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 After the reforms were put into effect, Zhao Fu personally went to see their effects and how they were being carried out, and he was relatively satisfied.

For the next few days, Zhao Fu continuously read through documents and felt incredibly bored. He suddenly remembered that there was a historical remnant that he had not visited in a while, which was the Assassin Historical Remnant. He had never been able to pass the final stage.

Zhao Fu felt that there would be no problem in him clearing it now. Even if he could not pass it, he could forcefully break into the historical remnant and obtain the final reward. With his current power, he was quite confident.

The Assassin Historical Remnant was one of the first historical remnants that Great Qin had obtained. Back then, the monsters within had given him quite some trouble, but at that time he did not even have a Basic City's City Lord Seal.

Now, Zhao Fu was already the ruler of a Level 11 Marquisate Kingdom, and his strength was unimaginable to ordinary people.

Zhao Fu once again returned to that Assassin Historical Remnant, arrived at the final stage, and activated the final trial.

Zhao Fu slowly opened his eyes and found himself in a gloomy bazaar. There were people everywhere, and they all had western faces and were all quite tall and big. They looked like they were wearing ancient European clothing, and the atmosphere was quite heavy. Zhao Fu had turned into a 15 or 16 year old boy.

After trying this a few times, Zhao Fu understood this trial quite well. Zhao Fu's task was to deliver a letter for a major figure and kill the City Lord here in order to help that major figure seize power and allow the commoners to live good lives.

What's more, he also had to help that major figure affect the whole country, and from that, start a revolution.

Zhao Fu's body had no power at all, and he was just an ordinary 15 or 16 year old boy. If he faced an adult, he definitely would not be able to win.

Moreover, the upper-level figures here were not ordinary people; they all had Battle Qi or magic, and it was not one-on-one battles each time but one person against the whole world. How could Zhao Fu pass?

Zhao Fu did not plan to follow the mission like before, as it wasted too much time. He had to first gain Battle Qi or magic before assassinating other people, which would make him stay in here for decades.

How could Zhao Fu waste so much time here? As such, Zhao Fu decided to use other methods to destroy this illusory world with force.

Zhao Fu stood at the center of the bazaar and sensed the power within him.


A shocking explosion sounded out as massive amounts of blood-red light came out of Zhao Fu's body, forming a blood-red pillar of light that rushed into the sky. The sky was gradually dyed blood-red, and a killing intent spread out.

Zhao Fu was at the center of this storm, and the massive gales knocked the surrounding people and items to the ground. The scene descended into chaos, and countless people ran for their lives in terror.


A clear sword hum sounded out as a simple black and blood-red sword appeared in front of Zhao Fu's body; this was the Emperor Killing Sword.

Zhao Fu grasped the Emperor Killing Sword, and a massive wave of killing intent entered Zhao Fu's body, causing his body to go through massive changes. His eyes and hair became blood-red colored, and fangs grew in his mouth. A blood-red sword mark appeared on his forehead, and his body gave off immense killing intent.

Swish, swish, swish...

Zhao Fu waved the Emperor Killing Sword, and illusory and hazy sword souls densely gathered around him.


Zhao Fu once again waved the sword, and the countless sword souls obeyed, flooding out and starting to kill. All living creatures around them were quickly killed.

This was an illusory realm, so Zhao Fu did not hold back and started a massacre. Blood continuously shot out, and cries continuously sounded out as Zhao Fu coldly walked towards the City Hall.


Before Zhao Fu could reach the gates, a two meter tall fat man holding two short axes charged out. He had heard that there was someone making trouble in the bazaar, but right after rushing out, he had encountered Zhao Fu.

The fat man looked quite shocked, like someone who didn't even have Stage 1 Cultivation facing a Stage 9 expert.

"Who are you? How can you be so powerful?" The fat man was the City Lord, but Zhao Fu did not answer him; there was no need to speak to a dead man.


Zhao Fu slashed out, and a massive sword light containing immense destructive power flew out, instantly covering the fat man and turning him into tiny pieces.

After killing the City Lord, Zhao Fu rushed into the City Hall and took a handsome young man with him. This was the major figure he had to help.

Now, Zhao Fu had to take him and continuously conquer. He would no longer use slow and steady methods. This young man looked quite terrified and continuously resisted, calling him a demon and a monster who killed without blinking.

Zhao Fu was expressionless as he flew towards another City. He directly descended above the City Hall, his terrifying aura heavily weighing down on the City. Zhao Fu's voice sounded as loud as thunder, "This is your new City Lord; does anyone have any objections?"

The skinny City Lord of this City had never thought that such a terrifying person would appear. He immediately knelt and agreed to submit to the young man in Zhao Fu's grasp.

The young man looked quite shocked, not expecting this at all.

Zhao Fu had no time to pay attention to them and flew to the next City. Those who submitted were spared, and those who refused were slaughtered.

In just a few days, Zhao Fu had conquered 300 or so Cities. The young man became the new leader of the nation, and the illusory realm crumbled. He had passed the final trial.

The scene before Zhao Fu blurred, and he once again returned to the passageway. It was completely dark around him, and Zhao Fu took out a Light Pearl to illuminate his surroundings before heading onwards.

Finally, he arrived at a very large area that was filled with skeletons. There was a heavy aura of death here and thirteen massive stone steles.

These stone steles were black and rectangular. Twelve of them were 100 meters tall, while the one at the center was 150 meters tall. They were arranged in a circular sector and gave off an incredibly cold and dangerous aura.

There were things on the stone steles; on each of the 12 stone steles, there was a black piece of jade, and on the stone stele in the middle, there was an exquisite black sword.

The thirteen items all gave off black light and powerful auras as if they were Kings looking down on everything. They gave off the might of Kings, making people want to kneel and submit.

To Zhao Fu, this sort of power was quite weak, and Zhao Fu stepped forward to see what they were.

Suddenly, the black jades on the twelve stone steles gave off intense black light, and a powerful aura spread out like wild gales as a wave of killing intent locked onto Zhao Fu.

Twelve hooded figures holding different weapons appeared on the stone steles, staring at Zhao Fu closely.