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 Among the three people who Zhao Fu knew, Wang Ergou and Guo Binglin was a part of that group. He had asked them to have a go, as Wang Ergou had a nimble mind and Guo Binglin was an attentive and thorough person. Eternal Night would not merely carry out assassinations. It would also do intelligence gathering as well, so it needed all sorts of people.

Zhao Fu had high hopes for Wang Ergou and Guo Binglin, so he asked them to try. Both of them had not disappointed Zhao Fu, and they had almost risked their lives to finally kill three Underworld Demons, obtaining the A grade Assassin profession.

They were both quite proud and joyful that they had killed three Underworld Demons, which were all incredibly powerful beings. Only those who had fought against the Underworld Demons would understand how terrifying they were.

Only by giving it their all and even putting their lives on the line had these five people risen above the other 140 or so people. Of course, they had been filled with pride when they finished. However, when they saw the rankings for the number of Underworld Demons killed, they were shocked to see that the top-ranked person had killed over 400 Underworld Demons.

Even a single Underworld Demon could almost kill them, and if they had to kill over 400 Underworld Demons, there wouldn't even be a speck of them left afterwards. What shocked them even more was that the top-ranked person was Zhao Fu, their Majesty!

Now, none of them felt prideful, and they instead humbly lowered their heads and no longer thought about this matter.

The five of them respectfully half-knelt on the ground, while Zhao Fu sat on a chair above and smiled as he looked at them.

He glanced past Wang Ergou and Guo Binglin, and his gaze fell on the last person who he knew and said, "Liu Mei, were you really so bored that you went and tried as well?"

Liu Mei glared at Zhao Fu and said unhappily, "Your Majesty, why can't I try? I always thought that I was suited to be an assassin."

"Hahahaha..." Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had started laughing, Liu Mei felt quite displeased, but because she couldn't do anything about it, she continued to glare at him.

Zhao Fu finally stopped laughing after a bit. Indeed, Liu Mei had the skill to pass the trials, and because she was acknowledged by the stone stele, she did possess some talent.

Zhao Fu did not mind her glare and looked at the remaining two people. One was a skinny youth, while the other was a normal-looking middle-aged man. The youth was called Ling Hongfei and the middle-aged man was called Zou Qi.

As Zhao Fu looked at them, both of them respectfully lowered their heads - they were not like the other three people, who Zhao Fu had valued from the beginning. They were ordinary people who had grasped this opportunity, and now that they had been summoned by Zhao Fu, it most likely meant that they would be valued by Zhao Fu in the future. As such, they couldn't help but feel somewhat excited and nervous.

After looking at the five people, Zhao Fu took out the 12 Legacy Equipment Sets and said, "Since you've passed the trial, I'll give you a corresponding reward. These are 12 Legacy Equipment Sets, and each contains its own special power. Pick a set based on your preferences, but make sure you think about it carefully, as it may be with you for life!"

The five of them earnestly nodded and looked at the 12 sets of equipment in front of them. They couldn't help but touch the equipment sets and feel the auras that they gave off.

In the end, Guo Binglin chose the Soul Equipment Set. Because Zhao Fu possessed the Assassin Lord's Ring, he had some understanding of the 12 powers that the equipment sets possessed. The Soul Equipment Set possessed a mental-type legacy.

Liu Mei chose the Fantasy Equipment Set, which possessed an illusion-type legacy. Wang Ergou chose the Corrosion Equipment Set, which had a poison-type legacy that could corrode bodies. Ling Hongfei chose the Darkness Equipment Set, which had a ghost-type legacy and would give him powers similar to those of the Undead. Zou Qi chose the Tree Equipment Set, which had a healing-type legacy and would aid in recovery and healing.

These five legacies were all decent, but the most powerful were the War Equipment Set, Kill Equipment Set, Blood Equipment Set, and Battle Equipment Set. These four legacies all focused on killing and fighting, so their legacies' powers were quite monstrous.

However, despite those four equipment sets being the most powerful, none of the five people chose them. Of course, Zhao Fu would not force them because he knew the importance of choosing something that suited oneself.

The five of them put the equipment sets on, after which each of the equipment sets gave off large amounts of grey aura that entered their bodies. Their auras changed, and they obtained not only increased stats but also a special legacy power.

Zhao Fu left things at that. He had given them the opportunity, and it would now depend on their own efforts and luck to see how they would use those powers.

After this, there were not many other matters for Zhao Fu to take care of, so he went to take a look at the construction of the Great Qin Village's walls.

The next day, a golden light flashed at the Origin, and the Great Qin Village spawned an S grade villager. Li Si quickly took him to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu saw that the new villager was a refined-looking middle-aged man who was wearing scholar's robes, and he looked at his stats.

Name: Meng Haoran

Grade: S

Title: None

Profession: [Learned Teacher]

Achievement Points: Commoner (0/200)

Race: Human

Age: 32 (100)

Loyalty: 80

Stats: Strength: 6, Intelligence: 10, Constitution: 6, Agility: 7

Cultivation: Stage 0

Cultivation Technique: None

Skill: [Teaching and Educating]

Equipment: Scholar's Robes

"Learned Teacher?" Zhao Fu softly said after looking at Meng Haoran's stats.

Hearing this, Meng Haoran respectfully cupped his hands together as he said, "Your Majesty, this subordinate is indeed a teacher."

Zhao Fu thought for a moment and felt that it was time for the Great Qin Village to build an academy and to invite a few teachers to teach the children.

Zhao Fu was not opposed to the Confucians, who promoted learning, and he quite often agreed with their ideology. Moreover, learning and studying were not merely about reading and writing words but about broadening one's perspectives and making one more cultured.

However, Zhao Fu was opposed to studying for the sake of studying. For example, the Eight-Legged Essay of the Ming Dynasty, a type of essay that had to be mastered to pass the imperial examinations, completely constricted people's thinking. Thus, China started to fall behind, and by the end of the Qing Dynasty, almost any nation could bully China. Even until now, it was one of the greatest humiliations of China's history.

Zhao Fu decided that an academy was absolutely necessary because he couldn't just depend on finding and spawning talents. He would also have to develop talents.