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 "Roar, roar, roar..." More dragon's roars sounded out from the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage's dragon pillars. The dragon pillars violently trembled before falling apart, turning into shattered stones as dragon images flew out towards the top of the stage.

The dragon pearl gave off an intense silver light, shining in all directions. Countless illusory dragons spiraled in the sky, once again creating the scene of 10,000 dragons in the air. Their aura was just as terrifying, causing people's bodies to stiffen.

Suddenly, the silver dragon pearl broke free of Zhao Fu's grasp and quickly entered Zhao Fu's body, causing Zhao Fu to feel quite startled, but he did not do anything.

The countless dragons spiralling in the air and giving off terrifying auras rushed down and also entered Zhao Fu's body, and Zhao Fu felt an immense wave of dragon's might enter his body.

This process was quite quick, and it lasted just a few moments. After everything settled, a silver dragon mark appeared on Zhao Fu's chest, and there were not any other changes.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Stage lost all of its power and became an ordinary stage, and the legend within the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain disappeared.

At that moment, the people from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group walked over with respectful looks on their faces. They first bowed to Zhao Fu, as Zhao Fu had broken through the eighth Danger Zone and obtained the Ten Thousand Dragon Devil Pearl, but they also bowed because of his prestigious identity. As such, they had to bow - the might of an Empire was not something that they could resist.

However, how could they know that Zhao Fu was not the Emperor of an Empire but a mere King of a Marquisate Kingdom? It was just that his bloodline was superior to theirs.

This was all thanks to Zhao Fu's bloodline, scaring a whole bunch of people. Because of how terrifying his bloodline was, everyone fully believed that he was a true Emperor.

Facing these people, Zhao Fu felt quite wary. Their auras were all quite powerful, and they were not people who should be offended. Only after they bowed did Zhao Fu inwardly let out a sigh of relief; there most likely would not be any fighting.

"I am the President of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group; it is my honor to meet Your Majesty," the elegant-looking middle-aged man at the lead said as he faintly smiled.

Zhao Fu nodded, and thinking about the dragon pearl and countless treasures, he asked somewhat guiltily, "Those treasures belong to anyone who can step onto the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, right?"

The middle-aged man smiled as he said, "They indeed belong to Your Majesty. I have a request for Your Majesty, which is to become an Elder of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group. This is one of the benefits of reaching the top of the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage."

If it was any ordinary person, they would feel incredibly joyful towards becoming an Elder, as they would receive unimaginable benefits. The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group was one of the largest financial groups in the Ancient Stem Domain, and its power was immense.

However, the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's higher-ups believed Zhao Fu to be an Emperor, so he naturally would look down on their Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group. As such, they could only phrase it as a request.

Because Zhao Fu had obtained the Ten Thousand Dragon Devil Pearl, there was now a great connection between him and the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group, so they wanted to strengthen their relationship.

At that moment, Zhao Fu inwardly laughed; he had never thought there would be such great benefits. If he could become an Elder, he would be able to use the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's power to obtain a large number of corpses, allowing Great Qin to develop even quicker.

Facing such great benefits, of course Zhao Fu would agree. However, on the surface, Zhao Fu merely calmly nodded.

This caused all of the people from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group to give big smiles. They were ecstatic that Zhao Fu would become an Elder of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group because they were now connected, but they were also happy about it because of Zhao Fu's prestigious identity.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, the elegant-looking middle-aged man took out a silver dragon medallion and gave it to Zhao Fu, saying that it was a token of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group and could serve to show his identity.

Zhao Fu took it. The middle-aged man wanted to entertain him, but Zhao Fu politely refused; he did not like such social niceties.

Everyone looked up in awe as Zhao Fu descended from the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, and Ge Nia returned to Zhao Fu's side, continuing to act as his bodyguard.

Everyone automatically made way for Zhao Fu, not daring to obstruct him. Everyone's eyes were filled with respect and admiration; this was a legendary Emperor. Bing Qixue tactfully retreated to the side with his people as well, not intending to stand in Zhao Fu's way.

However, Zhao Fu walked over to him and smiled as he said, "Apologies for before. Brother Bing has good character and is someone I would like to befriend."

Before, Zhao Fu did not want to make trouble, but he had still drawn so much attention to himself. He felt that Bing Qixue was quite a good person, and he was the Crown Prince of a Royal Kingdom. Perhaps when Great Qin entered the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain he would be of help. As such, it would be good to develop their friendship.

Bing Qixue now felt quite dismayed; he had never thought that Zhao Fu, who had shown no interest, would completely change his attitude and take the initiative to befriend him.

Bing Qixue smiled and expressed his understanding. The woman in black beside him did not dare to say anything and obediently lowered her head, and the cold-looking young man did the same.

Following this, the two parties returned to the hotel to continue to chat and learn more about each other.

Zhao Fu had the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group continue to help him collect corpses, and the price was incredibly cheap, essentially just covering the costs. After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu took the countless treasures and corpses back to Great Qin.

At the same time, news of what had happened here quickly spread throughout the Ancient Stem Domain, shaking everyone.

"What? Not only did someone break through the seventh Danger Zone, but he even cleared the unclearable eighth Danger Zone? How is this possible? Can a person even do that?"

After all, the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage was quite an interesting matter within the Ancient Stem Domain, and many people knew about it and had tried it before. Most people knew just how terrifying the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage was.

Now that someone had fully cleared it, just how terrifying was that person?

Many geniuses who had tried and failed before no longer felt as proud, and their expressions fell. How could that person break through the last Danger Zone; with their talent, it was impossible, so how could that person do it?

Most geniuses could not believe this and felt that it was a rumor started by troublemakers. However, after sending people to investigate, they found out that this matter was true.

Moreover, what shocked them even more was that that person was the Emperor of an Empire. Why had a person with such a prestigious identity come to a boundary Domain like theirs? No one could understand.

However, this made it so that the geniuses could fully accept their loss. After all, that person was an Emperor and had an Emperor's bloodline, so it was only natural that he would be superior to Kings like them.

Many people paid a great deal of attention to this, sending people to fully investigate this matter and collect all relevant information.

After hearing that that terrifying Emperor had become an Elder of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group, everyone felt envious of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's good fortune.