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 After successfully assassinating the King, Zhao Fu went to another Grassi Kingdom, which was one of the three Kingdoms neighboring the Lelai Kingdom.

These three Grassi Kingdoms had been waiting to see the Lelai Kingdom be destroyed in the past, and their relationship with the Lelai Kingdom was quite strained. After gaining control over the Lelai Kingdom, he had taken a step back and humbled the Lelai Kingdom's attitude, resulting in their relationship becoming better.

He was simply working together with those Kingdoms, so he did not feel bad at all for killing their Kings.

Zhao Fu went to the second Royal City and used the same method to kill that Kingdom's King. This shook the entire Kingdom, and everyone struggled for power. The commoners were all greatly unsettled, and the Kingdom descended into chaos. The Kingdom's Fate also descended into chaos; it was clear how important the King was to a Kingdom.

The Kings of two Kingdoms had been assassinated now, and both of them had been killed within their Palaces. This caused mass-panic in the neighboring Kingdoms, and everyone gathered their City Lords and Corps to their Royal Cities, afraid that they would become the next target.

Just who had done this? They had killed Kings in their own Palaces, where there was the most Fate. No ordinary person could do this.

It was unlikely that anyone in the surrounding ten or so worlds had this kind of ability, so where had such a terrifying figure come from? Why had he killed those two Kings? Was there some sort of enmity between them? No one had any answers.

Now, everyone felt immense fear and focused all of their forces on defending. The King was the most important thing to a Kingdom, and if something happened to him, everything would crumble.

This was the case for the surrounding ten or so Kingdoms. It could be seen how seriously they took this; that Assassin was simply too terrifying to be able to kill a King within his Palace.

Now, no King dared to leave his Royal City. If there were Kings being killed even within their Royal Cities, being killed outside would be even easier.

News of Kings of nearby Kingdoms being assassinated caused Le Yuyu's face to go deathly pale. She knew both Kings who had died, and one of them was right next to the Lelai Kingdom. It was quite likely that the Lelai Kingdom would become the next target.

Le Yuyu had already summoned most of her City Lords back to the Royal City, and the Corps stood guard around the Royal City. However, Le Yuyu was still quite worried. With the Lelai Kingdom's power, it most likely would not be able to stop that terrifying person.

Now, the Lelai Kingdom did not have much strength left; they had already done what they could. If that person came for the Lelai Kingdom, there would be nothing left that she could do. She could only hope that Zhao Fu would return to the Lelai Kingdom.

With Zhao Fu's monstrous strength, he would definitely protect them; Le Yuyu was confident of this. However, Zhao Fu was not here, and she did not know that the terrifying Assassin was Zhao Fu himself.

After killing the second King, Zhao Fu had planned to kill a third one. However, the commotion from the news made things quite inconvenient.

With every Kingdom's defenses being raised so much, it greatly increased the difficulty of completing Assassinations. Zhao Fu clearly knew that he did not have the strength to destroy an entire Kingdom.

Zhao Fu thought about it and looked at the Half-Beast Kingdoms. Originally, Zhao Fu's plan had been to assassinate the three Kings of the Grassi Kingdoms, causing the Grassi Kingdoms to fall into chaos and have the Half-Beasts attack them.

Now, he could only bring his plan forward. He would give this matter a few days to settle, and he went to the Lelai Kingdom to prepare for the next stage of his plan.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had returned to the Lelai Kingdom, Le Yuyu was ecstatic. With Zhao Fu here, the Lelai Kingdom would be safe, and they no longer had to worry about that terrifying Assassin. Her son's life was now out of danger.

However, when she found out that Zhao Fu was that terrifying Assassin, she was so scared that her legs nearly gave out. After Zhao Fu told her about his plan, she could not help but feel incredibly excited. If Zhao Fu could do this, the Lelai Kingdom would be able to become a Marquisate Kingdom.

There were many benefits to becoming a Marquisate Kingdom; it was many times more powerful than a Barony Kingdom. When facing a Marquisate Kingdom, Barony Kingdoms could only act subserviently, not daring to offend the former.

Before, Le Yuyu did not even dare to hope for the Lelai Kingdom to maintain its current condition; that would already be amazing. Now, something she originally thought was impossible might happen, making her feel extremely happy and excited.

At the same time, she understood that all of this was because of Zhao Fu. Without Zhao Fu, all of this would be impossible. As such, she could not help but wonder just who Zhao Fu was.

However, she did not need to ask him to know that his identity was extremely terrifying and surpassed anything she knew, or else he would not have such power.

Le Yuyu did her best to cooperate with Zhao Fu, and she trusted that he could do all that he promised.

After a few days of peace, the waves from the Kings being assassinated gradually calmed. Nothing else had happened over the past few days, allowing everyone to breathe out in relief. They felt silly after being scared like that by a single person.

Seeing that things had calmed down, he started the next stage of his plan. Before, the four Grassi Kingdoms had built defensive walls together to defend against the three Half-Beast Kingdoms.

Each Kingdom defended its own portion, and what Zhao Fu was going to do was let in the three Half-Beast Kingdoms through the Lelai Kingdom's portion.

Zhao Fu had built a second defensive line and had gathered 90% of the Lelai Kingdom's soldiers to defend it. There were also a large number of Great Qin's City Lords hidden nearby, or else Zhao Fu would not have dared to do such a thing. After all, the three Half-Beast Kingdoms could just directly attack the Lelai Kingdom instead of the three Grassi Kingdoms.

With the Lelai Kingdom's original strength, it definitely would not have been able to defend against the three Half-Beast Kingdoms, and what Zhao Fu was doing would be extremely dangerous.

However, now that the two Kingdoms near the Lelai Kingdom had fallen into chaos, if they opened up the defensive line, the Half-Beasts would most likely choose to attack them instead and deal an unexpected blow.

On the other hand, the Lelai Kingdom had made preparations and solidified its defenses. Anyone would know that attacking the two other Kingdoms would be much easier.

Zhao Fu ordered the soldiers on the frontlines to retreat to the second defensive line, and he secretly leaked this information to the Half-Beast scouts, letting them know ahead of time that the Lelai Kingdom was retreating.

Just as expected, the Half-Beasts were like ravenous wolves that had seen delicious prey, drooling as they came through the gap that Zhao Fu had opened up.

At first, they considered attacking the Lelai Kingdom, but seeing that the Lelai Kingdom was fully prepared, they turned to the other two Kingdoms.

The Kings of those two Kingdoms had just died, so the Kingdoms were in a period of mourning, and the Princes were all fighting for the throne. During this period of time, both Kingdoms would be weaker than normal.

The armies of the three Half-Beast Kingdoms flooded through the gap Zhao Fu had opened up and ferociously attacked the two Kingdoms from the sides. Neither of the Kingdoms had expected the Lelai Kingdom to be so shameless and treacherous to let outsiders in.