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 Facing those terrifying eyes, everyone felt quite afraid and could not help but instinctively retreat. Their bodies slightly trembled; that was how terrifying the sixth Danger Zone was.

"These dragon eyes are called the Dragon Eyes of Obliteration and are modeled after the Obliteration Dragons, one of the most terrifying dragons in the world. Even though it is just an imitation, it can make even talented geniuses submit." The manager's eyes were wide as he stared at those silver dragon's eyes. It could be seen just how shocked he was.

Bing Qixue's expression became even more serious as he guessed at Zhao Fu's identity. Zhao Fu's power surpassed his, and he wondered if he would be able to make it past the sixth Danger Zone and enter the top three of the Ancient Stem Rankings.

The woman in black now looked quite worried; she had never thought that that person's strength would surpass her Young Master's. It was simply too shocking.

However, no matter how powerful he was, his identity could not be as prestigious as her Young Master's. After all, her Young Master had a true Royal Bloodline that reigned above all kinds of other bloodlines; there was virtually no one in the Ancient Stem Domain who could be more noble than her Young Master.

At most, Zhao Fu was just a top-tier expert, while her Young Master was a sovereign King; they were on completely different levels.

Long Yang and his women all looked quite shocked, because not only did Zhao Fu's power surpass his, but it had even surpassed Bing Qixue's. This made him feel better, but he was still dumbfounded towards Zhao Fu's terrifying power.

The pair of Dragon Eyes of Obliteration slowly turned to Zhao Fu, giving off a disdainful gaze. The space around it started to collapse, and it seemed like natural laws were being destroyed.

Zhao Fu immediately released his Emperor's Domain to protect his body. However, under that terrifying gaze, the Emperor's Domain could not withstand it and started to crack and shatter.

That terrifying power started to seep through the cracks and tear apart Zhao Fu's body. A trace of blood leaked out of Zhao Fu's lips, causing his gaze to become cold.

"Roar! Roar! Roar" three dragon's roars sounded out throughout the sky, causing Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi to quickly gather. A domineering black flame first erupted around Zhao Fu's body, followed by a mysterious violet flame and an eerie gray flame.

The three auras combined together, causing Zhao Fu's power to rise to its peak. Zhao Fu first closed his eyes, gathering all of the power onto his eyes before slowly opening them.

At that moment, the space in the surrounding 10,000 meters seemed to freeze as countless people's hairs stood on end, and a wave of coldness flowed through their hearts. The sky was torn as another pair of terrifying eyes appeared in the sky.

The left eye had six pupils, each giving off different auras: They included the Demon Race's aura, a killing aura, a heavenly aura, a disaster aura, a destruction aura, and a sealing aura.

The right eye was just as terrifying; it had vertical pupils with six gray dots around them, giving off an intensely cold and gloomy aura that resembled the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

How could such a pair of terrifying eyes exist? When the Dragon Eyes of Obliteration had appeared, everyone had felt fear, but these eyes were even more terrifying, making them feel absolute despair. Even their souls trembled, and under the gaze from those eyes, they felt as if their bodies could collapse and that their souls would be decimated.

A trace of coldness flowed through Bing Qixue's body; he was familiar with this coldness, as he had felt it when he had first met Zhao Fu's gaze. That pair of terrifying eyes came from Zhao Fu.

After experiencing Zhao Fu's true power, Bing Qixue looked slightly fearful, while the woman in black now looked terrified.

Long Yang and his women also looked quite terrified; how could that mysterious cloaked figure have such monstrous strength? Now, he felt that he had offended someone who should not be offended.

The experienced manager's body trembled, and he gulped as he muttered, "Just what eyes are these? They're much more terrifying than the Dragon Eyes of Obliteration!"

The Dragon Eyes of Obliteration in the sky did not even dare to meet the gaze of those terrifying eyes. They seemed to feel fear, and automatically exploded.

Zhao Fu successfully stepped onto the one hundred and eightieth step, passing through the sixth Danger Zone. He now walked towards the seventh Danger Zone step by step.

By now, each step that Zhao Fu took put him under immense pressure, causing his speed to fall. Now, it took him a few minutes to move to the next step, and even though Zhao Fu's speed was now quite slow, everyone watched with bated breath.

This person had really been able to break through the sixth Danger Zone; his strength was unimaginably terrifying. Just from those terrifying eyes, everyone felt that this person would definitely be at least second, if not first, in the Ancient Stem Domain.

Everyone now held boundless expectations towards Zhao Fu. If he could break through the seventh Danger Zone, he would indisputably become the number one ranked person on the Ancient Stem Rankings.

No one had broken through the seventh Danger Zone in hundreds of years; could this person do it? Everyone thought about it but were not sure.

Bing Qixue, Long Yang, and the manager did not say anything and continued to closely watch Zhao Fu.

The one hundred and eighty-first step!

The one hundred and eighty-second step!

The one hundred and eighty-third step!

The one hundred and eighty-fourth step!

After much difficulty, Zhao Fu came to the two hundred and ninth step. Ahead of him was the seventh Danger Zone, and it had been hundreds of years since anyone had reached here. Zhao Fu deeply breathed in and slowly stepped onto the step.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage exploded out with intense golden light, forming a golden pillar of light. It gave off an unstoppable momentum as it shot into the sky.

The heavens and earth gradually dimmed as a berserk gale blew. Countless traces of spirit qi gathered, forming a massive vortex in the sky that gave off an immense aura of suppression.

From a distance, it looked like there was a thick haze covering this place, from which shockwaves rolled out. Countless people felt their bodies grow cold.

"Is this the seventh Danger Zeon?" The countless people below the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage looked up at the sky. They had never seen the seventh Danger Zone before, because no one had reached this place in hundreds of years. Even the person ranked first on the Ancient Stem Rankings could not do so.

"Roar!" Within the center of the vortex, a massive dragon's roar sounded out, following which boundless golden light pierced through. The vortex became gold-colored as a golden figure gradually descended.

This figure had the body of a human but the head of a dragon. His hands and feet were dragon claws, and he was covered with golden dragon scales and had a dragon tail. He was six meters tall and had a powerfully-built body, and he held a dragon halberd.

"It's a Dragon God! The seventh Danger Zone is a Dragon God!" many people cried out after sensing that terrifying aura. Of course, this was not a true Dragon God or the clone of a godly spirit but something that the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage had created from spirit qi.

Everyone's gaze once again fell on Zhao Fu's body. Facing a godly spirit-level aura, could he break through?