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 In the real world, no matter if it was a country or a company, they would always be competing over talented people. Moreover, it was often stressed that science, technology, and education were essential to the development of a country.

Even though the Heaven Awaken World was in chaotic times, people still needed to learn and study. The civil and the military made up for the shortcomings of the other, and only by developing both would one's faction become stronger.

In the future, Zhao Fu would welcome any Confucians to join his faction, but he would not reject the Hundred Schools of Thought and place the Confucians on a pedestal. Zhao Fu was adamant that all Schools of Thought had their own uses and applications, and one could not only focus on Confucianism.

At the same time, with such great competition, any faction would welcome any of the Hundred School of Thought's people. However, Zhao Fu knew that he had to proceed carefully - he was still much too weak, and in the real world, anyone could easily crush him and put him to death. As such, he had to be cautious in all things.

Following this, Zhao Fu chatted with Meng Haoran about a few things that he wanted to be taught, before ordering people to start constructing an academy and to start gathering some important books.

After he set all of this into motion, Zhao Fu had a look at the time, and when he saw that there wasn't anything else for him to do, he returned to the real world. After coming back to the real world, Zhao Fu ate some food before opening up the Heaven Awaken World forum.

At this moment, a familiar woman's voice sounded out from outside his door. Zhao Fu opened the door with a curious look on his face and saw Wu Qingniang, who had now changed into casual clothes, but she still gave off an exceptional aura. He asked, "Why are you here?"

Wu Qingniang lightly smiled and replied, "What, you don't welcome me?"

Zhao Fu shook his head and stepped out of the way, and Wu Qingniang walked in. After looking around, she sat on a sofa and asked, "Zhao Fu, you're in the Heaven Awaken World as well, right?"

Zhao Fu's heart slightly tightened, but his expression did not change. After all, almost everyone had a Heaven Awaken Stone, so it was not so strange. He nodded.

"Where are you?" Wu Qingniang curiously asked.

Zhao Fu had to think before answering this question. If he gave too much away, he might find himself in trouble, but if he lied about being somewhere else and was exposed, that would also bring him problems. As such, he decided to say that he was in the Forest of Horrors, as he had never shown his face in public, "I'm at the Forest of Horrors!"

Wu Qingniang felt somewhat disappointed and said, "You're so far away from me! That's right, I have a friend, Dong Junhua, who established quite a big faction in the Forest of Horrors - it's called Soldier Alliance. Do you want me to introduce you to him?"

"Soldier Alliance? Dong Junhua?"

Zhao Fu never thought that she would have friends in the Forest of Horrors. Soldier Alliance was the largest player faction in Soldier Forest, and Dong Junhua was the leader and founder of Soldier Alliance. Zhao Fu had been keeping an eye out on the other various factions, so he knew some things about it.

Zhao Fu thought about it before refusing, "Thanks, but there's no need. I'm used to being by myself."

"Alright!" Wu Qingniang did not insist, and she changed the topic, saying, "Then in the future, when the regions are all connected, you should come to where I am!"

Zhao Fu felt quite perplexed and asked, "Why?"

Wu Qingniang lightly smiled as she said flirtatiously, "Because I fancy you!"

Zhao Fu stood there in silence, not knowing what to say.

Wu Qingniang felt quite frustrated and explained, "I fancy your potential, alright? If you join me, I'll provide you with many benefits."

"I don't need anything," Zhao Fu calmly replied without his expression changing at all.

Wu Qingniang stared into Zhao Fu's eyes with her beautiful eyes as she asked, "Really? Are you really not interested in money, beautiful women, or power?"

"Mm!" Zhao Fu replied.

"Then what about me? Are you interested in me? I might just take you as my wife!"

Wu Qingniang suddenly walked up to Zhao Fu and put a finger under Zhao Fu's chin as she smiled. She gave off an indescribably domineering air and spoke in a way that could cause many girls to go crazy.

However, Zhao Fu grabbed her hand and gave off the majestic might of an emperor as he said, "Even if I become interested in you, it'll be me taking you as my wife!"

Zhao Fu suddenly returned to his normal demeanor as he lightly chuckled and let go of Wu Qingniang's hand, his emperor's aura completely gone.

Wu Qingniang had initially been given a great fright, and she wondered if she had imagined it. She had just made a joke, and when she heard what Zhao Fu said, she couldn't help but laugh. At this moment, a voice said from the other side of the door, "Big Miss Wu, time is up!"

Wu Qingniang stopped laughing, and her confident and domineering aura returned as she said, "Zhao Fu, I welcome you at any time!"

Zhao Fu nodded.

Following this, Wu Qingniang left. On the way, she remembered Zhao Fu's words, and she couldn't help but smile. She was interested in Zhao Fu's strength and believed that his potential was limitless. However, she did not believe that Zhao Fu would be able to take her as his wife because she believed that there was not a man in this world who was worthy of her. As such, Wu Qingniang couldn't help but laugh and shake her head, casting that matter aside.

When Zhao Fu saw that Wu Qingniang had left, he let out a sigh of relief. He had accidentally let out his emperor's might before, but he had been able to cover it up quickly.

Following this, Zhao Fu scrolled through the Heaven Awaken World forum, but because he didn't find anything, he returned to the Heaven Awaken World.

After returning, someone came to report that Old Logue had broken through to Stage 1, becoming a Stage 1 General. Now, the Great Qin Village had two people at Stage 1. Zhao Fu called Old Logue over to him and started to discuss the Unique Military Profession with him.