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 Seeing how ungrateful Zhao Fu was, the woman in black coldly harrumphed, "Our Young Master is treating him so well, yet he doesn't accept it; he's unable to differentiate good from bad. Does he think any ordinary person can step onto the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage? Our Young Master has a pure Royal Bloodline but can't do it, so how can he do it? He's going to lose face soon."

Bing Qixue also could not understand why Zhao Fu was so stubborn; did he really hate him that much?

As for whether or not Zhao Fu could step onto the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, Bing Qixue was also sure that he could not do it. He had personally tried before and knew that ordinary Kings would not be able to step onto it; it would be difficult for even ordinary Emperors.

Apart from bloodline, there was also the requirement of Fate. One required a massive amount of Fate, which was not something an ordinary King could have.

No one knew why the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group had built this stage; rumors said that it existed when the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group was established, and no one knew its purpose.

"Let's go and watch the show; there's someone who wants to step onto the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage. He's looking to be humiliated. Let's go mock him and put him in his place," people in the surrounding crowd said.

Long Yang looked quite disdainful; he had tried the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage before, and he knew how terrifying it was. Zhao Fu wanting to step onto it was simply dreaming; he wondered how Bing Qixue had met such an arrogant person.

However, that person had chosen not to pick up the Cosmos Medallion he had thrown; it seemed like he had some backbone. As such, Long Yang decided to also go and watch him be humiliated.

Thinking about that, Long Yang smiled as he said, "Let's go! Come with this Young Master to take a look."

A beautiful woman next to him cutely harrumphed as she said, "Hubby, you already know what the outcome is, so what is there to look at? How could he be more capable than our hubby? After hubby finds the last sister for us and cultivates the Eight Dragons Divine Art, you'll definitely defeat Bing Qixue."

"That's right! We believe that hubby is the best. You're already ranked nineteenth even without the Divine Art, and after you cultivate it, you'll definitely be able to enter the top five!" another pretty woman said.

A dainty and beautiful woman said, "What a pity! We finally found a suitable person last time but her virginity was already taken by some bastard, such a pity. Otherwise, hubby would already be cultivating the Divine Art."

"I've been waiting so long for hubby to take me and play with my body to the point that I can't get off the bed for three days," a seductive woman said as she licked her lips.

Long Yang smiled as he hugged this woman and passionately kissed her before comforting her, saying, "This Young Master also wants to. Later, we'll keep looking for the Eight Princess, and then this Young Master will show you what true pleasure is."

Zhao Fu followed the attendant and walked towards the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage with other people following behind. It was not just Long Yang who went but also Bing Qixue, wanting to see what would happen.

At the same time, Bing Qixue became more and more curious about Zhao Fu. From how Zhao Fu seemed, it was possible that he was not from the Ancient Stem Domain, as he did not know about many big matters; most of these things were known by people from the Ancient Stem Domain.

News that someone wanted to challenge the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage quickly spread throughout the whole City, and most people did not care much. Many people had attempted to step onto it in the past, but not a single one of them had succeeded.

As such, most people did not care because they already knew what was going to happen. It was most likely yet another naïve fellow giving it a shot.

After all, there were countless treasures on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, and anyone who could step onto it would obtain all of them. Anyone would be excited at the chance of something that cost nothing but could bring infinite benefits.

There were many people who wanted to step onto the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, so most people disregarded this news. They couldn't go over and watch every single person who attempted it; they didn't have the time to watch another minor figure lose face.

However, when they heard that this person seemed to have some sort of connection to the ninth-ranked person on the Ancient Stem Rankings, Bing Qixue, they started to feel more interested. Moreover, after hearing that there was conflict between him and the nineteenth-ranked Long Yang, most people could not hold back anymore.

They were curious about the relationship between these people and what that person's identity was to be able to have connections to so many major figures. Was he another major figure on the Ancient Stem Rankings?

Everyone felt quite curious and started to head over, mainly to see those two major figures. Zhao Fu was just a side character, and they did not care too much about such a nameless person.

After walking for a while, everyone came before a massive stone stage. The stage was 1,000 meters tall and a few hundred meters wide, and it was circular shaped. There were massive steps going up to it, with each one being three meters wide and half a meter tall.

There were stone pillars on each of the steps, with incredibly lifelike dragons engraved on them. Each dragon seemed to be different.

Above the stone stage, there were countless restrictive barriers giving off an incredibly dangerous aura. However, within the restrictive barrier, the lights of treasures could be seen, giving off different colors, making anyone feel quite tempted.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Stage gave off a grand and domineering aura as if it truly did contain the might of ten thousand dragons and could cause all creatures to submit.

After bringing Zhao Fu here, the attendant apologized before hurriedly leaving. He did not think that the situation would escalate to this, and he decided to quickly report this.

He had only been responsible for leading Zhao Fu to the auction hall, and the manager had told him that this was an important customer who he had to take care of properly. On the way, he had said all sorts of things to make Zhao Fu happy, but he had never thought that this matter would drag in two geniuses on the Ancient Stem Rankings.

This completely surpassed anything he could bear, so he immediately went to report it.

After hearing about this, the manager felt quite surprised and hadn't thought that such a thing would happen. That mysterious person was not simple at all; what was his purpose in buying so many corpses?

Since he was related to two people on the Ancient Stem Rankings, the manager started to wonder what he was going to use the corpses for. It was possible that he was from a large and powerful faction; they would have to treat him even better in the future.

"Manager, what should we do? That VIP is about to challenge the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage." The attendant looked quite worried as he looked at the manager, who was deep in thought.

Hearing this, the manager lightly laughed and waved his hand, saying, "No need to take this matter too seriously; since he wants to try, just let him try. The result will be the same anyways. Ever since it was built, no one has ever stepped onto the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage because it's simply impossible.

"Back then, even the first President was unable to, so do you think anyone else could? Just let him do it! Just treat him well in the future, and look around to see if we can help him obtain a Cosmos Medallion as well."

Seeing that the manager was not worried at all, the attendant also relaxed and nodded.

By now, the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage was surrounded by people, forming an ocean of people. There were at least a few million people, creating a noisy and lively scene. Their gazes were all gathered on the cloaked figure standing in front of the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.