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 Facing the slippery Fish Scale people, the Eastern Archipelagos soldiers' expressions became quite serious. They knew that these Fish Scale people mainly just wanted to stall them so that Great Qin's main force could destroy the Western Continent. Once the Western Continent was conquered, the Eastern Archipelagos would have no hope at all.

As such, they could not allow Great Qin to get what it wanted. If the Eastern Archipelagos could invade the Midland Continent and force Great Qin to go back to defend, they would have a trace of hope.

"Activate the formations!" a cry sounded out as a massive magic formation appeared on the ice islands, giving off an intense white light that gave off a bone-piercing coldness.

Following this, the massive ice islands started to move, giving off immense auras of suppression as they moved forwards. They were quite fast and looked quite shocking; the scene of over 1,000 massive ice islands surging forwards was quite a grand sight.

The Fish Scale people were quite shocked; the Eastern Archipelagos people had turned these ice islands into boats. Facing these massive ice islands, the Fish Scale people could only scatter because they would be turned into meat paste if they were hit.

However, even though the ice islands were quite fast, it would take at least 20 or so days for them to reach the Midland Continent.

The Eastern Archipelagos factions knew this; they were only using the countless ice islands to charge and scare off the Fish Scale people. Their true aim was to destroy the Void Zones.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The countless magic formations on the ice islands devoured countless traces of essence qi and gave off intense cold lights. Massive traces of chilling qi rushed into the sky, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet. Frost gathered in the sky as if the sky was going to be frozen.

The isolation barriers set down by tGreat Qin were destroyed by the chilling qi, and in just an instant, two lines of defenses had been broken through. Great Qin only had four in total.

This made the Fish Scale people feel quite shocked; they had never thought that the other side would be able to break through two lines of defenses so quickly. They did not hesitate anymore and took out spears inlaid with blue gems, throwing them towards the ice islands.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The spears stabbed into the ice islands and seemed to contain some kind of magical power, causing a large amount of ice to crack and melt. These were Ice-Destroying Spears, and the Fish Scale people had used them against the human world when they had invaded.

However, things were different now, and it was now Great Qin's Fish Scale people using it against other humans.

The countless Ice-Destroying Spears riddled the ice islands with craters, making them look quite unsightly. In five or six waves of spears, these ice islands would be destroyed.

Because the Fish Scale people were throwing them from underwater, hitting the bottom of the ice islands, the Eastern Archipelagos soldiers could not defend at all. They did not want to go underwater either; even though they had more people, they did not feel very confident in an underwater battle.

The expressions of the Eastern Archipelagos' people did not change because they had not been preparing all this time for nothing. Countless people threw out Ice Powder, which quickly caused the water to turn back into ice, quickly restoring the ice islands.

Great Qin's Fish Scale people continued to throw out Ice-Destroying Spears to destroy the ice islands, while the Eastern Archipelagos' people continued to use Ice Powder to restore the ice islands.

Both sides continued on like this, with Great Qin ferociously attacking and the Eastern Archipelagos' people continuously repairing, and this lasted for a whole day.

In the end, the Eastern Archipelagos' forces were able to break through the third line of defense. Facing this, countless scholars from Great Qin hurried over to set up temporary isolation barriers to try to stop the Eastern Archipelagos factions from going further.

The City Lords continued to fight, with both sides suffering losses. Great Qin relied on its equipment and other advantages to have a slight upper hand.

Over at the Western Continent, Zhao Fu also met some trouble. The eight Aquatic Beast Kings found countless massive whirlpools, which were 10,000 meters wide. They had immense suction force, and Stage 2 soldiers who were sucked in were dead without a doubt.

This was the defensive measure of the Western Continent. At first, Zhao Fu did not pay them much attention, as all they had to do was destroy the Void Zones.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhao Fu ordered people to destroy the Void Zones, but the massive whirlpools could actually move, and they quickly headed towards Great Qin's forces.

The massive whirlpools could cause a lot of trouble, and they could even destroy the ice islands. Zhao Fu did not hesitate to order the eight Aquatic Beast Kings to destroy the whirlpools. The Aquatic Beast Kings' bodies were all around 10,000 meters long, so they naturally did not fear these whirlpools.

They gave off terrifying auras and slammed towards the whirlpools like mountains, causing whirlpools to collapse.

On an ice island, Zhao Fu was not satisfied at the speed at which the scholars destroyed Void Zones, and he prepared to use some other methods he had prepared.

120 savage-looking Dragon-Slaying Ballistae were pushed out; Great Qin had recently manufactured an additional 40.

These Dragon-Slaying Ballistae all had bolts with black crystals inlaid into them. These bolts were quite extraordinary and were made of Barrier-Destroying Stones. The head, body, and tail of the bolts were all socketed with Talisman Stones, and the bolts gave off monstrous auras.

Corpse Soul Commanders drew the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae with great force, and as Zhao Fu gave the order, they released the bolts.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive explosions sounded out as enormous black rays of light giving off an unstoppable momentum shot into the sky incredibly quickly, making it seem as if the sky was going to explode.

The countless barriers in the sky were instantly destroyed by those black rays of light, and in that one wave of attacks, Great Qin forcefully destroyed three Void Zones.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face. Each of those bolts were quite expensive, and they were twice as expensive as gold Talisman Bolts. If they were not so effective, Zhao Fu would not be willing to manufacture them.

After seeing those black rays of light tear through the sky, a few people from the Western Continent secretly observing a distance away felt incredibly shocked and could not help but gulp.

This time, they had made immense preparations and laid down nine Void Zones. Just like that, three of them had been destroyed.

Under Su Yan's leadership, they had also created whirlpool formations, and they had thought that they would cause Great Qin a lot of trouble. However, they had been forcefully destroyed by those massive beasts, and now the remaining ones were being attacked by the eight Aquatic Beast Kings as well.

If this went on, they definitely would not be able to defend against Great Qin. Those people left and reported this; if they did not do something, the Void Zones would be quickly destroyed.

Within a large hall in the Western Continent, Tina Pendragon sat on her golden throne. She was undoubtedly the most powerful Queen in the West, and many Legatees stood around her. Some were from the Southern Continent, some were from the Northern Continent, and some were from China.

In front of Tina Pendragon, they could only lower their heads. They had all been famous and important people in their own Continents, but they had fallen to such a state. Tina Pendragon was in charge, but, of course, they had not actually submitted to her.