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 Seeing that Great Qin's faction was becoming stronger and stronger, the other people in the Darkwater Continent became more and more unsettled. The next day, they planned to make the first move and ally together to attack.

After all, if this faction continued to grow at this speed, it would destroy them sooner or later. As such, they had to act first, or else it would be too late.

The remaining forces in the Darkwater Continent gathered together and discussed how to destroy Great Qin's faction.

Great Qin's faction took up one side of the Darkwater Continent, and the remaining factions could group into three armies to simultaneously attack.

There were 10,000 or so City Lords and eight billion soldiers gathered, which was quite a mighty force.

Everyone felt quite confident and started to make detailed plans as to how to attack.

"Things are bad! The system army struck first and is attacking the eastern side of the Darkwater Continent!" a soldier hurriedly ran in and reported while the main leaders were discussing amongst themselves.

"What?" Everyone was greatly shocked and had never expected the system faction to act first.

They had gathered people to destroy Great Qin's faction, and with such a big ruckus, of course Zhao Fu knew what was going on. He knew that he could not continue to wait and decided to attack first.

The other factions' City Lords were still discussing this matter, so their Cities did not have City Lords protecting them. This made them feel quite panicked, and this was especially so for the eastern side. After hearing about this, the City Lords quickly returned.

The other factions also returned and gathered their armies to head towards the eastern side. There, they could destroy Great Qin's faction in one fell swoop.

However, when they tried to return to their own Cities, they found that there were a large number of isolation barriers set up in many places, making it impossible to use teleportation channels to return to their Cities; they could only rely on flying to return.

Zhao Fu coldly smiled in the eastern side. That's right, ally together all you want and discuss all you want. Great Qin had been allied against many times, and he now knew how to deal with this. Great Qin had the strength to set up a large number of isolation barriers.

This was a great opportunity because most of the City Lords had not returned and only a small portion of the City Lords had remained behind.

With their central figures missing, morale would not be very high, and they had not yet gathered into one unified force yet. If Zhao Fu did not take such an opportunity to attack, it would be too much of a pity.

Zhao Fu brought 4,000 City Lords and 400 million soldiers. 80% of his forces were gathered at the eastern side, planning to take down the eastern side as quickly as possible. If they could do this, the pressure they faced would drastically decrease.

There were about 2,000 or so City Lords left defending, and 1,000 City Lords were able to quickly make it over, bringing only 100 million soldiers.

Time was tight, so Zhao Fu did not hesitate. He gave the order to attack, and because Zhao Fu himself was bound by the Contract and could not personally attack, he brought 80 Dragon-Slaying Ballistae.

Great Qin was hastily manufacturing Dragon-Slaying Ballistae, but it was not something that could be manufactured in a short period of time. These 80 Dragon-Slaying Ballistae were all from before.

Apart from the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae, Zhao Fu also brought 120 or so Destruction Crystals.

"Kill!" After receiving Zhao Fu's order, the City Lords gave off terrifying auras and rushed forwards, and the countless soldiers below also roared as they flooded forwards with monstrous momentum.

The defending soldiers and City Lords in the air were incredibly serious, as the enemy had many times their forces. They could only desperately stall for time and hope reinforcements came quickly. Once reinforcements came, victory would be theirs.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive golden rays of light containing immense power tore through the sky incredibly quickly, flashing past in the blink of an eye and leaving traces through the air.

Chi, chi, chi...

Ninety or so City Lords' chests were pierced before they could even react, and most bolts pierced through at least two City Lords, nailing them to the ground kilometers away.

The remaining City Lords looked incredibly shocked and had no idea what had happened. However, in the next moment, something that greatly shocked them happened.

Bang, bang, bang...

Massive explosions sounded out as colorful crystals smashed against the defensive walls, resulting in enormous eruptions. Terrifying shockwaves blasted out, destroying everything in their way.

In just an instant, the grand defensive wall had completely crumbled, and all of the soldiers on them were either dead or gravely wounded. Blood stained the bodies of water around this area, creating a chilling scene.

"Charge!!" Great Qin's faction gave off an unstoppable momentum as they charged at the enemy. The eastern side had suffered massive blows and lost their defensive wall; they essentially had no strength to resist anymore.

Zhao Fu's City Lords encircled the enemy City Lords, and they also used the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae to continuously shoot out terrifying bolts, giving off dangerous auras. Because both sides were fighting closely, they could only attack isolated enemy City Lords and could not continuously attack in order to avoid any friendly fire.

The soldiers below started to fight with the surviving enemy soldiers. The enemy side no longer put up much of a resistance because they had already lost most of their forces, and Zhao Fu's side already held a numerical advantage.

The casualties on the eastern side increased more and more, and finally, morale collapsed and the soldiers started to run for their lives.

Zhao Fu's faction chased after them, not letting any of them off. After these forces were destroyed, the remaining Cities and regions naturally could not resist at all.

Region after region was easily taken down by Zhao Fu's faction. After hearing that the frontlines had collapsed, those who had been planning to return to reinforce the eastern side quickly ran back. The eastern side had fallen, so they could only run to other places. Some even escaped to other Continents.

There were many City Lords who decided to surrender. After all, Zhao Fu's faction was a system faction, so it was most likely more reliable than player factions. Most who surrendered were system City Lords as well.

A bit more than a day later, Zhao Fu's system faction had completely taken over the eastern side. By now, City Lords from the other directions had finally broken through the isolation barriers, but it was too late.

The other side had 8,000 or so City Lords and around 600 million soldiers. However, Zhao Fu's faction had quickly devoured the regions they had taken over, and many of the surrendered forces had been absorbed into the army. The remaining City Lords and soldiers who had stayed at the headquarters had also come.

Their overall force was a bit stronger than the other side, having around 9,000 City Lords and 600 million soldiers. Seeing that the system army was already prepared, the various factions did not feel much confidence.

If they fought, their side would not have any advantage, and they would instead be at a disadvantage.

The system side held an obvious advantage: They had greater strength and also had the geographical advantage. Moreover, most of them were system City Lords, making them a bit stronger than player City Lords; it would be quite difficult for them to win.