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 Finally, because Great Qin had four billion soldiers, it could have 40,000 Basic General Seals, 4,000 Intermediate General Seals, 400 Advanced General Seals, 40 Marquis Seals, and four Earl Seals.

Great Qin's current force of City Lords was greater than the two other sides', but its army was weaker in terms of soldiers, having about one billion fewer soldiers than the two other sides.

If Zhao Fu was going to unify the world, he would not hide anything anymore; the difference of one billion or so soldiers would be made up from the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent, putting them at the same level as the other side.

Zhao Fu's goal was to take down the Eastern Continent before conquering the Eastern Archipelagos. The soldiers he would move from the Dark Demon world would not attack, and they would instead defend against the Eastern Archipelagos while Great Qin attacked the Western Continent.

Right now, Zhao Fu was somewhat worried about the Great British Empire. It had 17,000 City Lords, seven billion people, and 700 million soldiers. It also had 7,000 Basic General Seals, 700 Intermediate General Seals, 70 Advanced General Seals, and seven Marquis Seals.

Each Kingdom had a limit to its population, and this was determined by how many Cities it had. Each City had a population limit, so the more Cities a Kingdom had, the greater the population it could have. If the population exceeded the limit, those people would not count in the total population of the Kingdom.

Cities were within regions, and each region could only contain five to seven Cities. Any additional Cities would not count as a City of the Kingdom.

The Great British Kingdom currently had 4,000 regions, so at the very least, it had 20,000 Cities.

This system restricted how many General Seals a Kingdom could have. The more people a Kingdom had, the more soldiers it would have; the more soldiers that a Kingdom had, the more General Seals it could have. Because of the limitation on population, there was also a limit on General Seals.

As such, it was impossible to see a small Kingdom with ten billion people, one billion soldiers, and 10,000 Basic General Seals.

Zhao Fu thought about it for a while, and in the end, he decided to start a battle for unification. As such, he immediately gathered all of his subordinates to discuss, and Great Qin was soon in a state of solemn and anxious preparation.

This was a battle that would unify the world, and it would be the largest battle ever in the human world. The result would be incredibly devastating, with corpses that would pile up into mountains and lakes of blood. Even the heavens would weep.

Great Qin did not dare to show any carelessness towards such an important battle because the slightest mistake could result in the deaths of countless people. Because of this, Zhao Fu and his important subordinates discussed this matter for a full week.

Great Qin's various Departments worked at their maximum capacities, gathering all sorts of resources required for battle, and a large number of weapons was produced.

"Are they finally coming?" The Western Continent and Eastern Archipelagos soon heard that Great Qin was preparing for the human world's final battle, the unification battle.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If Great Qin won, the human world would be unified, and there would be peace in the human world. Great Qin would be the only Kingdom in the human world, and everyone would be subjects of Great Qin.

The Western Continent and Eastern Archipelagos faced immense pressure, as this concerned their very existence. They did not dare to be careless and also put in all of their effort as they started to nervously prepare.

In February, the orchids started to bloom, and in March, cherry blossoms could be seen everywhere. Great Qin had spent an entire month to prepare for this massive battle, and the Western Continent and Eastern Archipelagos had been preparing this entire time as well. It could be seen just how serious both sides were.

During this time, the Li family once again tried the same trick to lure Zhao Fu over, but Zhao Fu did not pay them any attention at all. Now that there was such an important battle coming up, Zhao Fu would not allow anything to distract him.

On March 7, Great Qin officially moved out. Both sides had set down countless Void Zones in the oceans to prevent the other side from using any underhanded tactics. Zhao Fu had also constructed a large number of ice islands on the oceans to set up teleportation channels; once the Void Zones were destroyed, they could be used.

Great Qin's soldiers wore black armor and held sharp weapons, and they orderly passed through teleportation channels. City Lords giving off powerful auras stood in the sky, giving off a massive might.

The Western Continent's factions had set down a large number of Void Zones in the ocean, so Zhao Fu sent the eight Aquatic Beast Kings ahead to scout out the way to avoid any ambushes before ordering scholars proficient in formations to destroy the isolation barriers.

On the other side, the Eastern Archipelagos heard that Great Qin was attacking the Western Continent, so it started to gather its armies to attack Great Qin.

Similarly, both sides had set up Void Zones in the ocean between the Midland Continent and Eastern Archipelagos. The Eastern Archipelagos had also used Ice Powder to create ice islands to transport soldiers.

They were planning on sending City Lords ahead to scout the way while they destroyed isolation barriers when something unexpected happened.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows shot out from underwater, tearing through the air as they flew towards the Eastern Archipelagos soldiers on the ice islands. The dark mass of arrows caused the soldiers on the ice islands to be greatly shocked, and they immediately defended.

The Shieldbearers rushed up and formed a semi-circular wall of shields that blocked the countless incoming arrows.

The sudden attack only caused small losses to the Eastern Archipelagos as they were quite prepared.

The City Lords in the sky looked quite serious as they found that there were people underwater; they were all Fish Scale people.

The Fish Scale people were adept at underwater battles, and for this unification battle, Great Qin had done much preparation. It had left a number of Fish Scale people here as the first line of defense.

The Eastern Archipelagos had sent 1.8 billion soldiers and 20,000 City Lords, which was almost their entire force. They understood this was their last chance; if they did not go all out, they would perish.

There were only one billion Fish Scale people underwater, and only 400 million were soldiers; the remaining 600 million were people's militia.

The Eastern Archipelagos City Lords knew how strong the Fish Scale people were underwater, so they gave the order for the soldiers on the ice islands to counterattack while they prepared to force the Fish Scale people into retreating. That way, they would be able to head to the Midland Continent.

However, Great Qin's City Lords gave off terrifying auras as they revealed themselves. Great Qin was weaker in terms of soldiers, but it was slightly stronger in terms of City Lords.

This forced the Eastern Archipelagos City Lords to stay their hands with unsightly expressions on their faces.

Swish, swish, swish...

The Eastern Archipelagos soldiers drew their bows and shot out arrows that drew arcs in the air as they flew towards the Fish Scale people.

The Fish Scale people immediately dove underwater, using the water to defend against the countless incoming arrows. This made most of the arrows miss.

The Fish Scale people underwater did not reveal themselves again and continued to hide as they bided their time. Their goal was to just stall the Eastern Archipelagos army and not destroy it. After all, the main battlefield was at the Western Continent; as long as Great Qin could destroy the Western Continent, the Eastern Archipelagos wouldn't have the strength to defend.