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 These Kingdoms were most likely angry towards the Lelai Kingdom for letting the Half-Beast people in, and they might even attack the Lelai Kingdom. As such, they had to defend against them.

Each of the three Half-Beast Kingdoms had sent 40 million soldiers, which was 120 million in total. After destroying the two Kingdoms, they had lost about 40 million soldiers and still had around 80 million soldiers.

Zhao Fu's army quickly blocked off the path of retreat for the Half-Beast armies, greatly surprising them. They had never thought that the Lelai Kingdom would be hiding such strength.

After all, this was the Grassi world, so the three Kingdoms did not dare to stay. Now that their path of retreat had been cut off, the consequences would be quite severe. As such, they immediately tried to turn and break out while leaving some soldiers behind to take control of the regions they had taken.

The two armies soon officially faced off against each other, giving off powerful auras. The surroundings fell deathly silent, and no living creature could withstand these two mighty auras.

On the Lelai Kingdom's side, Zhao Fu was in charge and stood in the air with 1,000 City Lords behind him.

On the Half-Beast Kingdoms' side, the three Half-Beast Kings were in charge and they had 3,000 or so City Lords. They seemed to have a much bigger advantage in both soldiers and City Lords.

One of the Half-Beast Kings coldly looked at the Half-Beast woman beside Zhao Fu. This was the previous Queen of the Blue Wolf Kingdom, and he coldly harrumphed as he said, "We were wondering where you had run to; you're actually together with the Grassi people. Weren't they the reason the Blue Wolf Kingdom perished?"

Bing Xuenu did not reply to his words and coldly looked at the three of them. They were the main reason why the Blue Wolf Kingdom had perished, and now that she had submitted to Zhao Fu, there was naturally no way to hate him. Instead, her hatred towards the three Kings increased.

Another chubby Half-Beast King coldly laughed, "We said before for you to come and serve Us; that way, We would take care of you. You can still belong to Us."

The third King looked at Zhao Fu. They had met Zhao Fu before, but back then, Zhao Fu had acted quite low-profile and had not done anything, so they had not paid much mind to him and thought that he was not very strong.

However, this person had actually brought soldiers to cut off their path of retreat. He was also the one who had let them in to allow them to destroy the two Grassi Kingdoms; it could be said that Zhao Fu was the greatest contributor to this battle.

That King lightly laughed as he said, "Do you really think that the Lelai Kingdom can defeat us with its current strength? How absurd, you're simply seeking death! If you're willing to kneel down and surrender, we can spare you this once."

The three Half-Beast Kings did not directly attack, as they wanted to have the Lelai Kingdom submit, and they had also already given the order for the remaining forces to hurry over and attack the Lelai Kingdom from behind.

If they could do that, the Lelai Kingdom would definitely lose, and they could also turn to destroy the Lelai Kingdom. Thinking about the prospects of devouring three Kingdoms, they could not help but feel excited.

The remaining soldiers in the three Half-Beast Kingdoms amounted to around 30 million, and they were hurrying over and would be here soon.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed as he said, "It should be the three of you kneeling and submitting to me!"

"You!!" One of the Half-Beast Kings was angered greatly and wanted to directly act, but was he stopped by the others because they needed to stall for time.

Zhao Fu did not want to waste any more time with them and directly gave the order to attack.

Even though Zhao Fu had brought a large number of City Lords and Wyverns, he did not want to reveal this; it was best to only use them when necessary.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Currently, Zhao Fu only had 2,000 of his City Lords reveal themselves, balancing out the number of City Lords between the two sides, and he had the rest go to destroy the reinforcements.


Ten Skeleton Cavalrymen giving off Disaster auras raised their swords and exploded out with black pillars of light that rushed into the sky. Clouds swirled as massive amounts of Heaven and Earth Qi gathered, and a massive black magic formation appeared, bringing with it immense deathly intent.

"Roar..." Ear-piercing roars sounded out as Skeletons suddenly appeared around the Half-Beast army. Sensing the aura of living creatures, they madly charged towards the Half-Beast army. There were at least 20 or 30 million of them, and they surged forward like a white flood.

Since he did not want to reveal too many of his cards, Zhao Fu used the Undead Disaster, which he had not used in a long time. These Skeletons were all from within the Legacy Lands; outside, most people used Incantation of Rest to make it so that they would not be able to become Undead after dying.

With so many Skeletons appearing, the three Half-Beast Kings were greatly startled, and the soldiers quickly defended. The Shieldbearers came together and created a shield wall, while the Infantrymen and Archers waited.

However, at that moment, the Grassi and Half-Beast soldiers under Zhao Fu's control also attacked. The Cavalrymen and Infantrymen gave off an unstoppable momentum as they charged towards the Half-Beast army.

The Half-Beast Shieldbearers on this side also came together, and the Infantrymen and Archers cooperated with them to form a defensive formation as they waited for the enemy soldiers to arrive.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive auras gathered together to form large creatures that gave off terrifying might. This time, Zhao Fu had brought all of the Lelai Kingdom's Corps, seven in total. The other side had brought five each and left two at their own Kingdoms, having 15 in total here.

The Corps Formations from Zhao Fu's side were surrounded by the other side's Corps Formations, and City Lords turned into rays of light as they clashed, starting a terrifying battle.

"Go and distract those Corps Formations; leave the three of them to me!" Zhao Fu looked over the battlefield and found that their side was quite weak in terms of Corps Formations, so he gave the order for Bing Xuenu to go and help.

Bing Xuenu nodded and charged at the other side's Corps Formations.

Zhao Fu took out the Death Disaster Sword and looked at the three Half-Beast Kings. He did not hesitate to release his full power, causing a terrifying aura to blast out like a storm.

This caused the three Half-Beast Kings' expressions to change because they felt true fear. They had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so strong.


A massive sword hum sounded out as Zhao Fu slashed out, sending out a massive gray crescent. It gave off a shocking aura as it blasted the three Half-Beast Kings back.

The Half-Beast Kings were only able to stop themselves after flying back 100 or so meters, and they coughed up large mouthfuls of blood. Looks of shock were written all over their bodies, and they looked at each other as they unleashed their Nation Armaments and released their full power. Otherwise, they would not be a match for Zhao Fu at all.

Three pillars of light rushed into the sky, and three massive gales swept out. The terrifying power seemed to cause the space around them to twist, and within the pillars of light, the three Kings' power continuously rose, dyeing the sky three different colors.