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 At the same time, dark undercurrents flowed through the Full Moon Kingdom as the Princes and the factions that supported them started to make moves, trying to seize the throne to become the new King.

However, there was an incredibly important item missing after the old King had died, which was the King's Seal.

Because the King's Seal had disappeared, the Full Moon Kingdom's Kingdom-Protecting Formation had automatically activated, and the City Hall's protective barrier had also activated itself. The King's Seal was the most important item to a Kingdom, and if it was lost, it posed a great danger.

Of course, it was not like a City Lord Seal where anyone who controlled it was the City Lord. This was the Seal of a Kingdom, and if one wanted to use it, they had to conquer the Royal City and have the royal clan's bloodline.

Now that they had lost the King's Seal, they most likely would not be able to recover it. The Kingdoms' ministers all discussed this, planning to lower the Level 2 Barony City to Level 1 before creating a new King's Seal. The person who created the new King's Seal would naturally be the new King.

However, who would be the new King? All factions were gathering their forces towards the Royal City, and all of the ministers started choosing sides. Even the commoners felt a trace of danger, resulting in much unrest.

In just a few days a new King ascended to the throne but did not create a new King's Seal.

The new King was not the Crown Prince, who had the largest faction, nor was it the Fourth Prince, who had the greatest potential. It was the Eighth Prince, who had become a Killing Sword Elf.

During those days, a few matters had shaken the Full Moon Kingdom - not only had the old King been assassinated, but many Princes had been killed as well, and the Eighth Prince had ascended to the throne with the King's Seal.

This made countless people feel that the death of the old King and other Princes definitely had something to do with the Eighth Prince. In order to seize the throne, the Eighth Prince had definitely killed his own father and brothers.

The Eighth Prince was originally quite a cruel and merciless person, and he was not popular with the common people. Now that he had done such a disgraceful and unfilial thing, everyone was not too surprised. However, if such a person became the King, the commoners would suffer.

However, what everyone did not expect was that after ascending to the throne, the Eighth Prince made many changes that included policies that benefited the common people, which stabilized popular support.

However, a few uprisings also exploded out. They were started by supporters of the other Princes, who did not acknowledge the Eighth Prince becoming the new King. They staged military coups, but the Eighth Prince had already ascended and controlled the King's Seal, so he used the army to suppress them.

After the early unrest, the Full Moon Kingdom gradually settled down. The Eighth Prince made a good King and gradually won the people over.

The other Kingdoms were quite surprised that a Killing Sword Elf had become King. They had wanted to completely clear out the Killing Sword Elves, but now, one had become a King. Following this, they heard about an even more shocking piece of news.

The Full Moon Kingdom's new King announced to the world that he was changing the Full Moon Kingdom's name to the Killing Sword Kingdom and that all Killing Sword Elves could go there. Their statuses would be recognized, and they would be protected. They would be given the same rights as others, and this was sworn on the name of the Killing Sword Master.

This news sent waves throughout the Elf world because this had the intentions of gathering all Killing Sword Elves to form a nation of Killing Sword Elves.

Because of the Killing Sword Master, no one wanted to have any connections with those Killing Sword Elves, and keeping them was simply troublesome. However, the Full Moon Kingdom was now accepting them - weren't they worried about the Killing Sword Elves making trouble? Moreover, this could be related to that Killing Sword Master. All of the experts in the Ancient Stem Domain were paying attention to this, so if they were careless, let alone a small Barony Kingdom, even the entire Elf world could be doomed.

However, given that the new King of the Full Moon Kingdom was also a Killing Sword Elf, everyone felt more understanding.

The Killing Sword Elves were naturally quite delighted about this. They were scattered across various Kingdoms and treated disdainfully. They had been a pile of loose sand, and the appearance of the Killing Sword Master had given them a spiritual leader.

Now that the Killing Sword Kingdom had appeared, they could truly be united, and with the name of the Killing Sword Master, countless Killing Sword Elves were naturally attracted.

In just a few days, the Killing Sword Kingdom received over 20 million Killing Sword Elves, which provided the Killing Sword Kingdom with a massive battle force, and it became much more powerful. The Killing Sword Kingdom was now the best place to live for Killing Sword Elves, so many of them came.

Zhao Fu properly managed the Killing Sword Elves so as to stop them from harming the Kingdom. Taking care of everything and calming down the situation took about one month of Zhao Fu's time.

However, Zhao Fu had now completed his goal in coming to the Elf world and had set up a powerful piece here. He now needed it to develop powerfully so that it could clear out obstacles for Great Qin in the future. Apart from the Killing Sword Kingdom, he had also obtained the Emperor Killing Sword World.

He had spent over a month here, and now it was time to take care of other matters. If the Emperor Killing Sword World was developed, it would be incredibly useful to Great Qin.

In order to do this, Zhao Fu had to find people to join the Emperor Killing Sword World. No matter what sort of living creature it was, as long as it could hold a sword, it could go into Sword Obsession. However, if they wanted to use the killing sword intent's power, they had to cultivate the way of the sword, and only such people could become part of the Emperor Killing Sword World.

The more talent one had in the cultivation of the way of the sword the more power one could draw from Sword Obsession. If Zhao Fu wanted to find people who could reach higher stages of Sword Obsession, he had to find people talented in the way of the sword.

The killing sword intent primarily seemed like a type of killing intent. It was similar to demonic intent, but its root was sword intent. Sword intent was a terrifying type of martial conception, and with it as the foundation, the killing sword intent was quite monstrous.

Now that the Emperor Killing Sword World had just been re-forged, it was only 100 kilometers wide, so only 100 people could join it. Great Qin's army had billions of people, and 100 spots was simply not enough. As such, Zhao Fu had strict requirements.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu thought about this matter. Ge Nia was Great Qin's number one swordsman, and he had superb talent in the way of the sword. However, the Sword Obsession state could never be undone; once one fell into Sword Obsession, there was no turning back, and their minds would forever fall into killing and slaughter.

Zhao Fu did not want Great Qin's people to have such an outcome, so he naturally could not use Great Qin's people. He could only find people from outside Great Qin; Great Qin's duty lay with its people, not others.

Following this, Zhao Fu started to gather information from the surrounding worlds to see if there were any people talented in the way of the sword.