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 The Dragon God in the sky gave off an incredibly powerful aura, causing the space in the surroundings to freeze. He coldly gazed at Zhao Fu and said in the Ancient Stem Domain's common language, "Lowly human, you are not a match for Us. If you step down, you may live!"

Everyone was quite surprised that the Dragon God could speak. However, facing such a powerful Dragon God, would that person choose to continue?

If it was them, they would definitely stop. They were already satisfied after seeing what the seventh Danger Zone was like because the Dragon God's power surpassed anything they could imagine. It was almost comparable to a true godly spirit descending.

Bing Qixue hoped that Zhao Fu would continue because he wanted to see just how strong Zhao Fu was. When he thought of this, despite his steady personality, he felt quite excited. He already admitted that he was inferior to Zhao Fu; in the future, Zhao Fu's name would ring throughout the entire Ancient Stem Domain.

The woman in black's expression was quite unsightly; she had never thought that this person who they had casually met at the hotel would have such terrifying power. Thinking about how she had spoken to Zhao Fu before, her face became quite pale.

The cold-looking young man cursed at himself for being so blind. His attention had been drawn over by Ge Nia, but it was the other person who was truly terrifying. No wonder their Young Master paid such a great deal of attention to him.

Now, Long Yang wanted to sneakily leave. Zhao Fu's power was simply too great, and he might have a distinguished identity as well. After treating Zhao Fu like that, he had completely offended him, so it was best to leave as quickly as possible.

However, he also wanted to see if Zhao Fu had the power to break through the seventh Danger Zone. He had also long since accepted that he was inferior to Zhao Fu, and he was now somewhat afraid of Zhao Fu.

The manager was now fully focused as he looked at the figure on the stone steps. If he was able to make it past the seventh Danger Zone, the matter would become incredibly big, far beyond anything he was prepared for. No one had broken through the seventh Danger Zone in hundreds of years.

"Hmph! You're just something created by a formation. Even if it's a true godly spirit, I've killed one before," a cold harrumph sounded out, followed by words that sent the crowd into an uproar. Did he just say that he had killed a godly spirit before? Was that even possible?

Zhao Fu had indeed killed two godly spirits before; one was a demon god and one was a beast god. Of course, they were only clones, but he had obtained the God-Killer Profession, which had fused into his Emperor Profession.

"Arrogant!" The Dragon God roared in the sky. The shout was so deafening that everyone felt an immense pain in their ears. The Dragon God swung his halberd, seeming to tear space apart. An extremely powerful force swept towards Zhao Fu like a super storm.

Immediately, the magic formations around the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage were activated, protecting the City. Otherwise, it was possible for the Dragon God to destroy the entire City.

Facing this terrifying storm, Zhao Fu first released his Emperor's Domain. However, in front of this shocking storm, the Emperor's Domain quickly shattered, and the storm quickly reached his body, making it seem as if he was going to be blown away.


An explosion sounded out as three aura flames appeared, giving off powerful auras. The Emperor's Domain once again spread out, defending against that terrifying storm.

"Lowly human, you are about to suffer the wrath of god!" Seeing that Zhao Fu had blocked this attack, the Dragon God looked slightly angry and once again attacked, stabbing his halberd towards Zhao Fu.


A sharp light tore through space, giving off an intense destructive power as it struck Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain like a bolt of lightning.


A clear cracking sound could be heard as the sharp light collided with Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain, resulting in countless cracks on the Emperor's Domain. Much of the force passed through the Emperor's Domain, forcing Zhao Fu five or six steps back before he stopped himself.

"The Dragon God is so terrifying!" After personally seeing the Dragon God's horrifying power, the crowd was incredibly shocked. If it was them, they would have been turned to dust by that attack, and their souls would have been destroyed; they would not have been able to resist at all.

That person was powerful, but it seemed like he was going to lose. No wonder no one had been able to break through the seventh Danger Zone in the past hundreds of years; everyone understood now.

However, for that person to be able to stand in front of the seventh Danger Zone, he could already be incredibly proud of himself. It seemed that the number one person on the Ancient Stem Rankings was going to change. No one present had any objections.

"Is he really going to fail?" Bing Qixue looked at Zhao Fu seriously, not feeling very certain. The Dragon God was simply too powerful.

"Hurry up and give up!" Long Yang inwardly yelled. Zhao Fu was already dangerous enough, and he could already take the number one spot on the Ancient Stem Rankings. If he could break through the seventh Danger Zone, it would mean he was many times more dangerous; he did not want to offend such a monstrous person.

The manager also anxiously waited for the result because this matter was incredibly important, and it could shake even the higher-ups of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group.

"Roar!!" The Dragon God once again attacked, raising its dragon halberd and causing a golden dragon that gave off a mighty aura to appear.


The Dragon God swung his halberd, and the golden dragon gave off an incredibly destructive force, causing the space around it to tremble as it rushed towards Zhao Fu as if it could kill everything.

At that moment, Zhao Fu looked up and a golden aura flame erupted around him. This aura flame was filled with a sense of nobility, and it also possessed a destructive aura. Zhao Fu's aura once again increased.

Everyone looked quite shocked; they had never thought that Zhao Fu still had reserve power, and it was so terrifying.

Facing the golden dragon, Zhao Fu grabbed at the air, causing the four aura flames around him to condense into a four-colored spear. Zhao Fu grabbed this spear and vigorously threw it out.


The spear gave off an unstoppable aura as it flashed out, directly piercing the golden dragon and continued onwards towards the Dragon God.

The Dragon God coldly harrumphed, raised his dragon halberd, and slashed out. A golden crescent split the four-colored spear in half, causing it to dissipate.

"Foolish mortal, with your power, you cannot harm Us!" the Dragon God raised its head and said with a trace of condescension.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu's terrifying eyes looked at the Dragon God in the sky and gave a trace of a cold smile as he said, "Is that so?"


In that moment, Zhao Fu released the full power of his four Fate Dragons. The four aura flames around his body rose to hundreds of meters tall, and an incredibly powerful aura blasted out like an unstoppable tornado.

It was not just the crowd who was incredibly shocked at Zhao Fu's terrifying power; even the Dragon God had a look of surprise on his face.

Zhao Fu was at the center of the storm, with wild gales blowing out. His body now hovered a few centimeters above the ground, and his black cloak fluttered in the wind.

Zhao Fu's terrifying eyes coldly looked at the Dragon God in the sky, and he slowly raised a hand and grabbed at the air.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of chains could be heard as countless chains shot out from all around. There were millions of them, and each of them contained shocking power, locking down the entire sky.