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 The ground was littered with corpses, and blood flowed everywhere, giving off a pungent smell. Amidst the corpses, the Killing Sword Elves knelt on the ground, looking incredibly reverent and passionate as they gazed at the god-like person in the sky.

That person did not harm any Killing Sword Elves; as the sword souls flowed down, they directly passed through the Killing Sword Elves and did not harm them at all.

This made them feel even more excited, as the Killing Sword Master had acknowledged their existence.

The heavily-wounded Miye looked incredibly moved and crawled up with great difficulty, subserviently and reverently looking at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's appearance gave these people true light, saving them out of darkness and giving them a direction to go in. The killing intent had not only corroded their bodies but also their minds as well.

Now, the Killing Sword Elves were no longer as savage and looked like loyal little pets. Even if Zhao Fu killed them, they most likely would have no complaints.

After hearing about this matter, Zhao Fu had formed a plan, and after executing it, he did not do anything and simply vanished as if he had never been here.

Only after a while did the Killing Sword Elves come back to their senses. They excitedly got up from the ground - they had seen the Killing Sword Master today, the source of the killing sword intent. This was their greatest glory.

The Killing Sword Elf who had been speaking with Miye took out all sorts of medicinal pills and fed them to Miye, helping him recover.

After this, the Killing Sword Elves left this place, and news of the Killing Sword Master spread throughout the entire Elf world because of them, shaking the entire Ancient Stem Domain.

"What? Those terrifying abnormal signs weren't natural occurrences but were caused by a person? The Killing Sword Master really exists?"

"Just who is that person? He actually caused such terrifying abnormal signs. That person is simply too dangerous; hurry and investigate him, or the consequences will be terrifying."

"A demon-level genius has appeared in the Ancient Stem Domain! I can't believe such a person would appear in the Ancient Stem Domain; he's simply too terrifying. Will he cause a catastrophe?"

"This matter is incredibly important; that berserk killing intent swept through hundreds of worlds. This is enough proof to show that this matter will definitely threaten the Ancient Stem Domain. In fact, this matter might have to do with those higher-beings coming to the boundary worlds."

Countless people looked incredibly serious as they flew towards the Elf world. They understood how serious this matter was, so they desperately looked for information about that person. They had to get to the bottom of this, or that person might cause a crisis.

The various experts gathered at the Elf world, causing the Elf world to become incredibly tense. Everyone was incredibly afraid of accidentally offending one of these people. Everyone gathered here was one of the most powerful people in the Ancient Stem Domain, and massive factions stood behind each of them. None of them could be offended.

"A black cloak, black and blood-red sword, and a terrifying gaze. What else?" a scholarly middle-aged man stood in the air as he asked the others.

A young man in white shook his head, saying, "That's it. Apart from that, there's no more information about him. However, from other minor differences, it seems that that person is not an Elf and came from another world."

"Where did that person come from? Is he even from the Ancient Stem Domain? Did those higher-beings come here for this matter? Why do I feel like our Ancient Stem Domain is about to be caught up in something big..." a big man said worriedly.

An elder sighed, saying, "Ai, that sort of terrifying power could cause even us to tremble in fear; it's possible that this really does have to do with whatever the higher-beings were here for. That person is not weak at all, and it's likely that he came from the Heaven Domain."

Hearing the words 'Heaven Domain,' everyone else felt incredibly shocked. That was the center of the Heaven Awaken World and was not something that their Domain could compare to.

A valiant-looking middle-aged man said seriously, "That person has most likely left the Elf world, and we won't be able to find him. We can only hope that he really is someone from the Heaven Domain and that he won't come back to the Ancient Stem Domain. That person is simply too dangerous and can cause the heavens in the Ancient Stem Domain to be destroyed."

Hearing this, everyone else nodded in agreement.

Now that they could not find anything in the Elf world, they could only leave for now. However, they left some people in the Elf world - after all, that person had appeared in the Elf world, so perhaps he might appear again.

Seeing the countless experts leave, the Elves let out sighs of relief. With so many experts gathered here, they did not even dare to breathe loudly. Even the Kings did not dare to say anything. After all, it would take those people just a few minutes to destroy the Elf world.

The ones who were the most happy about this matter were naturally the Killing Sword Elves. The way of the killing sword that they worshipped had caused everyone else to feel fear, and the Killing Sword Master had appeared and acknowledged them. With him as a backer, the Elf world's various factions did not dare to wantonly slaughter them.

Before, the various Elf Kingdoms had felt that these Killing Sword Elves were too dangerous, causing much unrest, so they wanted to get rid of them. As a result, the Killing Sword Elves had faced extinction.

However, now that the terrifying Killing Sword Master had appeared and saved a group of Killing Sword Elves, this made everyone reconsider their actions. That person was simply too shocking, and even the Ancient Stem Domain's experts were wary of him, let alone them.

Now, they could only strictly manage and restrict the Killing Sword Elves. They did not dare to give the command to wipe out all Killing Sword Elves for fear of angering the terrifying Killing Sword Master.

Because of this, countless Killing Sword Elves were able to stay alive, and their passion to the Killing Sword Master became even greater. Zhao Fu had now become their spiritual leader, causing the scattered Killing Sword Elves to gather.

This was Zhao Fu's goal - the Killing Sword Elves had such immense battle power and there were so many of them; if he did not use them, it would be too much of a pity. As such, Zhao Fu wanted to use their power to help his own faction quickly develop.

Otherwise, Zhao Fu would not bother to reveal himself and take such a huge risk. So many terrifying people had gathered at the Elf world, shocking even Zhao Fu. He felt a slight trace of regret at making this plan.

Now that he had completed the initial step of his plan, it was time for the second step, which was the Full Moon Kingdom.

Originally, Zhao Fu had wanted to take control over the youngest Prince to make him a puppet King, as this would make him easy to control. However, Zhao Fu now had a new target because one of the Princes had become a Killing Sword Elf.