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 As such, these major figures were all quite shocked and took this quite seriously. One of them asked, "Just what sort of person broke through the seventh Danger Zone? Is he the person the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group has been waiting for this entire time?"

The attendant nervously replied, "We don't know who he is, but he seems to have connections with two geniuses on the Ancient Stem Rankings. We have no other information about him."

After hearing about this, the elegant-looking middle-aged man almost dropped his teacup. He looked at the others seriously, and they understood his intentions. They all turned into powerful rays of light as they flew towards the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

Now that such a big thing had happened, they had to personally go and take a look. The Ten Thousand Dragon Stage was incredibly important to the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group.

Zhao Fu was currently walking up with great difficulty towards the last Danger Zone. Each step gave off immense pressure, and ordinary people would be directly squished into meat paste by that pressure.

Powerful auras descended as the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's higher-ups arrived. They looked at the cloaked figure on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, and their expressions became solemn, a look of expectation in their eyes. Zhao Fu was the only person in hundreds of years who had a chance of breaking through the eighth Danger Zone.

However, even if Zhao Fu could not break through the eighth Danger Zone, just breaking through the seventh Danger Zone was enough for them to treat him importantly.

After seeing that the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's higher-ups had arrived, the crowd cried out in shock. At the same time, news of the seventh Danger Zone being broken through quickly spread, causing countless people to be shocked and rush towards the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

More and more people gathered, forming an ocean of people. There were now over ten million people gathered.

Everyone watched on with hope and expectation as Zhao Fu reached the eighth Danger Zone, and he stepped onto that final step.

Immediately, everything under the heavens seemed to go deathly silent, and countless people felt as if they had been bound by a massive and formless power. They could not move at all, making them feel as powerless as a grain of sand within an ocean.

The ten or so higher-ups from the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group were also incredibly shocked as they sensed those terrifying ripples from the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage. They too had been bound.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The Ten Thousand Dragon Stage gave off a large amount of golden light and exploded out with pillars of light that shot into the sky. Ten thousand pillars of light rushed into the sky, giving off sounds that rocked the surroundings and causing everyone to feel great shock.

The scene was even more frightening from a distance. The 10,000 pillars of light gave off heaven-shaking auras, standing between the heavens and earth.

"Roar, roar, roar..." Dragon's roars sounded out from the pillars as the dragons engraved on them seemed to come to life. They left the pillars and turned into different dragons as they soared to the sky.

The dragons spiraled in the sky, their incredibly vast might weighing down on countless people's bodies like the sky itself. Most people could not endure this, and they felt as if their bones were going to be broken, so they quickly retreated.

Now, not a single person dared to step within 1,000 meters of the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, including Bing Qixue and the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's higher-ups.

Luckily, there was the magic formations, reducing the might by many times, but it was still incredibly terrifying. It was not something they could endure at all, yet Zhao Fu had to directly face that monstrous might.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Stage's eighth Danger Zone was ten thousand dragons, and this was the final challenge. Their strength surpassed even the Dragon God.

Zhao Fu released the four Fate Dragons' power, but he still felt incredible pressure. His knees were bent as if he was going to fall to his knees, and blood started to leak out of his body.

"Roar!!" The 10,000 dragons in the sky suddenly stopped, looking at Zhao Fu with their eyes. They then gave off a heaven-shaking roar, the soundwaves almost corporeal and seeming to be able to destroy everything.

The Emperor's Domain that Zhao Fu released instantly shattered. His body flew back ten or so meters, and he coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

"Is it over?" Everyone was quite disappointed as they watched Zhao Fu being injured so heavily. It seemed that he would not be able to break through the eighth Danger Zone.

With the power of the eighth Danger Zone, it was likely that even a godly spirit would not be able to break through it. However, for that person to break through the seventh Danger Zone, it was already quite shocking.

Bing Qixue did not say anything and continued to seriously look at Zhao Fu.

Long Yang let out a sigh of relief. The eighth Danger Zone was simply too terrifying, and that person definitely would not be able to make it.

The higher-ups of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group could not help but feel disappointed. It seemed that this person would fail too; since the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage had been created, no one had been able to reach the top.

"Arghhhh!!" Under the 10,000 dragons' might, Zhao Fu felt his blood boiling. He shouted, causing his suppressed Emperor's aura to explode out like a volcano.


A shocking explosion rang out, causing the space around him to collapse. This was an Emperor's aura that resulted from burning Zhao Fu's blood, and it was as if a massive heavenly hand had slammed against the ground.

Everyone below the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage felt as if their heads had exploded, causing their minds to go blank. Their legs weakened, and they knelt on the ground.

Only Bing Qixue, Long Yang, and the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's higher-ups managed to resist that Emperor's aura; everyone else was unable to resist at all.

"How is this possible?" In front of that incredibly supreme Emperor's aura, everyone looked incredibly shocked. Their souls felt as weak as glass, crumbling under the Emperor's aura.

That terrifying Emperor's aura flooded out in all directions, submerging countless regions; nothing could stop it.

This Emperor's aura, which could cause all creatures to submit, made even the 10,000 dragons' might seem weaker in comparison. They could not rival it at all; this person was like a supreme Emperor.

Bing Qixue's face was pale, and he could now guess at Zhao Fu's identity. He had such pure Emperor's blood, and he was definitely the Legatee of an Empire. His identity was incredibly prestigious, and he was not something he could compare to.

In front of Zhao Fu, a Crown Prince of a Royal Kingdom like him was nothing. No wonder he was so powerful, and it also explained why he had not wanted to become friends with him. Bing Qixue now understood it all.

Long Yang's expression was now unsightly to the extreme; how could such a terrifying existence suddenly appear? He had messed up greatly this time, and it was possible that he would be destroyed because of it. Why did he have to offend this person? Long Yang felt immense regret.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's people also looked incredibly shocked; they had never thought that this person would be the Prince of an Empire. That Emperor's aura was incredibly monstrous, and it was possible that it was no ordinary Empire either. This person's identity was simply too shocking, shocking people to death!