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 Zhao Fu stood on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, calmly looking at the grand stage. He slowly breathed out and took his first step.

When Zhao Fu's foot stepped onto the first step, a massive and ferocious aura flowed at him, and that feeling was like a massive river assaulting him, making him powerless to defend.

Zhao Fu's gaze became serious and instantly released his aura, making him seem like a big mountain that split the river in half. Zhao Fu's body stood there unmoving as if he was a statue.

Following this, Zhao Fu brought his other foot onto the first step.

Immediately, everyone watching became quite excited. This first step was not so easy to step onto; just the first step's terrifying aura had stopped countless people, and ordinary people would be blasted back by that aura.

Moreover, Zhao Fu could not use his City Lord Seal's power here; he could only rely on his own strength to climb the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

Everyone had become more excited, but they did not expect too much. After all, Zhao Fu had only stepped onto the first step, while the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage had 240 steps, and it also had eight Danger Zones. Every 30 steps had a Danger Zone, which was incredibly difficult to get past.

What happened next greatly surprised everyone. It had taken Zhao Fu some time to step onto the first step, but after that first step, his speed increased.

The second step!

The third step!

The fourth step!

The fifth step!

Zhao Fu's speed was incredibly fast; in just a few moments, he had reached the twenty-ninth step and stood in front of the thirtieth step. This was the first Danger Zone.

Now, everyone started to feel quite curious and wondered if Zhao Fu would be able to make it. If they were the ones there, it definitely would not be possible. Bing Qixue looked at Zhao Fu seriously, while Long Yang and the seven beauties disdainfully laughed.

Zhao Fu paused here, understanding that the thirtieth step was not simple. It gave off an even stronger pressure that was many times stronger from the pressure from before.

Zhao Fu was not careless and became serious as he slowly stepped onto it.

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt a massive dragon pillar weighing down on him, and everyone else could see this as well. There was an illusory pillar that was dozens of meters long that gave off a silver light ferociously bearing down on Zhao Fu's body.

This dragon pillar's strength was extremely powerful, and it was not something that an ordinary person could withstand. In the past, there had even been people who had been squashed to death; this was the First Danger Zone.

Everyone looked at Zhao Fu seriously and wondered if he would be able to make it past. It would be quite difficult because that dragon pillar was simply too powerful. Its pressure caused Zhao Fu to slightly bend; it was evident how difficult it was.


Suddenly, a massive aura exploded out as a black flame appeared around Zhao Fu's body. A wild gale spread out from him, and the illusory silver pillar was actually knocked back by the aura and dissipated.

The crowd cheered in shock and found that Zhao Fu had not even used his full strength. Feeling that terrifying aura, everyone felt quite shocked; this was not an aura that any ordinary person could release.

Ordinary people could forcefully bear the dragon pillar and step onto the thirtieth step. As long as they stepped onto the thirtieth step, the dragon pillar would automatically disappear.

However, this person had released that terrifying aura, knocking the dragon pillar back; very few people could do such a thing.

This person seemed to be quite powerful, and the crowd became even more interested. Bing Qixue's expression remained serious while Long Yang still looked disdainful. With his strength, he could easily reach the thirtieth step; this was nothing special.

The thirty-first step!

The thirty-second step!

The thirty-third step!

The thirty-fourth step!

After exploding out with that terrifying aura, Zhao Fu's speed once again increased. He continuously crossed 29 steps and came before the fifty-ninth step.

Everyone expectantly watched how Zhao Fu would pass the second Danger Zone.

Zhao Fu stepped out, and the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage gave off a massive aura that formed a golden dragon's claw that was over 100 meters long. It gave off an incredibly powerful might as it slammed towards Zhao Fu, creating a horrifying scene.

The dragon's claw slammed down from above, looking as if it was going to crush Zhao Fu into meat paste.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu gripped his fist and released a fearsome aura as he punched towards the dragon's claw.


A massive explosion sounded out as the claw and fist collided, and the dragon's claw was shattered by Zhao Fu's punch, turning into a powerful wind.

"So strong!" the crowd again cried out as everyone watched this scene in shock. Apart from marveling at how strong Zhao Fu was, there was nothing else in their minds that could describe this scene.

Bing Qixue now looked slightly startled, and the woman in black beside him looked quite shocked. Long Yang was now expressionless; Zhao Fu's strength was now enough to catch his attention.

After stepping onto the sixtieth step, Zhao Fu's speed did not slow down as he continued to move ahead.

The sixty-first step!

The sixty-second step!

The sixty-third step!

The sixty-fourth step!

Following this, Zhao Fu arrived at the eighty-ninth step with the ninetieth step before him, the third Danger Zone.

Everyone focused as they once again watched him take a step.

"Roar!!" a dragon's roar sounded out as golden light shot out from the dragon pillars, forming a 100 meter long golden dragon that gave off a terrifying aura as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Nothing was useable on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, including Zhao Fu's swords. All other equipment were also unusable; he could only rely on his own power.

"Roar!!" a dragon's roar sounded out from within Zhao Fu's body as a domineering black dragon came out of his body. It gave off a shocking aura as it rushed at the golden dragon, and the two dragons began to fight.

Soon, the black dragon ferociously ripped apart the golden dragon and savagely roared towards the sky before returning to Zhao Fu's body.

"So ferocious! So powerful!" The crowd was incredibly excited, and some people could not help but clap and cheer.

By now, Bing Qixue's expression became quite solemn, and the woman in black and the cold-looking young man were also quite serious as they looked at Zhao Fu on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

The condescension on Long Yang's face was now gone; back when he had faced the third Danger Zone, he had not been able to get through it so easily. The seven beautiful women also stared at Zhao Fu without speaking.

The ninety-first step!

The ninety-second step!

The ninety-third step!

The ninety-fourth step!

Zhao Fu once again passed over step after step before reaching the fourth Danger Zone, the one hundred and twentieth step.

When Zhao Fu stepped onto the step, the dragon pillars gave off a golden light that formed a golden dragon pearl that was hundreds of meters wide. It gave off a powerful aura of suppression that shook the surroundings, and everyone below could sense how terrifying this power was.