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 Within a pavilion, a cold and arrogant-looking Elf with blood-red eyes looked at the protective screen and said, "Who are you? Why do you want to meet this Prince? Do you really have the power to make this Prince the King of the Full Moon Kingdom?"

"Of course. That's a small matter, but you have to pay a price," a clear and cold voice sounded out from outside the protective screen.

Hearing this, the Elf felt a bit unconvinced. After all, becoming the King of a Kingdom was no small matter, yet that person had talked about it so casually as if it was incredibly easy.

"Haha, this Prince does not believe your words at all; you're too overconfident!" the Elf Prince said as he coldly laughed. He would not trust a person who had appeared out of nowhere, or he would not even know how he had died.

However, just as he spoke, a killing intent that caused his blood to boil came from the protective screen. Feeling that terrifying killing intent, the Elf Prince did not show any fear, and he instead started to feel excited as he looked at the protective screen.

A black-cloaked figure slowly walked out; the Elf Prince looked at this person in disbelief. He had never thought that the Killing Sword Master the Killing Sword Elves worshipped would come to find him.

With the help of the Killing Sword Master, him becoming the King of the Full Moon Kingdom would be no problem at all. The Elf Prince immediately smiled and said, "Please help this Prince become King, Killing Sword Master. This Prince will definitely put his faith in you!"

The Elf Prince spoke very courteously, but he did not bow or kneel, and he spoke with a tone that was only slightly inferior to Zhao Fu as opposed to speaking like a servant.

It seemed that his royal bloodline had somewhat resisted the effects of the killing intent, and the killing intent had not corroded him very much.

Zhao Fu knew that he could not directly control these Killing Sword Elves, and their lives were still in their own hands. However, no matter what the Elf Prince did, Zhao Fu had already made his decision.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "There's naturally no problem, but like I said, you must pay a price."

The Elf Prince said confidently, "No problem, as long as this Prince can become the King of the Full Moon Kingdom, this Prince will give you anything you want."

"Really now?" Zhao Fu gave a trace of a cold smile as he looked at the Elf Prince and walked towards him.

The Elf Prince felt that something was off and retreated a few steps, saying with a panicked look, "What are you doing? This Prince is a Prince of the Full Moon Kingdom. With so many experts looking for you, aren't you afraid of being discovered?"

Zhao Fu did not say anything; his Emperor's Domain had already covered this room, making those outside unable to sense anything happening inside.

A powerful aura came from Zhao Fu's body, grabbing onto the Elf Prince like a formless hand. The Elf Prince looked terrified and tried to struggle, but could not break free at all. With his strength, how could he resist Zhao Fu?

Zhao Fu took out the Emperor Killing Sword, and Zhao Fu stepped forwards and stabbed the sword through the Elf Prince's chest. A massive killing intent flowed out from the Emperor Killing Sword into the Elf Prince's body.

"Arghhhhh!!" the Elf Prince howled as countless traces of blood-red light came out of his body. His body started to go through changes as Zhao Fu used the killing intent to fully corrode his body and soul.

The Elf Prince's hands gradually became sharp claws, and fangs appeared in his mouth. His blood-red eyes became even redder, and he gave off a chilling blood-red light. His blood-red hair madly grew until it reached his hips.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu withdrew the sword and the wound quickly healed, forming a blood-red sword mark on the Elf Prince's chest.

The Elf Prince respectfully knelt on the ground and called out, "Owner!"

Zhao Fu gave a satisfied smile. He had planned to do this to the Elf Prince from the very beginning - after all, if he wanted to steal his Kingdom and make it Great Qin's, he did not need anyone to agree.

As such, Zhao Fu needed to fully control him; only then would he obey Zhao Fu and serve him without betraying him.

The Elf Prince was only halfway into Sword Obsession; Zhao Fu would not allow him to fully fall because he would lose all of his reason and become a monster that only knew how to kill. Even though Zhao Fu would be able to control him, he could not act as a puppet King.

Following this, Zhao Fu had the Elf Prince go back and wait for the next step of Zhao Fu's plan, which was to naturally take the throne. Many people disdained the Killing Sword Elves, so if this Elf Prince became the King, there would be a lot of opposition.

Moreover, there were a few other Princes in contention for the throne, making this Prince have even less of a chance. What Zhao Fu was going to do now was clear out all obstructions.

The first thing to do was to assassinate the elderly King.

Zhao Fu was currently waiting for a good opportunity because he could not act too overtly. He could not do it within the Royal City because it would attract too much attention, and there was a high chance of failure. After all, the Royal City was where all of the Nation Fate was gathered, and the King had a lot of Fate and a Fate Dragon. If the King was in danger, they would automatically protect him.

As such, Zhao Fu had to wait for a good opportunity, which was when the King left the Royal City. He could not stay there forever.

Half a month later, Zhao Fu finally found an opportunity. The King brought some people to take a last look of his territory with his own eyes before choosing a successor to take the throne.

After they went through the sixth region, Zhao Fu could not wait anymore and directly acted. He had first set up an Advanced Isolation Barrier nearby to delay any reinforcements and then directly attacked.


Zhao Fu held the Death Disaster Sword and slashed out with his full power from the side. A flood of deathly qi rushed towards the resting army.

The army did not panic, as they were all Elites of the Full Moon Kingdom. They all gave off auras, trying to stop the incoming deathly qi. However, the deathly qi was unexpectedly powerful, inundating the Elites and devouring their life force.

The expressions of the experts that the King had brought fell, and they also released powerful auras, trying to dissipate the massive amount of deathly qi.

At that moment, Zhao Fu suddenly made a move on the elderly King. Because the King was quite old, his reactions were quite slow. He was directly bound by Zhao Fu's chains, making it impossible to use even his Nation Armament.

The King's eyes were quite hazy as he looked at Zhao Fu and asked, "Who sent you?"

Zhao Fu did not waste any words with him because time was running out, and he directly killed him. He took the King's Seal and quickly left.

Soon, news of the King being assassinated spread throughout the entire Full Moon Kingdom. Everyone was incredibly shocked - a King had died just like that.