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 "Can that guy pass it? That power is too frightening!" Sensing that terrifying power, the crowd felt quite anxious. They were not so confident that Zhao Fu would be able to pass.

Bing Qixue, the woman in black, and the cold-looking young man looked up seriously, wanting to know how Zhao Fu would deal with this power. Even some people on the Ancient Stem Rankings would not be able to deal with this sort of power.

Long Yang now also looked quite serious. He had made it past the fourth Danger Zone but stopped at the fifth Danger Zone. If Zhao Fu could make it past this Danger Zone, that would mean that he had power that rivaled his.

The seven beautiful women also had unsightly looks on their faces. Their husband was the Young Sect Master of the Eight Dragons Origin Sect, and he was ranked highly in the Ancient Stem Rankings. Very few people could rival him, yet such a person had suddenly appeared, having a similar level of power.

The attendant quickly went to report to the manager that the VIP had reached the fourth Danger Zone.

The manager was quite shocked. Zhao Fu had once again exceeded his expectations. However, after thinking about it, since that person wanted to challenge the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage and had connections to two people on the Ancient Stem Rankings, he definitely was not weak.

When he thought of this, the manager's expression calmed and he said, "No need to be too surprised. He'll most likely rationally back out from the fourth Danger Zone."

Hearing this, the attendant felt quite doubtful. He had seen Zhao Fu's power himself, and it was possible that Zhao Fu would be able to make it past. As such, he quickly returned to the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

The golden dragon pearl released a Dragon Domain that looked like a golden semicircle, with a golden dragon swimming about within it.

The Dragon Domain's power was incredibly powerful, and it gave off a massive aura of suppression. It gave off an unstoppable momentum as it rushed towards Zhao Fu, and the power seemed to be able to destroy everything; it was not something a person could withstand.


An explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu released his Emperor's Domain. The golden domain and black domain ferociously clashed, giving off incredible shockwaves.

Even those below the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage were affected by the shockwaves, and some people retreated a few steps while some crashed to the ground. The scene became quite chaotic, and everyone was quite startled at this collision.


The golden dragon pearl gave off an even more intense light as the Dragon Domain became many times more powerful. It continued to press against Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain, causing it to slightly crack, and Zhao Fu's body started to lean backwards.

"Is he going to fail?" Seeing this, everyone could not help but think this. The fourth Danger Zone was too powerful.

However, in the next moment, two dragon's roars sounded out from within Zhao Fu's body, and a black flame and violet flame rose up around his body, causing his aura to soar.


The black domain suddenly exploded out with a terrifying power, smashing towards the Dragon Domain with thunderous momentum and shattering it.

What was going on? Two dragon's roars had sounded out from that person's body, following which he had suddenly exploded out with power. There was also an Emperor's aura that had made them all want to kneel in worship.

No one understood what had happened. After shattering the Dragon Domain, Zhao Fu continued onwards.

The one hundred and twenty-first step!

The one hundred and twenty-second step!

The one hundred and twenty-third step!

The one hundred and twenty-fourth step!

Zhao Fu quickly came before the one hundred and forty-ninth step, and in front of him was the fifth Danger Zone. Everyone looked at him anxiously.

Bing Qixue's expression was now quite grave. He himself had only made it past the fifth Danger Zone and had not made it past the sixth Danger Zone. If Zhao Fu could break through the fifth Danger Zone, that would mean Zhao Fu had at least the same level of power as him.

Bing Qixue had somewhat expected this, so he was not too surprised. However, what caught his attention was that the Emperor's aura that Zhao Fu had given off was not ordinary at all.

Long Yang's expression was now quite unsightly; Zhao Fu had power that rivalled his. His condescension towards Zhao Fu was now hitting him back in the face because Zhao Fu was not weaker than him at all. The seven beauties beside him quickly comforted him, saying that Zhao Fu could at most only get past the fourth Danger Zone.


When Zhao Fu stepped onto the one hundred fiftieth step, the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage gave off a horrifying aura, and the countless dragon pillars continuously trembled. Half-men, half-dragon images started to appear, giving off powerful auras. There were over 10,000 of them.

After these half-man, half-dragon monsters appeared, they ferociously charged at Zhao Fu. They were incredibly fast and looked like a torrential current.

Zhao Fu was expressionless as he stood his ground. He stretched out a hand and gave off a terrifying aura as the two aura flames once again appeared around his body.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Stage was instantly dyed black with Zhao Fu at the center, covering the 1,000 meters around him.

Swish, swish, swish...

As the half-man, half-dragon monsters rushed into the area, black spikes containing immense force stabbed out from the ground, piercing through their bodies. In that instant, countless black spikes erupted out, creating a shocking scene.

Zhao Fu had used the King's Profoundness skill that he had not used in a long time. All of the monsters were killed in an instant, and Zhao Fu continue onwards.

"He broke through the fifth Danger Zone!" someone cried out. The crowd had already taken back their condescension towards Zhao Fu, because with his strength, he could stand on the Ancient Stem Rankings; no one doubted this.

Bing Qixue and his bodyguards' expressions became even more serious, and Long Yang and the seven beauties' expressions were extremely grim. It seemed that Zhao Fu's power surpassed theirs.

"Manager, something shocking happened! That VIP broke through the fifth Danger Zone and is heading to the sixth Danger Zone!" The attendant could not help but rush back to report. The manager looked incredibly shocked; how could that person be so strong? It seemed that he had truly underestimated him, and the manager decided to take a look himself.

Following this, the two of them hurried to the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

The one hundred and fifty-first step!

The one hundred and fifty-second step!

The one hundred and fifty-third step!

The one hundred and fifty-fourth step!

By now, Zhao Fu could feel a massive pressure, and his speed decreased. He ascended step by step and arrived at the one hundred and seventy-ninth step, right in front of the sixth Danger Zone.

Everyone once again became quite nervous but also extremely excited. They hoped that Zhao Fu could once again break through - only the top three people on the Ancient Stem Rankings had broken through, and the others did not even have a trace of hope.

If Zhao Fu could break through the sixth Danger Zone, he would have the strength to enter the top three of the Ancient Stem Rankings, becoming a genius who was admired by billions of people.


Zhao Fu once again stepped out, and the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage gave off an intense golden light. The weather started to change as clouds swirled. Under this horrifying aura, everyone felt a chill and an immense sense of terror.

A dragon's silver eyes that gave off a noble, domineering, and cold aura appeared in the sky, looking down on everything. They gave off a silver light, and the pupils looked like black holes. Under the pair of dragon's eyes, the heavens and earth seemed to be slowly destroyed.