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 The armies of the two sides faced off against each other. Zhao Fu had not revealed himself this entire time, simply controlling things from the shadows. The one commanding the army was a valiant-looking Fish Scale City Lord. He was the temporary Commander of the system faction.

His name was Liu Li, and of course, it was because he had long since been controlled by a brain bug for a long time that he had been chosen.

Liu Li stood in the sky and gave off a powerful aura as he looked at the enemy army in front of him. He gave a confident smile as he said loudly, "The Darkwater Continent will belong to us system City Lords sooner or later; you players should hurry up and piss off!

"Also, you system City Lords on the other side; could it be that you're willing to follow the bad example of the players? How about you join us? We system City Lords are your true friends; leave those players and join us!"

One of the players, a big man giving off a mighty aura coldly harrumphed as he said, "Stop trying to sow discord! Right now, it's your side that's in danger. This world belongs to players, and system factions like yours should submit to players instead of acting like this."

Liu Li loudly laughed, "The strong devour the weak. Who cares about what the trend is? Right now, it's our system faction conquering you players."

The big man felt quite furious. If they had a big enough advantage, they would have started fighting already. However, they had no confidence, so they could only face off like this.

Both sides had a similar number of soldiers, so neither side could do much to the other side. Zhao Fu's side held the geographical advantage, so they naturally would not lose their advantage to attack. They understood that if they started fighting, they would suffer heavy losses.

Because of the Contract, Zhao Fu could not do anything, and he was unable to affect the battle.

Both sides continued to face off like this, and the atmosphere cooled. Neither side seemed willing to advance.

A white-haired elder stood out and tried to be the peacemaker, saying, "Alright, we're all Fish Scale people; we shouldn't be fighting among ourselves like this and causing unnecessary losses. Don't you remember who the owner of the neighboring Netherwater Continent is?"

After hearing this, everyone fell silent and looked quite serious with a trace of fear in their eyes. The owner of the Netherwater Continent was Great Qin, that overpowered Kingdom that had caused the entire Fish Scale world to fall into crisis.

The Netherwater Continent had been given to Great Qin due to that unfair Contract, and it was a great humiliation to the Fish Scale world. However, no one dared to say anything because Great Qin's power made them all feel immense fear.

Great Qin could be said to be the Fish Scale world's greatest threat, and nothing could compare to it; this was acknowledged by everyone.

This was why everyone reacted in that way after hearing that.

Next to them was Great Qin, and even though they had signed a Contract that prohibited fighting for three years, that would expire next year. The Darkwater Continent was right next to Great Qin, and thinking about how terrifying Great Qin was, everyone felt quite afraid.

Seeing that everyone had fallen silent, the elder continued to say seriously, "That's right, it's Great Qin, the human world's Great Qin. With a terrifying monster right there, we're still fighting amongst ourselves. If Great Qin attacks, how will we defend?"

A green-clothed middle-aged man stood out and said, "That's right, Great Qin is right next to us, and next year, the three year Contract will be over. What will we do when that time comes? Under Great Qin's ferocious might, they might conquer the entire Darkwater Continent; when that time comes, no one will be able to escape.

"Do you all want to see us die together or become Great Qin's dogs or slaves?"

These words caused an uproar among the others; no one wanted such a thing to happen to them.

"They're right, our true enemy is the human world's Great Qin. With how terrifying Great Qin is, it'll be quite difficult to stop them with our power. We should be united instead of fighting amongst ourselves."

"I agree, let's not fight. The human world's Great Qin caused the Fish Scale world to suffer such great humiliation; we should be resisting them instead."

"We should be united against outsiders and not fighting amongst ourselves. If we don't unite, under Great Qin's threat, we might all die. When that time comes, we'll be sinners of the Fish Scale world."

"That's right, let's be unified against outsiders. We can't afford to continue fighting amongst ourselves. Great Qin is too terrifying, and we aren't a match for it at all. Thinking about how it took down billions of us in the Southern Continent in the human world, I still feel afraid."

The scene became quite raucous, and many people could not help but speak up. They were all afraid of Great Qin's threat while the ruler of Great Qin awkwardly stood in the crowd.

In actuality, neither faction wanted to fight. The other side did not dare to attack as they were at a slight disadvantage, and Zhao Fu did not want to attack either because he would suffer disastrous losses.

Zhao Fu wanted to keep waiting because there were still many system main cities relocating to the Darkwater Continent from other Continents. His strength would become stronger, and at the same time, he could try to convince the remaining system factions in the Darkwater Continent to join him, causing the other side's strength to decrease.

When that time came, it would be quite easy for Zhao Fu to destroy them, and he would not have to pay such a great price.

Zhao Fu knew that they most likely would not fight, but he had never expected things to conclude like this. After hearing everyone talk about Great Qin like this, as the ruler of Great Qin, Zhao Fu felt quite awkward.

Liu Li, the City Lord acting as Commander, coldly harrumphed, "For the future of the Fish Scale world and for all Fish Scale people, we can refrain from attacking for now. However, that's on the condition that others don't attack us."

Zhao Fu had Liu Li officially speak first so that he could stand on the side of justice and integrity.

This made the players secretly curse at him for being shameless. They had been about to give an official statement too, but now that Liu Li had spoken first, it seemed like they were the 'good' side, taking a step back for the sake of the Fish Scale world.

The one who said this first would obviously seem like the nobler side, while the other side naturally would not be able to achieve the same effect even if they said the same words. Moreover, if they rebutted this, they would be condemned by all others, saying that they were foolish, selfish, and vile people.

The players could only agree and thank the system side. They did not want to fight either, so they could only do their best to maintain some dignity.

Both sides did not continue talking and drew the line here. Neither side would attack the other in the future, after which both sides left.

Even though everyone said they would mind their own business, after returning, both sides continued to develop their strength.

Zhao Fu was definitely going to unify the Darkwater Continent, while the player side would definitely retaliate. They did not want to be destroyed, so they also had to become stronger.