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 Zhao Fu thought about it and felt that he needed a more detailed plan. As such, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and met with his Generals to discuss this before going to the Fish Scale world again.

Zhao Fu first sent people to the various Continents to give letters to system City Lords. Of course, the contents of the letters were about how good Zhao Fu's faction was and how evil player factions were, hoping that they could band together.

Not many people responded to this, as most of them did not want to leave their own Continent. However, at least now everyone knew about this faction.

None of them expected the system faction in the Darkwater Continent to become so powerful. It was simply too shocking, and no one knew how they had done it.

Zhao Fu expected the outcome to be like this. Despite sending out countless letters, only 20 or so Cities had been willing to join Zhao Fu's faction, which was a small but pleasant surprise.

The reason they joined was because the places they had been at before could not be stayed in anymore. Some places had already been taken over by players, so these system factions could only run or else submit.

Some places were not very peaceful anymore, and because they were worried about their safety, they left ahead of time and did not want to stay anymore.

What Zhao Fu wanted was for system factions to have his faction in mind if they ever decided to leave where they were.

As for how to make them leave, Zhao Fu already had a plan, which was to put on an act of players attacking the system main cities. By scaring these system City Lords, they would naturally obediently come and join Great Qin's faction.

However, this would cost quite a bit of money, as they had to hire a large number of players. Great Qin had a large number of Fish Scale players, who were those four billion Fish Scale players they had captured when they had taken back the Southern Continent. With so many players, they would definitely be able to shake the Fish Scale world, and Zhao Fu's plan would have massive effects.

However, these people belonged to Great Qin, and if they were used, people would naturally know that Great Qin was behind this.

Moreover, there was the issue of the Contract. These Fish Scale players were now subjects of Great Qin, so they could not go to other Continents, but neither could the rest of the Fish Scale world come to the Netherwater Continent.

By now, Great Qin had cleared out 80% of the Netherwater Continent. This took quite a long time, as it was quite inconvenient for humans to move about underwater, so many things were done by Fish Scale people.

Because there was already a rift, the Fate of the two worlds did not dissolve the Heavenly Domain Boundary again this time. However, the Fish Scale world's Fate was silently being stolen away by Great Qin.

This time, Zhao Fu brought over one billion gold coins to recruit enough players. One gold coin was worth 10,000 copper coins, so hiring one player for one gold coin was quite attractive. Moreover, Zhao Fu did not need them to actually do anything, so it was quite easy to hire people.

There was a small system faction of ten or so system main cities peacefully going about its business, not wanting to get involved in any fighting.

However, on that day, battle sounds rang out in the surrounding ten or so kilometers and a massive aura rushed at them, shocking all creatures nearby and causing them to run for their lives.

"Things are bad! There are a few million players attacking!" a soldier standing guard cried out with a pale face after seeing the dark mass of Fish Scale players charging over

Everyone else was also terrified. Their ten or so Cities only had a combined force of one million or so soldiers. Even though they had an advantage in terms of cultivation, facing millions of people, it would be quite difficult to win. Even if they won, it would most likely be a pyrrhic victory.

This immediately caused all of the Cities to go into lockdown, and the soldiers hurried to the City Walls, looking at the dark mass of Fish Scale players gravely. The City Lords also hurried over, and the residents could not help but feel worried.

"What's going on? Why are there so many players attacking? We've moved to such a remote place, yet these players still want to attack us; they're going too far!" a bearded City Lord said angrily.

Another City Lord sighed, saying, "No matter which Continent or which world it is, this is the trajectory that everyone is going in. In the end, the players will unify everything. After all, they have a massive amount of Fate, and they are the main characters of this world."

A Fish Scale woman had a cold expression on her face as she said, "Are we really going to be destroyed by players? I can't accept it; even if we're destroyed, we have to drag them down with us."

An elder also sighed and said, "So what if we can't accept it? In front of such a massive force, all resistance is futile. Let's think about how to face these millions of players!"

Hearing this, everyone nodded; this was not the time to be lamenting about such things.

The soldiers on the City Walls solemnly prepared for a tough battle, but what happened next completely shocked them - after charging halfway, that ferocious army suddenly retreated, causing the City Lords to feel incredibly confused.

What was going on? Why had this army suddenly retreated? Everyone looked at each other and could not understand what was happening. However, they felt that it was possible that it was a trap, so they did not leave their Cities.

However, after a while, there was still no response from that player army, so everyone let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that they had really left. Even though they did not know why, seeing that they had won without fighting or suffering any losses, everyone looked quite happy.

Nevertheless, just as they were about to go back to their own lives again, that massive army once again ferociously charged over, loudly shouting and giving off a shocking aura.

This forced the countless soldiers to once again return to the City Walls, gravely waiting for the enemy army to arrive. The ten City Lords also became wary, staring at the player army to react to whatever they did.

However, in the next moment, the army once again retreated, causing the system faction's people to frown. They could not understand the player army's goal.

No matter what, the system side would not take the initiative to rush out, as they held the advantage when defending their Cities. If they rushed out, they would not have this advantage and would instead be ambushed.

This time, they waited a bit longer, and after confirming that the player army would not attack, they prepared to withdraw their troops.

"Kill!!" A terrifying aura once again flooded out, and the system soldiers once again returned to the City Walls, seriously preparing for battle. However, by now, they felt somewhat angry.

"These people are so annoying!" The ten City Lords were quite annoyed. After being continuously harassed like this, no one would be happy.

Once again, the player army retreated halfway, and the ten City Lords could not take it anymore. They flew out of their Cities to check just what was going on. However, before they could get close, 20 or so terrifying auras exploded out.

The system City Lords realized that there was an ambush, so they quickly ran back. Following this, the player army once again charged and retreated, almost angering the system side to death.

Those hired by Great Qin did not actually have to fight; all they had to do was charge and yell a bit. After retreating, they could do whatever they wanted; some lay down to sleep, others ate, and others chatted.