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 "Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!" The Killing Sword Elves had ferocious expressions on their faces. Despite the fact that they were about to be surrounded by the army, they did not look afraid at all and instead looked quite excited. They raised their blood-red swords and yelled.

The Elf General was quite surprised upon seeing that the Killing Sword Elves were not running or trying to break out of the encirclement.

There were only a bit more than 7,000 Killing Sword Elves, and they were facing an army of over 100,000 soldiers. The other side had Shieldbearers and Cavalrymen, and facing these Killing Sword Elves, the Elf General looked quite disdainful.

"Continue to surround the Killing Sword Elves and don't let a single one get away; kill all of them!" the Elf General ordered, and the soldiers at the back started to flood forwards in two directions, preparing to completely encircle the Killing Sword Elves. That way, none of them would be able to run and all of them would be killed.

However, the Killing Sword Elves still did not look afraid at all, and they invigorated all of their killing sword power. Traces of bloody qi rose up from their bodies, and the blood-red swords in their hands gave off sharp lights. They had savage looks on their faces as they charged at the soldiers in front of them.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of weapons colliding could be heard as both sides started fighting. These Killing Sword Elves all had immense power and had ferocious attacks.

A Killing Sword Elf leapt forwards and disregarded everything as he charged into a group of soldiers. Blood-red sword light flew everywhere, killing five or six soldiers, but that Killing Sword Elf's body was pierced by countless weapons, resulting in him dying too.

A Killing Sword Elf madly laughed as he disregarded the spear stabbed into his body. He ferociously stabbed his sword into a soldier's head before turning to attack another person.

Another Killing Sword Elf directly grabbed a saber heading for him and slashed out with his blood-red sword, cutting that soldier's arm off. The soldier cried out and retreated, but the Killing Sword Elf cruelly sprang forwards.

A Killing Sword Elf with a broken arm and a few gashes on his face fiercely charged into a group of soldiers and started a slaughter.

Seeing this scene, the Elf General inwardly cursed, "A group of madmen!"

He could not allow this to go on because these Killing Sword Elves were very crazy and not weak at all. If they went on, even if they killed all of the Killing Sword Elves, they would suffer heavy losses as well.

"Infantrymen retreat to the sides and Archers fire arrows. Cavalrymen, prepare to charge." the Elf General ordered. The soldiers at the front started to fan out so as to not to be hit by the Archers or Cavalrymen. However, even though they tried to disengage, the Killing Sword Elves would not let them off and attacked without any regard for their own lives.

Seeing this, the Elf General could only allow the Archers to fire at will and for the Cavalrymen to start charging.


An arrow flew out, stabbing into a Killing Sword Elf's heart like a black blur, killing that Killing Sword Elf.

A Cavalryman rode up, swinging his saber and killing another Killing Sword Elf.

Even though the Killing Sword Elves were continuously killed, their auras did not weaken at all, and they continued to ferociously attack. They were all covered with blood, and their expressions were savage, making them look like demons.

Seeing more and more people dying, the Elf General could not help but personally make a move as well. A powerful aura exploded out from his body, and he rushed towards a group of Killing Sword Elves.

At that moment, the Killing Sword Elf named Miye devoured a crystal, exploding out with an aura that was not inferior to the Elf General's aura, and they started a large fight.

Both sides continuously lost people, and blood flew everywhere. The battle was incredibly intense, and the Killing Sword Elves launched suicidal attacks, each of them taking at least a few enemies down with them.

Now, only around 1,000 Killing Sword Elves were left, while the army had lost nearly 20,000 soldiers.


Miye was slashed flying by the Elf General, and he opened up a crater as he crashed onto the ground. The Elf General stood in the sky, and seeing how many soldiers had died, he looked quite furious as he rushed down and prepared to kill Miye to end the battle as quickly as possible.

In response, Miye unrestrainedly laughed. He barely had any power left, but he still gripped his blood-red sword and stood up. He understood that he was going to die, but the madness of his bloodline caused him to go into a killing frenzy.


Miye was once again slashed flying, a new gash on his chest, from which blood continuously flowed. He was heavily injured and looked as if he would die at any moment.

The Elf General coldly harrumphed, "You bunch of madmen who only know how to kill should be destroyed as quickly as possible. We won't allow people like you to exist!"

Miye crashed onto the ground and did not even have the strength to climb up. His blood-red eyes savagely glared at the Elf General as if he wanted to kill him with his gaze.

The Elf General was furious and prepared to once again attack and kill Miye.


A terrifying aura descended, causing the surrounding space to instantly freeze. Everyone on the battlefield felt their bodies stiffen, and they looked up at the sky in horror.

They saw that the sky had become blood-red colored, and there was a figure standing in the air. He wore a black cloak, and there was a blood-red flame around him. He held a black and blood-red sword, and even though they could not see his appearance, the eyes under the hood gave off a chilling blood-red light as if he was the evilest creature in existence.

His body gave off immense killing intent that was almost corporeal, causing the clouds around him to dissipate. All creatures close by trembled in terror, and they were the same.

The countless soldiers looked terrified as their bodies quaked, and even their souls seemed to be lamenting.

However, the 1,000 or so Killing Sword Elves reacted in the opposite way - they could feel their bloodlines roiling because this was the origin of their killing sword intent. This was the power that the Killing Sword Master had, and the sword that the cloaked figure held was the true killing sword that they worshipped.

The Killing Sword Elves stabbed their swords into the ground and knelt down with both knees, reverently and passionately looking up into the sky towards that god-like person.

The Elf General looked incredibly scared, and his body could not move at all. After experiencing those abnormal signs, that wave of terrifying killing intent had been engraved into their bones, and now they had seen the real thing.

This person was the source of those abnormal signs, and he was the person who all the experts from the Ancient Stem Domain were trying to find. He was the person who possessed the terrifying killing intent.

How could such a monstrous person exist? How was it possible? And just who was this person? Where had he come from? Was the Elf World going to be destroyed?


A clear sword hum sounded out as hazy sword souls holding blood-red swords appeared, filling the entire sky.

The soldiers all felt an aura of death, and before they could do anything, the cloaked figure lightly waved his sword.


The countless sword souls flooded downwards and spread out, attacking the countless soldiers. In front of these terrifying sword souls, the soldiers were unable to defend at all. They were all instantly killed, with none remaining.