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 Sensing those three powerful auras, Zhao Fu thought about it but did not use his Nation Armament. Once he did this, his identity would be exposed, so Zhao Fu used the Six Paths Demon Images' power.

Facing the three Kings who used their Nation Armaments' power, if Zhao Fu only used his King's Seal's power, he would not be able to conclude the battle quickly. Moreover, Zhao Fu did not dare to use his Seal's full power either, as this could also reveal his identity.

A massive wave of ghostly qi came out of Zhao Fu's body, causing the surrounding temperature to sharply fall, and a cold aura spread out.

Zhao Fu did not hold back using the Six Paths Demon Images' power, and the ghostly qi flooded out, covering the surrounding tens of thousands of meters. At the same time, an immense might came out of Zhao Fu's body.

The three Kings were quite shocked; they had never thought that Zhao Fu could explode out with such terrifying power. They reacted in the next moment, not willing to allow Zhao Fu to become any stronger.

Three sharp lights bringing with them terrifying power and powerful winds blasted through the ghostly qi.


A clear sword hum rang out as a sharp gray arc of light appeared within the ghostly qi. A massive sword wind instantly blasted out, not only destroying the incoming three sharp lights but dissipating the surrounding ghostly qi as well.

At the center of where the ghostly qi had been, Zhao Fu stood with a gray aura flame around him. His body gave off a terrifying might, his aura as cold as that of a ghost's.

This caused the three Half-Beast Kings to feel a chill through their hearts. How could this person have such terrifying power without even using his Nation Armament?


Zhao Fu stretched out a hand, causing a large amount of ghostly qi to flow out. It turned into a massive stream that turned into countless ghosts, which flooded towards the three Half-Beast Kings.

The three Half-Beast Kings quickly swung their weapons, slashing out terrifying sharp lights that formed a storm and destroyed the countless ghosts.

By now, Zhao Fu's body had disappeared and reappeared in front of one of the Kings. His sword gave off an intense sword light as he slashed down towards that King.

The King was shocked, and a Fate Dragon came out of his body as he unleashed his King's Domain with his full power.


A massive explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu's sword descended, and the King's Domain was split in two. The Half-Beast King had a look of disbelief on his face as his body was also cut in half, causing blood and gore to fly everywhere.

After seeing this scene, the two remaining Kings felt a chill down their backs; how could Zhao Fu have such terrifying strength? They had used their Nation Armaments, yet one of them had been killed in one strike.

Currently, Zhao Fu was not only using the Six Paths Demon Images' power but also a bit of his King's Seal's power as well. The two powers combined together was naturally incredibly terrifying.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's terrifying eyes turned to the remaining two Half-Beast Kings. This caused their hairs to stand on end, and they felt a terror within their hearts that spurred them to instinctively run.

However, Zhao Fu's body blurred as he appeared in front of one of the Kings. His sword gave off an icy glow as it stabbed towards the King, scaring the King into immediately using his Nation Armament to defend.


The sword smashed into the Nation Armament with enormous strength, sending it flying. The King was also blasted backwards, but he was not seriously injured, causing him to have a look of pleasant surprise on his face.

However, in the next second, his face was covered with terror because Zhao Fu had stretched out his hand towards him, causing countless chains to shoot out with immense force.

The King quickly tried to call back his Nation Armament, but it was already too late.

Chi, chi, chi...

The chains pierced through the King's body with terrifying force, causing blood to spray everywhere. The King's body was completely riddled with chains and hung in the air, no longer breathing.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The final King's head went completely blank. His body trembled, and he could only think about escaping; staying here would result in certain death.

However, in the end, this King was unable to escape either. He was chased down by Zhao Fu and stabbed through the chest.

After Zhao Fu forcefully killed these three Kings, the Half-Beast army below instantly fell into terror. Now that their Kings had died, their morale plummeted to the bottom, and some people turned and ran.

It was not just the soldiers; some City Lords had already started to escape. They could already tell that they had lost this battle.

Of course, there were many people who were filled with fury and hatred and attacked Zhao Fu's side even more ferociously, yelling that they would take revenge for their Kings.

Zhao Fu fulfilled their desires and held the Death Disaster Sword as he rushed towards those people, bringing with him a deathly fog. The conclusion was as expected.

As for the reinforcements of the three Half-Beast Kingdoms, they had walked into a valley when a countless number of Great Qin's City Lords mercilessly started to massacre them, releasing monstrous attacks that instantly killed countless Half-Beasts.

The Wyverns spiraled in the sky, finding chances to breathe out flames or icy blasts to burn or freeze people to death.

There were 8,000 Great Qin City Lords and 3,000 Wyverns here. Even though it was not a great number, it was impossible for an army of 30 million soldiers to resist them. The Corps Formations formed by the Corps were instantly destroyed.

It was a one-sided massacre, and the Half-Beast soldiers continuously died. Some people could not help but start to escape, and the City Lords started to hunt down those who ran.

They had even set up a massive Death Barrier that trapped countless people inside. No one was able to escape, so some people knelt down and surrendered but still could not avoid death.

In the end, blood stained the ground, and corpses lay everywhere, their faces covered with despair and terror. The scene of this slaughter was incredibly shocking, and the stench of gore and blood could cause people to vomit.

These people had to all die, as news of Zhao Fu having so many City Lords and Wyverns definitely could not be spread. Otherwise, Zhao Fu would face a great threat, and his identity could be exposed.

However, on the other battlefield, Zhao Fu treated captives well; anyone who surrendered would not be killed.

After the Kings died and after the fiercely loyal soldiers were killed, the battlefield quickly calmed down.

"Take care of the battlefield and then take over the five Kingdoms!" Zhao Fu grinned; the gains this time were simply massive, destroying five Kingdoms at once. There would be no resistance when taking over the two Grassi Kingdoms, and because 90% of the three Half-Beast Kingdoms' soldier had died here, they would not be able to resist much either.

Bing Xuenu stood beside Zhao Fu with a look of fear on her face. Only now did she know how terrifying Zhao Fu's power was. No wonder she could not resist at all back then; even if the three Half-Beast Kings had arrived in time, she would not have been able to avoid her fate.

Following this, news of this spread, shocking countless people. The tiny Lelai Kingdom had used such a shameless and despicable method to miraculously destroy five Kingdoms.