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 Even though Old Logue was an Outlander, Zhao Fu did not discriminate between races. No matter if it was before, now, or in the future, he would view all races as equal, so he treated Old Logue quite well. Zhao Fu called Old Logue over, and Zhao Fu saw that Old Logue looked a bit younger than before - perhaps this was the effect of having 10 years added to his lifespan.

After chatting with Old Logue, Zhao Fu found that after he had become a Stage 1 General, he could choose from three types of Unique Military Professions:

The first was to develop a new profession. Because Old Logue's profession was Demon Priest, it was possible for his profession to have Demon's Power, though it was likely to be quite weak.

The second was to choose the Iron Eagle Elite Soldiers as well because it was not just Bai Qi's Unique Military Profession but the Great Qin's Unique military Profession. All of Great Qin's Generals could choose to develop this profession.

The third was for Old Logue to choose a Goblin profession to make his Unique Military Profession, such as Goblin Warrior.

Zhao Fu asked if Old Logue could train a magic-type military profession, but Old Logue replied that this wasn't possible. If Old Logue had an Elemental Mage profession, it would have been possible for him to develop such a profession. However, Old Logue's profession was Demon Priest, which was a religious profession, so he could not develop a magic-type profession.

After listening to Old Logue's explanation, Zhao Fu felt somewhat disappointed, and he asked, "Old Logue, which one will you choose?"

Old Logue took this matter very seriously because he could not change his mind once he made his decision. After thinking about it, he saluted Zhao Fu before replying, "Your Majesty, I choose the Goblin Warriors as my Unique Military Profession."

Zhao Fu was quite surprised, as neither Bai Qi nor Old Logue had chosen to develop a new profession.

Developing one's own profession required a lot of time and effort, and it would be quite weak in the early stages. Professions that had already been established had their own skills and strengths, but developing one's own profession carried a lot of uncertainty.

However, a profession developed by a Stage 1 General would not necessarily be weaker than a historical or race profession in the long term. They all had their own advantages, and since Bai Qi and Old Logue had made their decisions after much consideration, Zhao Fu did not try to interfere with their decisions.

Zhao Fu nodded and replied, "Alright, go and take care of this matter then!"

Old Logue respectfully cupped his fists. He had only just broken through, and after stabilizing his cultivation, he had immediately come to meet with Zhao Fu. There were now many things for him to take care of.

Not too long after Old Logue left, Bai Shan happily came over and reported, "Your Majesty, we've finished researching Intermediate teleportation channels!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu was delighted. Intermediate teleportation channels could transport people a maximum of 5,000 kilometers away and transport 50 people at once. With Intermediate teleportation channels, Zhao Fu could put into motion his plan of opening up routes to other regions.

He told Bai Shan to research Advanced teleportation channels before asking some soldiers to call Bai Qi over. He spread the map of the Heaven Awaken World that he had obtained from the Ten Thousand Flower Festival on the table and looked at where the Forest of Horrors was.

In the map, the Heaven Awaken World was split into four main continents, which were separated by the ocean that contained a countless number of islands. The largest continent was incredibly big and was larger than any two of the other continents combined.

This continent was labeled as Midland Continent, which was where China was. The other three continents were Westwonder Continent, which was where most of Europe was; Southwild Continent, which was where most of Africa was; and Northbleak Island, which was where America and some other countries were.

There were also a countless number of islands in the east, which were labeled as 'Eastern Island Region.' These were all countries with smaller populations.

This was where the various countries in the real world were in the Heaven Awaken World. After obtaining this map, Zhao Fu had used the information he had obtained from the Heaven Awaken World forum to roughly figure out where all of the countries were located in the Heaven Awaken World.

First, Midland Continent.

Midland Continent was at the center of the map, and it was the continent with the most countries in it. At the center of Midland Continent was the most powerful country in the continent. It was like a massive dragon, while the countries around it were like starving ferocious beasts that were unable to shake the massive dragon. This powerful country was China!

In ancient times, China was the center of civilization, and now, it was at the center of Midland Continent, becoming the center of the Heaven Awaken World.

With China's massive population and countless ancient legacies, there was no other country that could vie for this position. Right from the beginning, Zhao Fu knew that China would definitely be the largest battle region in this world.

For now, Zhao Fu focused on the area surrounding the Forest of Horrors. Zhao Fu found where the Forest of Horrors was on the map - it was to the side of the area that China occupied in Midland Continent. During the few days after Zhao Fu entered the Heaven Awaken World, he, Bai Qi, and Li Si all decided to go to Vietnam as soon as possible, so as to leave the region that China was in for now.

Vietnam was about seven regions away from the Forest of Horrors. In the real world, Vietnam was not a very big country, and now that it was in Zhao Fu's sights, that was just bad luck.

Of course, all of this was thinking far into the future. Zhao Fu first looked at the four regions around the Forest of Horrors. They were Red Plum Plains, Hundred Bamboo, Little Valley, and East Green.

Zhao Fu then looked at where the Great Qin Village was within the Forest of Horrors, and he found that the region closest to the Great Qin Village was Little Valley.

By now, Bai Qi had arrived and saw Zhao Fu seriously looking down at the map. He understood why Zhao Fu had summoned him because he had heard about the Scholars successfully researching Intermediate teleportation channels.

It was mainly because of Bai Shan - whenever he researched something, he would run around yelling about it, so the news always traveled quite quickly.

Bai Qi cupped his hands respectfully and greeted Zhao Fu, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu looked up and saw that Bai Qi had arrived, and Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Bai Qi, it's time to set the plans we made a long time ago into motion."

Bai Qi smiled as he replied, "Congratulations, Your Majesty!"

"Alright, let's skip all of the formalities. Have a look at this map; in the future, what area should be used as the Great Qin Village's foundation and what areas should be used as barriers?" Zhao Fu asked.

Bai Qi walked over and looked at the map before discussing with Zhao Fu the Great Qin Village's future plans.