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 Following this, Zhao Fu asked, "I wonder how much the Cosmos Medallions are; I would like to buy one."

Hearing this, the man in grey could only say apologetically, "The Cosmos Medallions are only for auction. Sir, if you would like to purchase one, the auction has already begun. This is the financial group's VIP card; sir should go quickly or else they might all be taken by others."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and had never thought that this would be the case. He received the silver dragon inscription card from the man in gray and quickly left to go to the auction hall.

Seeing that Zhao Fu was in such a hurry, the man in gray said, "Sir, since you're in such a rush, I'll have someone take you there. That way, you won't have to look for the auction hall yourself."

Following this, the man in gray called over a decent-looking youth who led Zhao Fu to the auction hall.

However, by the time they arrived, the auction had already concluded, making Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed. He had wanted to obtain a Cosmos Medallion to go to that Cosmos Historical Remnant and see what he could obtain. That historical remnant was not simple at all, but it seemed that he would not have the chance anymore.

Zhao Fu could only sigh and prepared to leave with Ge Nia.

At that moment, a light laugh sounded out from behind Zhao Fu, "Brother, you were just a bit late. The auction has concluded and all of the items have been sold."

Zhao Fu turned and saw that it was Bing Qixue, and he could only helplessly nod. Zhao Fu had never thought that after hearing about the Cosmos Medallions yesterday, they would already be gone today. It was simply too fast.

"I was fortunate enough to buy two; I wonder if brother would like one. I can gift you one," Bing Qixue said as he looked at Zhao Fu with a smile.

Zhao Fu did not reply, even though all it would take him was a single sentence. However, Zhao Fu did not want to owe anyone because he would have to repay the favor in the future. Moreover, he would feel quite bad about it.

"Hmph! This Young Master bought three; do you want one? If you come over and curry favor with me, I'll reward you with one," Long Yang said arrogantly as he walked over with his seven women.

Long Yang was quite wary of Bing Qixue, but he did not care too much about others. He remembered the humiliation from the previous day, and he had been in a bad mood since then. Seeing that there was some sort of relationship between Zhao Fu and Bing Qixue, he had found an outlet for his anger.

The Eight Dragons Essence Sect had existed for a long time and was quite powerful, having six worlds. As such, he was not very afraid of a Royal Kingdom, only somewhat wary.

He knew most major figures in the Ancient Stem Domain, but he had never seen Zhao Fu before. As such, he did not place Zhao Fu in his eyes.

Zhao Fu's expression became quite discontent, but he did not say anything.

Bing Qixue slightly frowned; he was quite fed up with Long Yang, but he was also quite wary.

"That's right, our Young Master is the Young Sect Master of the Eight Dragons Essence Sect. If you curry favor with him, you'll obtain great benefits," a peerlessly beautiful woman in red hugged Long Yang as she said proudly.

She did not hear Bing Qixue's words just then, that he said that he would simply gift Zhao Fu a Cosmos Medallion if he wanted one. Why would he go over and curry favor with Long Yang?

The people around them started to gather, wanting to see a good scene. During the auction, they knew how prestigious both people were; neither of them were people who they could afford to offend. As such, they felt quite curious about what was happening and came over to watch.

Facing everyone's gazes, Long Yang gave a trace of a domineering smile and threw a wooden medallion that was as big as a palm in front of Zhao Fu. He spread out his hands, hugged four of the women, and said, "Take it if you want; this Young Master will give it to you!"

This sent the surrounding crowd into an uproar; that was a Cosmos Medallion, and each of them were worth at least 20 million gold coins, yet he was giving away one just like that?

Looking at the Cosmos Medallion on the ground, everyone felt a burning desire to pick it up and put it into their own pockets. However, they were afraid of Long Yang's identity and strength, so they did not dare to do that.

"Long Yang, you're going too far!" Bing Qixue looked slightly furious. Long Yang was evidently humiliating Zhao Fu and him as well.

Seeing that Bing Qixue was angry, Long Yang felt quite pleased and understood that he could not continue, or else things would get out of hand. As such, he loudly laughed and prepared to leave.

The youth standing beside Zhao Fu, the attendant from the Ten Thousand Dragons Financial Group, felt quite nervous because he had never thought that such a thing would happen.

"Where else can I obtain a Cosmos Medallion?" Zhao Fu suddenly asked the attendant. Since the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group sold them, perhaps there were other places where he could obtain them as well.

The attendant immediately replied, "The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group still has one, but it is on the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage and requires one to step onto it."

After saying this, the attendant felt quite regretful; no one had ever been able to step onto it before, so wasn't he just wasting his breath? In the end, it might result in Zhao Fu becoming displeased; he could not afford to offend such a person.

"Let's go! Take me to the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage," Zhao Fu said calmly. He did not want to owe Bing Qixue, nor did he want to endure Long Yang's humiliation, so he could only go try his luck at the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

The attendant looked quite regretful and said, "Sir, the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage is extremely difficult to climb and has strict requirements regarding a person's bloodline and Fate. Since it was built, not a single person has been able to climb it."

Hearing that it relied on one's bloodline and Fate, Zhao Fu could not help but smile. If it was anything else, Zhao Fu would not feel much confidence, but on those two points, he felt immense confidence.

"I understand, just take me there!" Zhao Fu replied. Seeing that there was no convincing him, the attendant could only take Zhao Fu to the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage.

Hearing that Zhao Fu wanted to try to step onto the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage, everyone in the crowd felt quite shocked and started to laugh. They felt that Zhao Fu was too simple-minded; the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage was an entertaining story within the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain.

There were countless treasures on top, and anyone who could step onto it could claim them all. That person would also become the Supreme VIP of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group.

Countless people had dreamed of stepping onto it, but no one had ever managed before. Bing Qixue had tried before, but he was unable to at all.

Bing Qixue could not help but say, "Brother, there's no need to go through such trouble. I just wanted to become friends with you, and this Cosmos Medallion is just a small gift. There's no need to take it so seriously."

"Hahaha... he wants to step onto the Ten Thousand Dragon Stage? Keep dreaming! What an arrogant and naïve fellow!" Long Yang loudly laughed, and the seven women around him also covered their mouths as they laughed.

Zhao Fu breathed out and calmed himself down before politely refusing Bing Qixue and ignoring Long Yang, heading towards the Ten Thousand Dragons Stage.