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 Now, everyone felt quite curious towards the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage; why had the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group constructed it? There was definitely a great secret behind it, or the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group would not have placed such importance on it. It was one of the tightest secrets of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group, and no one knew.

After the Ice Origin Royal Kingdom's higher-ups heard about this matter, they hurriedly recalled Bing Qixue and asked him about it. They took this matter very seriously and also greatly rewarded him for being able to befriend that person.

The opposite happened at the Eight Dragons Essence Sect. When they found out that their Young Sect Master had dared to humiliate that Emperor, they were scared out of their wits and immediately recalled him to punish him, forbidding him to leave the Sect for a year.

He had caused big trouble this time, and even Royal Kingdoms were incredibly servile in front of Empires. The Eight Dragons Essence Sect did not even have the strength of a Royal Kingdom.

Now, the entire Eight Dragons Essence Sect felt quite fearful that that Emperor would descend on the Eight Dragons Essence Sect and cause big trouble.

Countless people were incredibly shocked about this matter, causing it to become a hot discussion topic. The recent years had been too peaceful, and now that such a big matter had happened, everyone was extremely excited.

Zhao Fu did not know about any of this. After returning to Great Qin, he had a big smile as he started to go through his gains from the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

The treasures piled into small mountains, and it was impossible for Zhao Fu to go through all of them himself, so he could only call others to help.

Everyone looked incredibly shocked, unable to imagine how their Majesty had obtained such a treasure trove.

One of the items was the Cosmos Medallion, which Zhao Fu picked up first. In two years, he would be able to enter the Cosmos Historical Remnant; perhaps he would be able to make some gains there. That had been the original goal of challenging the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

A few hours later, they finally finished making inventory of the countless treasures. They were worth eight billion gold coins in total, which exceeded what Zhao Fu had expected. This was simply too shocking; this amount of money was quite a lot, even to Great Qin.

Within the mountains of treasures, Zhao Fu found a few interesting things.

The first was a blueprint, which was the blueprint for creating Dragon-Slaying Ballistae. With high-grade talisman bolts, Dragon-Slaying Ballistae could instantly kill City Lords. Great Qin only had 100 of them, and after their previous big battles, they had damaged ten or so of them.

Great Qin had previously been unable to construct them and had only obtained them from Region Treasure Boxes. It had once been on the Chaotic World Stone Stele, but Zhao Fu had not been able to exchange for it.

With this blueprint, Great Qin could now manufacture its own Dragon-Slaying Ballistae, giving Great Qin another powerful card to play.

The second item of interest was a pearl condensed from powder. It was as big as a longan fruit and gave off a strange fragrance. It was called the Flower Spirit Pearl and could help flowers grow. This could be used on the World Flower.

Zhao Fu had been doing his best to nurture the World Flower this entire time, but it still had not bloomed, and Zhao Fu had no idea what to do. This Flower Spirit Pearl was many times better than the Thousand Flower Liquid, so perhaps it would be effective on the World Flower and cause it to bloom earlier.

The third item was a white dragon-shaped jade. It was as big as palm and gave off a faint dragon's might. It looked like there really was a dragon inside.

This was called the Dragon Soul Jade, and legends said that it was a jade condensed after a dragon died. It contained powerful dragon's power, and Zhao Fu planned to use it on the Wyvern Den. It would have powerful effects there.

After all, the Dragon Soul Jade was quite powerful itself, and it had affinity with the Wyvern Den's attributes. If it fused into the Wyvern Den, it would be able to increase the power of the Wyverns and perhaps increase the spawn rate.

Great Qin had already used Wyverns on the battlefield, and their effects were incredibly monstrous. They had a great advantage in the air and made things much easier to deal with. They were almost representative of Great Qin, and Great Qin had to continue nurturing them for sure.

Another item was a horn that was two meters long and looked quite crude. It seemed like the horn of a beast and gave off a faint battle intent.

This was the horn of a Berserk Battle Beast, and it was a war treasure item. It could greatly raise morale during battles and allow soldiers to fight without fear of death.

Finally, there was also a white crystal that was as big as a grain of rice. Even though it was quite small and did not seem like a treasure, just a normal item, it was actually one of the most treasures among them all.

Zhao Fu realized that this rice grain-sized crystal was actually a Divinity Shard and gave off a dense aura of a godly spirit. Even though its power was quite weak, it gave off a heart-warming feeling, and it was most likely a Holy Light attributed Divinity.

Because Zhao Fu had the God-Killer Profession, he was quite sensitive to the auras of godly spirits. He found that there was still a trace of consciousness within this shard.

The golden dragon suddenly said, "Zhao Fu, you can nurture this godly spirit and help it recover using sacrifices of incense and faith. It can become Great Qin's private godly spirit, and you should know the benefits of a godly spirit. For example, that Water God you have has given all sorts of blessings. Moreover, the Water God Corps will become more powerful as she becomes stronger. One day, it will definitely become a top-tier Corps."

"Nurture it into a private godly spirit of Great Qin?" Zhao Fu smiled and felt quite interested, so he decided to try it out.

Zhao Fu first gave the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae Blueprint to Bai Shan and had them fully research it and manufacture the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae. Great Qin would give them its full support.

Following this, Zhao Fu used the Flower Spirit Pearl on the World Flower, causing it to grow by another 100 or so meters. The flower bud became even larger and greener, and it seemed like it was only a single step away from blooming.

However, the World Flower was incredibly difficult to nurture. Zhao Fu had already spent so much effort on it, and he had even built a Fountain of Life around it to provide it with life energy. However, it still was not enough.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu fused the Dragon Soul Jade into the Wyvern Den. Apart from strengthening the Wyverns, it increased the spawn rate by two per day, which was quite good.

Finally, Zhao Fu used the method provided by the golden dragon to nurture the Divinity Shard. He first had people construct a temple before preparing a Light Crystal that was two meters tall. This Light Crystal contained a massive amount of Holy Light power, and such a large piece was incredibly rare.

Zhao Fu carefully fused the Divinity Shard into the Light Crystal, causing the massive Light Crystal to immediately show changes. It gave off a faint white light and a holy, pure aura.

The Light Crystal started to go through changes, and Zhao Fu wondered what sort of god it would produce. After all, the Divinity needed to reshape itself.

Now, they had to provide it with sacrifices of incense and faith. Great Qin had billions of people, so the amount of incense and faith it could provide was massive. As long as they focused on it, it would develop incredibly quickly.

After taking care of all of this, Zhao Fu gave a satisfied smile. He went outside the palace to look at the snow dancing in the air and welcomed the cold wind. In a few days, it would be New Years, after which Great Qin would enter its sixth year in the Heaven Awaken World.