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 "Let's talk about soldiers first! In the outer regions, almost all soldiers are at least Stage 1, some are Stage 2, there are few Stage 3 soldiers, and those with Stage 4 strength are essentially all Generals.

"Even though the Ancient Stem Domain is just a little Domain in the boundary of the Heaven Awaken World, the forces at the center are definitely much more powerful than a newbie world like yours; this is indisputable.

"The Kingdoms in the inner regions primarily have Stage 2 soldiers, some Stage 3 soldiers and Stage 4 soldiers, and those with Stage 5 strength are military officers. Stage 2 soldiers are way more powerful than Stage 1 soldiers, so if they started to fight, the result would be obvious.

"Also, the longer a faction has existed for, the more powerful its foundation will be and the more tricks they will have up its sleeves. It can be said that the factions in the inner regions are much more powerful than those in the outer regions. Their strength is on a completely different level."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised after hearing the true strength of Kingdoms in the inner regions. Even if they were of the same level, if they started to fight, it would be quite difficult for Great Qin to emerge victorious. Moreover, the Ancient Stem Domain was just a small Domain near the boundary of the Heaven Awaken World; just how powerful was the Heaven Domain at the center of the Heaven Awaken World?

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu could not help but gulp, putting aside his arrogance from before. Great Qin was still much too weak.

After talking to Yao Shi some more, Zhao Fu gained a deeper understanding of the Ancient Stem Domain. He decided to use the Emperor Killing Sword less in the future as it could cause great problems and drag in Great Qin. Zhao Fu did not want to draw people from the inner regions to attack Great Qin.

At the same time, Zhao Fu heard about some of the more powerful factions in the Ancient Stem Domain and learned more about the Bear Mountain Kingdom. The person who had fought with Zhao Fu before was the Third Prince of the Bear Mountain Kingdom, and there was enmity between them.

Now, Great Qin did not lack Stage 1 corpses, as they had around two billion stored up. However, they lacked Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 4 corpses desperately. If he went to the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain, perhaps he would be able to obtain some high-Stage corpses.

These corpses could be refined into Blood God Pills, which contained a large amount of cultivation power. After consumption, they could greatly increase one's Cultivation, but each Blood God Pill of each level could only be consumed once. Different Blood God Pills of different levels were refined from corpses of different Cultivations.

They could cause a soldier with no cultivation to go from Stage 0 to Stage 0-4, someone from Stage 0-5 to Stage 0-8, or someone from Stage 0-8 to Stage 1.

The effects of each Blood God Pill was like this, greatly increasing one's cultivation in a short period of time. The reason why Great Qin was so powerful was largely because of these Blood God Pills; they could be said to be Great Qin's cheat item.

With the Blood God Pills, Zhao Fu could quickly reduce the gap between Great Qin and those in the inner regions so that they would no longer have to fear the Kingdoms in the inner regions. As such, Great Qin needed a large number of Blood God Pills.

At the same time, because of the Grade Orbs, Great Qin soldiers' Grades were much higher than those of ordinary soldiers; this made their Cultivation speed and comprehension faster and greater than ordinary people. This also decreased the gap between Great Qin and the factions in the inner regions, and it also made up for Great Qin's lack of foundation.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu decided to go to the inner regions to obtain a large number of high-Stage and high-Grade corpses. Great Qin had to reduce the distance between it and others.

However, this required crossing over 100 worlds, and even though Zhao Fu could use teleportation channels, it would require a lot of time. It would also be quite dangerous, so Zhao Fu started to make preparations.

A bit more than a month later, light snow started to fall and cold winds that seemed to be able to cut one's skin started to blow. All of the leaves had fallen off the trees, and there was no longer any birds singing. Thin layers of ice formed over creeks, and it became quite cold everywhere.

It was now winter, the fifth winter Zhao Fu had experienced in the Heaven Awaken World. Zhao Fu brought the simply-dressed Ge Nia to a hotel and booked two good-quality rooms.

Over the past months, Zhao Fu and Ge Nia had been travelling the whole time. Because there were not teleportation channels from each Kingdom to other Kingdoms, Zhao Fu had to build his own network of teleportation channels to reach the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain.

However, next time he came, things would be much easier. Zhao Fu had built the teleportation channels in hidden places in order to make sure they remained safe.

After doing some cleaning, Zhao Fu and Ge Nia went to the bottom level and prepared to have something to eat.

Now, they were already within the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain. Almost all of the soldiers were Stage 2, and even some residents had Stage 1 cultivation. They were much more powerful than those in the outer regions.

Zhao Fu primarily came here to find a financial group to work with. As long as one had enough money, a financial group would do essentially everything. With the abilities of financial groups, it would be much easier for them to find and collect things than Zhao Fu collecting them himself. Moreover, it would not be so easy for him to expose his identity.

There were a few very powerful financial groups in the Ancient Stem Domain, and they had existed for a long time and had deep roots. They were more powerful than even some Dukedom Kingdoms, and if Zhao Fu worked together with them, the incident that had happened at the Kershi Kingdom most likely would not happen again. They would be able to stably provide Zhao Fu with corpses, but this all required money.

This City was a Barony City and belonged to a faction called the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group. Most of the factions part of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group were in the western side of the inner regions, and it was the closest financial group to Great Qin. If they could not work together with them, they would have to travel another month.

"Ge Nia, sit down and eat with me!" Zhao Fu ordered a table of delicious dishes and planned to have a good meal to make up for the tough conditions they had travelled in over the past month.

By now, Zhao Fu's strength had greatly surpassed Ge Nia's, and he did not need his protection anymore; he had only brought Ge Nia to take care of matters that were inconvenient for him to take care of. After all, as a single person, he was quite limited.

Hearing this, Ge Nia nodded and sat down, and both people started to eat. At that moment, an elegant young man in white with a beautiful silver sword at his side walked in with two bodyguards.

There was one male bodyguard and one female bodyguard. The man looked cold and handsome, and he gave off a sharp sword aura, seeming like an expert in the way of the sword. The woman's aura was extremely powerful, and she wore black clothes. She had a graceful figure and a beautiful appearance.

"Waiter, prepare a table of the best dishes and wine!" the young man in white smiled and sat down at the table next to Zhao Fu's as he called out.

Following this, a waiter came over to greet them before going to the chefs. The young man in white and his two bodyguards looked around as they waited, and at that moment, the cold-looking man sensed something and looked at Ge Nia, causing his pupils to constrict.

The young man in white felt quite curious and looked over as well. He saw two cloaked figures, but what drew his attention was not Ge Nia but Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu sensed this gaze and looked over at the young man in white. As their gazes met, the gentle smile on the young man in white's face stiffened.

Even though Zhao Fu's gaze held no ill-intent, his terrifying eyes could make anyone feel afraid as if one had been looked at by an extremely evil creature.