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 The defenses of the two neighboring countries were relatively weak, so the three Half-Beast armies split into two waves to attack the two Kingdoms. It was finally time to pay back their hatred from before; they had been holding in that anger for so long, and the three armies excitedly attacked the two Kingdoms.

They decided to destroy these two Kingdoms first before turning to destroy the Lelai Kingdom and the other Kingdom.

Even though they did not know why the Lelai Kingdom had done such a stupid thing, it was clearly beneficial to them. What was key was that the Lelai Kingdom could not defend against the three of them, so they were not worried that the Lelai Kingdom would do something to them.

After the two waves of Half-Beasts entered the territories of the two Kingdoms, they pillaged everything in sight, and the two Kingdoms quickly sent their armies to defend.

Under such a great crisis, new Kings were quickly put on the throne. The two Kingdoms' Fate was not stable yet, and people were quite unsettled, making morale quite low.

The two Half-Beast armies suddenly attacked from the sides with unstoppable momentum, taking down region after region. The two Kingdoms continuously sent reinforcements, but they still could not defend against the three armies.

In the end, they paid a great price to block the three armies outside the third defensive line. The situation was incredibly tense; if this third defensive line was breached, the two Kingdoms would be unable to defend anymore.

The two Grassi Kingdoms immediately sent people to the surrounding Kingdoms to ask for support, but it was to no avail. Now they were the ones to experience what it was like to be abandoned.

They hated whoever assassinated their Kings to death and hated the Lelai Kingdom for being so despicable and shameless; they felt incredibly furious whenever they thought about these things.

The three Half-Beast Kingdoms were afraid of the two Kingdoms' reinforcements, which might prevent them from destroying the two Kingdoms that were barely alive. As such, they had to finish this as quickly as possible, so they madly attacked without sparing anything.

In order to speed up the process, the three Half-Beast Kings personally attacked as well. They blasted terrifying attacks towards the Grassi City Lords, destroying their defensive lines quickly, and the new Kings were soon forced to act.

Below, countless soldiers clashed together. A Half-Beast soldier held a large saber as he ferociously rushed up, cleaving a Grassi soldier in half. Another Grassi soldier roared as he stabbed his spear into that Half-Beast soldier's chest.

Another Half-Beast soldier looked as if he had gone mad, and he howled as his hands became claws, ripping a Grassi soldier to pieces. Despite looking afraid, another Grassi soldier rushed up with a saber in his hand.

A Half-Beast soldier chopped off the head of a Grassi soldier with his saber, a savage expression on his face as he madly laughed, while another Grassi soldier charged over with no regard for his life. In the end, he took down the Half-Beast soldier with him.

The sounds of battle were deafening, and the clashing of weapons could continuously be heard. Blood flew everywhere, and corpses lay strewn across the ground, creating a horrific scene.

However, the Half-Beast side was evidently at an advantage; not only did they have more people, but their morale was also higher. On the other hand, the Grassi people had fewer people and lower morale, and their numbers quickly decreased.

The City Lords of both sides began to fight in the air. Their battle was quite terrifying, creating large winds as they intensely fought. No soldiers dared to go near them.

The Kings of both sides also fought intensely, creating even greater shockwaves and striking fear into everyone else's hearts.

However, the Half-Beast Kings were stronger, as they had powerful cultivations and more battle experience. Compared to them, the new Grassi Kings were quite lacking.


A Half-Beast King slashed out with his claws, sending a Grassi King flying back. The Grassi King only stopped himself after flying dozens of meters away, and there were five claw wounds on his chest, from which a large amount of blood flowed out.


A massive aura exploded out as the Grass King used his Nation Armament. A log giving off powerful green light appeared, dyeing the sky green and causing a terrifying shockwave to ripple out.

Seeing that the Grassi King had used his Nation Armament, the Half-Beast King who had injured him coldly laughed and also used his Nation Armament. A terrifying aura rushed into the sky as a Half-Beast statue giving off terrifying power appeared, causing the surrounding air to freeze.


The two of them once again started to clash, causing even stronger gales to blow out. Terrifying auras shot out, causing everyone nearby to feel as if they had fallen into an icy cavern, and their bodies uncontrollably trembled.

"Awooo!!" An hour later, the Half-Beast King gave off an intense light, turning into a massive wolf that was hundreds of meters long. It gave a piercing howl before charging at the Grassi King.

The Grassi King's face fell as he swung his sword, slashing out a massive green storm towards the enormous wolf.

The massive wolf howled as it released even more intense light and smashed towards the green storm. Its ferocious charge scattered the green storm and headed towards the Grassi King.


The Grassi King was blasted to the ground, opening up a large crater. His body was covered with blood, and his aura became weak.

It was not just this Grassi King who had lost; his City Lords and soldiers had also suffered great losses. Most of the corpses on the ground were those of Grassi people, and they had been defeated. The Grassi King could only turn and run.

The Half-Beast army broke through the third defensive line, but it had suffered big losses as well. However, they had won in the end, and their army started to rampage throughout the Grassi Kingdom.

The Grassi Kingdom no longer had any power to defend, and the residents escaped in all directions. Even the King prepared to relocate the Royal City and escape to somewhere else. This Grassi Kingdom was finished.

The other Grassi Kingdom had also been destroyed, and it had been even worse off. That Kingdom's King had been attacked by two Half-Beast Kings and had not been able to escape. He had been killed by the two Half-Beast Kings, and the Grassi army had completely collapsed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Now that the two Kingdoms had been destroyed, the surrounding Kingdoms did not hold back at all and took this opportunity to take their territory. They pretended to be showing kindness, taking in refugees from the two Kingdoms.

This was why they had not sent reinforcements to help, as this was a world where interests reigned supreme. Who cared if they were of the same race?

If they sent reinforcements, not only would they not get anything from it, but they could also suffer heavy losses, which was not worth it at all. How could they help them? Was it not better to wait to reap the rewards?

Zhao Fu smiled as he read through the report in his hand. He had been paying attention to the battlefields since the start, and the three Half-Beast Kingdoms were now rampaging within the Grassi Kingdoms, conquering a large amount of territory and Cities.

They were now quite deep within the Grassi world, and it was time for Zhao Fu to act. Zhao Fu immediately gave the order to advance and cut off the retreat for the three Half-Beast Kingdoms.

This time, Zhao Fu mobilised 60 million soldiers and 10,000 City Lords, and this included Great Qin's City Lords. However, they were still hidden. Within their forces, they also had the Blue Wolf Kingdom's soldiers.

At the same time, Zhao Fu left some soldiers behind to defend against the neighboring Grassi Kingdoms. These Kingdoms were also Zhao Fu's targets, but because of the changes in his plans, he could only give up on them for now.