.

Over at the Western Continent, that was the main battlefield. There, Great Qin had gathered 70% of its forces, and the Western Continent had gathered the forces from four Continents. There would be an incomparable world war.