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 The colored clouds continuously gathered, and beautiful rays of light shot out from the colored clouds, landing on the dark clouds and causing them to disappear.

Jiang Ziya's expression did not change as he called out loudly, "Everyone follow my orders! Activate the Ten Thousand Spirits!"

The people on the surrounding stages took out knives and cut their palms, causing blood to fall onto the stages. The stages absorbed the blood and gave off faint blood-red light as faint images of people flew out from the stages and entered the magic formation in the sky.

As the images flew into the magic formation, the magic formation seemed to gain a life of its own. Jiang Ziya once again raised his hand and pressed it against the magic formation, causing a massive power to come out of the magic formation.

"Roarrr..." countless roars sounded out. Within the thick dark clouds, countless massive figures appeared, roaring towards the colored clouds. The dark clouds' power instantly became many times greater, and as if they were alive, they flooded towards the colored clouds.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When the colored clouds met the dark clouds, they gradually disappeared, causing the faces of the people from the Hundred Schools of Thought and various Sects to fall, and they erupted with even greater strength.

The auras that the pillars of light gave off became even stronger, and the colored clouds continuously writhed, giving off even greater colored light.

The dark clouds and colored clouds continuously clashed, with both sides disappearing.

This lasted for a few hours, after which the dark clouds suddenly became much more ferocious than before, and the colored clouds continuously disappeared.

The abnormal signs from before once again re-appeared, with gales and lightning striking everywhere, looking quite terrifying.

Xianru stood by Zhao Fu's side and reminded him, saying, "Your Majesty, I think we've lost this time. The other side has the ability users and espers from three Continents, as well as the Western Continent's people. They have simply too many people."

"Is there any way to deal with them?" Zhao Fu stood with his hands behind his back as he gravely looked at the thick, dark clouds.

Xianru gave a slight smile as she said, "I precisely came because of this. When Your Majesty launched this unification battle, the entire human world's Fate became chaotic. Those ability users want to use these abnormal signs to stop Your Majesty, but what they are doing can already be seen as going against the heavens. Your Majesty needs to have this battle receive the acknowledgement of the heavens and earth and use Fate to give those people a backlash, which will resolve this situation."

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he asked Xianru how to go about this.

Following this, Zhao Fu stood on a tall platform and wore his black dragon robe and his black-gold dragon crown. There was an altar in front of him with all sorts of sacrificial items.

Zhao Fu took out his Great Qin Royal Seal, which gradually floated up from his hand and hung in the sky.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Nine dragons roars sounded out as the Great Qin Royal Seal gave off an intense black light, and nine black dragons came out of it, giving off intense dragon's might.

Zhao Fu looked quite serious as he stretched out a hand towards the sky and shouted, "We are the ruler of Great Qin. We have unified the Midland Continent, Northern Continent, and Southern Continent, becoming the first Dynasty to unify three Continents. We have started this battle as part of the Mandate of Heaven."

As Zhao Fu's voice fell, countless traces of Fate rose up from the Midland Continent, Southern Continent, and Northern Continent. They seemed to form a massive ocean as they flowed towards Zhao Fu.


A shocking explosion sounded out as a massive black pillar of light tore through the sky. Zhao Fu stood at the center of the pillar of light, filled with an aura of holiness and majesty. He lowered his raised hand and pointed at the various Sect Masters and said with a booming voice, "We assign you the Mandate of Heaven!"

The Sect Masters' bodies trembled as an unimaginable wave of power flowed into their bodies. Within their eyes, the image of a black dragon flashed.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The hundreds of pillars of light seemed to have received an immense wave of power and exploded out with even more intense light. The colored clouds in the sky gave off a piercing light and gave off a massive aura as they flooded forwards.

The countless dark clouds all disappeared in that instant, and countless people in the Western Continent felt as if they had been hit by an immense force, crashing to the ground and coughing up a large mouthful of blood.

Jiang Ziya was harmed the most. After coughing up a large mouthful of blood, he was unable to remain standing in the sky and fell down.

In this final battle of the human world, the result of the first clash was the Western Continent's loss, and Great Qin's army continued towards the Western Continent.

On the other side, the Eastern Archipelagos had broken through Great Qin's fourth line of Void Zones and was advancing towards the Midland Continent.

Now, there was only Great Qin's final last-minute Void Zone remaining This last-minute Void Zone was naturally quite weak and would be destroyed easily.

The ice islands gave off powerful auras as they headed forwards like battleships, giving off powerful auras of suppression. The Fish Scale people were unable to stop them at all; if they charged up they would be slammed to death, so they could only think of other methods.

Great Qin had also prepared a large amount of Ice Powder, and Great Qin's Fish Scale people started to use Ice Powder to create a frozen region. This frozen region was tens of thousands of meters wide, and the ice islands could not directly smash it apart.

This allowed them to stall for time while the scholars at the back continued to set up another last-minute Void Zone to stall for time. Just stalling was enough.

As Great Qin stalled for time, the Eastern Archipelagos factions became more and more worried because they could feel that time was running out.

In response to the frozen region, the Eastern Archipelagos used one of its other tricks. Fiery-red pearls as big as watermelon seeds flew out, creating intense flames that formed flame beasts.

"Roarrr..." These flame beasts looked like rhinoceroses and roared as they charged towards the ice with immense heat.

The flame beasts were very fast and blazed like fiery lights as they shot towards the frozen region. Their terrifying temperature caused the ice to quickly melt.

The flame beasts continuously charged ahead, melting more and more ice. There were fiery trails left on the ice, and even though the flame beasts were unable to melt all of the ice, the frozen region was now greatly fragmented and had large cracks.

The countless ice islands ferociously smashed into the frozen region, causing the cracked frozen region to split apart. The ice islands continued onwards and easily broke through the fifth last-minute Void Zone.

Great Qin's Fish Scale people used their final method, pouring flaming oil into the water and setting it alight. The ocean now became a flaming ocean.

The flames gave off intense heat, causing the ocean water to start to boil, and the Fish Scale people quickly distanced themselves and did not dare to get too close. If the ice islands continued onwards, the ice islands would greatly melt, and the soldiers would be injured or killed.

This forced the Eastern Archipelagos factions to stop their ice islands and wait for a few hours. After seeing that the flames were dying down, they had the ice islands charge through.