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A massive, shocking explosion sounded out. Zhao Fu stepped forwards, his enormous Emperor's aura heavily weighing down on the 10,000 dragons with heavenly might.

"Roar, roar, roar..." That terrifying power caused the 10,000 dragons to look quite afraid, and even their bodies slightly trembled. They gave off unreconciled roars, causing the heavens and earth to tremble. However, they could not stop Zhao Fu at all.

Zhao Fu walked forwards step by step until he reached the final step again, and at that moment, the 10,000 dragons launched ferocious attacks towards him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dragons gave off terrifying power, seeming to split the heavens apart before simultaneously attacking. They all rushed towards Zhao Fu like a massive flood, sweeping across everything.

With his five aura flames around him, Zhao Fu's expression did not change at all. He lifted one foot and brought it onto the final step.


In that moment, the heavens and earth seemed to collapse as an unimaginable might heavily weighed down on the 10,000 dragons' bodies. They gave pained howls, and under that might, their bodies exploded.

This happened in just an instant, and after exploding, the 10,00 dragons turned into motes of light that drifted down, creating a beautiful scene.

This signified that the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage's eighth Danger Zone had been broken through!

Zhao Fu now stood on top of the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, and the aura flames and might around him disappeared, causing him to seem like an ordinary person.

The scene was now completely silent, and most people were still kneeling on the ground, looking up at the person on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage in shock. Even though he did not give off an aura anymore, they could still feel a formless pressure. That supreme Emperor's image could not be dispelled from their hearts.

They were also dumbfounded about that person's status and the fact that he had broken through the eighth Disaster Zone. It was not something they could endure.

Since the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage had been built, a long time had passed, and someone had now finally broken through, destroying the legend that it could not be conquered.

However, only this person could do such a thing; no one else in the Ancient Stem Domain could. A small Domain like the Ancient Stem Domain did not have any Empires, and neither did the surrounding Domains. This meant that Zhao Fu came from some other place.

The Ancient Stem Rankings did not change; the first-ranked person was still first, and the second-ranked person was still second. Zhao Fu was not added, not because he did not deserve to be on it, but because the Ancient Stem Rankings did not deserve to have him on it.

Royal Kingdoms were already existences that reigned supreme, and Empires reigned far above Royal Kingdoms. They could not imagine just how terrifying they were, and countless proud people would willingly kneel down to true Emperors.

Bing Qixue looked incredibly shocked, and his heart still had not recovered from the waves that Zhao Fu had caused in his heart. He completely accepted his loss; Zhao Fu's identity was much more prestigious than his, and he was much more powerful as well.

Now, Bing Qixue understood the situation much better and understood that he did not have the qualifications to befriend Zhao Fu. He decided not to bother Zhao Fu anymore.

The woman in black now looked quite afraid. Thinking about how she had treated Zhao Fu, she realized that she may have stirred up big trouble. She had thought that Zhao Fu just had good talent but could not compare to her Young Master in terms of bloodline.

She was not wrong - the Ancient Stem Domain only had a few Royal Kingdoms, so at most, people would be equal with her Young Master; there was no one who could surpass him.

However, this Emperor had suddenly appeared, which was too scary. With this sort of identity, even in the entire Heaven Awaken World, his status would be quite revered. He was much more powerful than her Young Master, and she felt like she had taken a big slap to the face.

The cold-looking young man looked at Ge Nia and could not help but sigh. No wonder why he was just a bodyguard despite being so powerful in the way of the sword; his master was too terrifying.

Long Yang and the seven beauties had long since left before anyone else could recover. It was best to leave as soon as possible, as if Zhao Fu came to find them after, they would be doomed.

Zhao Fu's performance had completely surpassed anything Long Yang could have expected, and he had then revealed such a terrifying identity. This had completely terrified him, so he quickly snuck away with his women.

The manager also looked incredibly dumbfounded; he had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so powerful and have such a prestigious identity. He had even broken through the eighth Danger Zone; the Ancient Stem Rankings could not contain a grand figure like him.

The ten or so higher-ups of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group were also incredibly shocked, unable to calm themselves down. Someone had finally conquered the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, and that prophecy was going to be fulfilled. Moreover, they could not help but feel awe towards Zhao Fu's identity.

On top of the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, Zhao Fu looked at the countless treasures around him, making him feel incredibly moved. All of those intense treasure lights made Zhao Fu feel quite bewildered.

Zhao Fu looked around him and saw all sorts of Legendary grade equipment, Epic grade equipment, and even some Saint Armaments. There were all sorts of spirit medicines, other treasures, and items.

The total value of the items here would be at least six or seven billion gold coins, and it now all belonged to him? Zhao Fu was ecstatic with joy and could not believe it was true.

However, there was no need to doubt it - with so many treasures in front of him, if he did not take them, he would be an idiot. He disregarded his image as he started to madly collect all of them.

Large swathes of treasures started to vanish from the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, all of them collected into Zhao Fu's spatial ring. Even though Zhao Fu was going incredibly quickly, it took him more than half an hour to collect the countless treasures.

Right now, Zhao Fu wanted to madly laugh; the benefits were simply too great. After stepping onto the stage, he had obtained a treasure trove; were there more of these opportunities? Zhao Fu would do it as many times as he could.

Right now, no one spoke. Everyone silently watched Zhao Fu collect the countless treasures, and the higher-ups of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group silently waited. After all, these treasures belonged to anyone who could clear the eighth Danger Zone.

Back then, they had followed orders from the previous generations to put various treasures on top of the stage in order to attract people to challenge it. That was why the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage was quite famous within the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain.

After collecting the countless treasures, Zhao Fu walked to the center of the stage. There was a fist-sized silver dragon pearl floating there, which was most likely the core of the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

Zhao Fu had not wanted to go over; after all, if he took all of the treasures and then destroyed their stage, wouldn't that be going too far?

However, despite the fact that Zhao Fu did not want to, the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage seemed to have its own consciousness, telling Zhao Fu to go over. Zhao Fu thought about it before deciding to go over, and he placed his hand on the dragon pearl.

"Roar!!" A dragon's roar sounded throughout the sky, and the silver dragon pearl gave off a large amount of silver light. The entire Ten Thousand Dragon Stage violently shook and gave off a terrifying aura as massive gales erupted out.