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 After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu did not continue working on internal affairs. It was his sixth year in the Heaven Awaken World, and he felt that the day that the Heaven Domain Boundary would disappear was getting closer and closer, making him feel somewhat unsettled.

Great Qin just had to finish clearing out all of its regions before it could launch a battle to unify the world. The faction in the Fish scale world was also developing quite well and did not need much attention, and this was the same in the Dark Demon world.

Great Qin's weakest factions were the ones outside the Legacy Lands. Zhao Fu felt that they were still too weak; if the Heaven Domain Boundary disappeared and the other worlds attacked, those factions would not be of much help.

Zhao Fu felt that he should develop the Lelai and Blue Wolf Kingdoms. The Lelai Kingdom was a Grassi Kingdom, which was the world above the human world, an enemy they had to directly face. The threat of the Grassi world was the greatest, and Zhao Fu had to control the situation properly.

The Blue Wolf Kingdom had already been destroyed and now resided within the Lelai Kingdom. Zhao Fu wanted to help it restore its Kingdom so that he could use it as a chess piece to deal with the Half-Beast world in the future.

Zhao Fu gathered his important subordinates to decide how to go about this. At the same time, he gathered information from around the Lelai Kingdom.

The Lelai Kingdom and its neighboring three Kingdoms now occupied the Blue Wolf Kingdom's original territory, facing off against the three Half-Beast Kingdoms together.

The three Half-Beast Kingdoms hated the four Grassi Kingdoms to death. They had spent a great deal of effort and paid a great price, but they had obtained far less than what the four Grassi Kingdoms had obtained. They also had to endure their bullying.

They had been planning to attack the four Grassi Kingdoms this entire time, but the Grassi Kingdoms did not fear them at all. The four Grassi Kingdoms were stronger than the three Half-Beast Kingdoms, so they remained in a stalemate with no fighting.

Now, Zhao Fu had two choices. The first was to ally with the three other Kingdoms to destroy the Half-Beast Kingdoms, and the other was to incite conflict between the other Grassi Kingdoms and the Half-Beast Kingdoms and profit at the end.

The first option would result in the three Half-Beast Kingdoms being destroyed, and this would cause a great disturbance. They would be officially invading the Half-Beast world, raising the attention of the entire Half-Beast world, and there would be intense retaliation.

That was what Zhao Fu was worried about the most - the power of an entire world was too strong, so Great Qin had to act diligently. What's more, he could not afford to have Great Qin's identity exposed, or the Lelai Kingdom might be destroyed and Zhao Fu would have to give up on this chess piece.

It seemed that the first option wasn't viable, so Zhao Fu could only look at the second option.

Zhao Fu and his subordinates discussed this some more, after which Zhao Fu left Great Qin with a big smile on his face. At the same time, he took a large number of City Lords and Wyverns with him.

The moon hung brightly in the deep blue night sky, cleansing away darkness from the ground. It was silent all around as all creatures fell asleep.

Zhao Fu went to a Grassi Royal City; he had never thought that his recently-acquired Assassin Legacy would be put to use so quickly.

This was the central area where the Kingdom's Fate was gathered. Kings had access to a large amount of Fate here, so killing a King here was not quite possible. If there was even a bit of danger, the King would immediately sense it, making assassinations unlikely.

In the past, Zhao Fu had assassinated a King before, but that was after waiting for him to leave the Royal City. Otherwise, if that King had stayed in the Royal City, as soon as there was any danger, the Kingdom-Protecting Formation would have been activated, and all City Lords and Officials would have been alerted. With their Corps, they would have been able to force Zhao Fu into retreating, making it impossible to conduct a successful assassination.

However, things were different now; Assassins were proficient at assassinations and had all sorts of methods to conduct assassinations. After obtaining the Assassin Legacy, one of the things Zhao Fu learned was how to assassinate a Kingdom.

The first step was to capture a Prince from the Kingdom, which Zhao Fu had already completed. Kingdoms usually had many Princes, so it naturally did not take Zhao Fu much effort.

Back then, this Prince had been with five or six seductive women in a brothel, but he had been spent after just a few minutes. He lay on the bed breathing heavily, but those seductive women were not satisfied yet. They lay in his embrace, but he did not react at all.

Zhao Fu had snuck in and knocked out the women before soundlessly taking the Prince captive. Looking at the unconscious Prince, Zhao Fu's expression did not change as he took out the Assassin Sword.

Zhao Fu had fully subdued the Assassin Sword, but back then it had resisted greatly, making him spend a great deal of effort to subdue it.

Zhao Fu stabbed the sword into the Prince's chest, and the Assassin Sword gave off a powerful suction force and sucked out all of the Prince's blood. His body gradually withered until it became a dry corpse.

After absorbing the blood, countless blood-red runes appeared on the Assassin Sword. After these blood-red runes appeared, they slithered down from the sword and entered Zhao Fu's body. The runes appeared on Zhao Fu's body before gradually fading.

This method used a Prince's blood to create a disguise and trick the Kingdom's fate. Now, Zhao Fu's aura was exactly the same as the Prince's aura, and he had a slight portion of the Prince's Fate as well.

This Fate was preserved by the Assassin Sword and could be used a few times, and it was an extremely high-tier assassination technique. It was especially for assassinating Kings.

After hiding the Prince's dry corpse, Zhao Fu felt quite relaxed as he snuck into the Palace. With this layer of aura, there was nothing for Zhao Fu to worry about.

There were high-Stage soldiers standing guard outside the King's chambers. There were eight of them in total, and in order to not alert the King, Zhao Fu had to silently kill them all.

Zhao Fu thought about it and did not hesitate to use the Assassin Sword's skills.

Zhao Fu held the sword as he closed his eyes, sending his Emperor's Power into it. The Assassin Sword slightly trembled as Zhao Fu suddenly opened his eyes. The Assassin Sword gave off a black light as a formless aura spread out, and eight black figures sprang out of Zhao Fu's body.

These eight figures flew out and appeared behind the eight soldiers in the next moment. The eight soldiers sensed danger and looked quite startled. However, before they could do anything, the eight figures took out daggers and slit the eight soldiers' throats.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile before pushing open the door and walking in.

A few moments later, a system announcement rocked the entire Kingdom. Countless people were shocked awake from their dreams and looked incredibly startled; their King had died? What was going on?

Countless people could not understand what had happened, but the sudden death of their King would shake their entire Kingdom. The Kingdom's Fate would also go through big changes.

The various Ministers and relatives of the King hurried to the Palace. The King's death sent them into panic; who should be the next King? None of this was clear, but everyone wanted to try to sit on the throne.

All of them started to act on their own plans, and the entire Kingdom started to descend into chaos, causing great unrest.