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 The Dragon God was greatly startled and wanted to dodge, but the chains were everywhere and there was nowhere to dodge. He could only give off a powerful aura and continuously swing the dragon halberd, sending out golden crescents to destroy the incoming chains.

However, there seemed to be no end to the chains, and they rushed towards the Dragon God like a black tide. In the end, the Dragon God was unable to defend and was bound by countless chains in the sky.

Because the King's Crown had already fused into Zhao Fu's bloodline and become one of Zhao Fu's pupils, it belonged to Zhao Fu's bloodline powers, so he could use the chains here.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded; that powerful Dragon God, which was like a godly spirit, had been bound up by that person using countless chains. He had lost all face and suffered a great humiliation.

However, the scene of the chains covering the sky before was incredibly shocking.

That person's strength was simply outrageous, and only now had he used his full strength. He could actually fight against a godly spirit, making everyone feel dumbfounded. They would never have such strength in their entire lives.


At that moment, a shocking explosion sounded out. The Dragon God looked furious as he released his full strength, causing boundless golden light to come out from his body and fall onto the ground.

From a distance, one could see that this place was now covered by a layer of golden light as if everything was made of gold. The flashing golden light caused many people to feel quite shocked.

After giving off the boundless golden light, the Dragon God now looked like a golden sun. Golden flames also appeared around him, and the aura around his body was already indescribable using words. The space around him even started to twist and crack.

Even with the magic formations protecting them, the crowd below the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage felt their bodies sink and found it harder to breathe. They could feel an aura of death approaching, and they could not help but retreat in terror.

Even Bing Qixue and the others were forced back a few steps. They looked at the Dragon God gravely; its power surpassed anything they had expected.

Long Yang stared at the Dragon God, hoping that it was powerful enough to kill this person. That way, it would be able to get rid of a threat for him. Facing the powerful Dragon God, he felt that Zhao Fu would most likely lose.

The manager could only watch in shock, unable to even speak.


The sound of chains shattering could be heard as the countless chains binding the Dragon God started to collapse, unable to bear that terrifying power.


Zhao Fu's expression did not change. He stretched out a hand towards the sky, causing a four-colored pillar of light to rush into the sky. The four colours started to spread throughout the sky: gold, black, gray, and violet, each taking up a portion of the sky.

"Four dragon's roars sounded throughout the sky, causing people's blood to roil. Everyone watched in shock as four Fate Dragons came out of Zhao Fu's body and flew towards the four-colored pillar of light, creating a dragon sword.

This dragon sword had four colors and there were four dragons wrapped around the hilt. The blade was three fingers wide and was covered with dragon scales, and it gave off an aura of destruction as if it could destroy worlds.

Zhao Fu raised his hand and grasped the hilt of the sword.

In that moment, everyone felt an insurmountable wave of danger flow through their hearts. All of their hair stood on end, and they felt as if they had plunged into icy water. Their bodies instinctively trembled, and they could not help but retreat in terror.

The Dragon God in the sky sensed the power from the sword, and it also looked quite afraid. It exploded out with its full power, wanting to escape from all of the chains.


At that moment, Zhao Fu slashed out, causing a massive sword light containing unimaginable power to fly out. It seemed to cause the sun and moon to dim, and the heavens and earth seemed to split. The golden 'sun' in the sky was instantly cut in half by the sword light.

The Dragon God had a look of disbelief on his face as his body was cut in half, and he slowly disappeared into golden motes of light.

"He broke through the seventh Danger Zone!" the crowd shouted in excitement, their voices sounding out throughout the entire City. It had been hundreds of years since anyone had made it past the seventh Danger Zone, and now someone had done it.

"Just who is this person? He's simply too powerful!"

"So strong, I'm so excited just watching him. This person is definitely the most talented genius in the Ancient Stem Rankings; everyone else, make way for him!"

"Today, that person will definitely be recorded in the history of the Ancient Stem Domain. No one in the Ancient Stem Domain can compare to him and possibly even in the surrounding Domains!"

"I don't want to say anything, but how can he be such a powerful person? He's definitely a peerless genius. Any genius in front of him pales in comparison!"

Bing Qixue's expression was now one of full-blown shock, and it was the first time he had revealed this kind of expression. He could not have imagined that Zhao Fu could reveal such power; Zhao Fu had completely surpassed his expectations.

At the same time, Bing Qixue took a blow to his self-esteem because Zhao Fu was on a completely different level to him. No wonder he did not want to become friends with him; it was because he was not qualified.

The woman in black was completely flabbergasted, and she did not dare to say anything else.

One of the seven beauties next to Long Yang whispered, "Hubby, let's quickly leave this place!"

Long Yang's expression was quite unsightly. Zhao Fu was too powerful and dangerous. If conflict erupted later, the outcome would be too terrifying. He might have made a horrifying enemy for the Eight Dragons Essence Sect, and it was best to leave as soon as possible before the matter escalated too much.

However, Long Yang could not quite accept that the gap between him and Zhao Fu was so great. There was still a final Danger Zone on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, and no one had ever broken through it before. It had always been a legend within the Ancient Stem Domain, and he did not believe that Zhao Fu could make it through.

As such, he decided to stay to watch Zhao Fu fail.

The manager looked incredibly shocked and excited. His voice trembled as he watched Zhao Fu step past the seventh Danger Zone, and he said, "H-Hurry and notify the higher-ups that someone has broken through the seventh Danger Zone. We must report this at all costs; I'll bear the consequences."

Seeing how serious the manager was, the attendant hurriedly nodded and quickly left.

Within the headquarters of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group, a group of people giving off powerful auras were talking within a meeting hall. One of them, an elegant-looking middle-aged man, lazily lifted his teacup and prepared to take a sip when suddenly someone burst in.

All of these major figures slightly frowned; they were discussing important matters and someone had rudely rushed in. They were naturally quite displeased.

The person cried out anxiously, "Reporting to seniors, someone broke through the seventh Danger Zone on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage and is heading to the eighth Danger Zone!"

"What? Someone was able to make it past the seventh Danger Zone? This hasn't happened in hundreds of years. Who is that person? Which faction's genius is it?"

All of these major figures were greatly shocked. As the strongest people in the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group, they knew about the power and secrets of the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage. They knew how difficult and dangerous the seventh Danger Zone was, or else it wouldn't have gone hundreds of years without anyone making it past.