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 Within the Killing Sword World, Zhao Fu was quite shocked as he defended against the terrifying aura from the Clear Sable Sword.

Now, the Clear Sable Sword was burning with a 100 meter tall bloody flame, giving off a boundless blood-red light that filled the entire Killing Sword World. Waves of powerful aura blew out like wild gales, causing the surrounding space to twist and turn.


A massive sword hum sounded throughout the entire Killing Sword World, causing the heavens and earth to tremble. In that moment, all of the bloody qi madly flowed towards the Clear Sable Sword. Some of the sword souls that Zhao Fu had not killed automatically turned into illusory swords and flew over.

The countless traces of bloody water on the ground were also absorbed into the Clear Sable Sword.

The blood crystal mountain and blood crystals on the ground and floating in the air also stated to crack and flew towards the Clear Sable Sword in the sky.


Everything flowed into the Clear Sable Sword, causing its power to rise to its peak. It now gave off an aura that seemed to place it above the heavens.

The damaged Killing Sword World started to gradually collapse, and the heavens and earth started to turn into nothingness as the Killing Sword World's source energy started to gather towards the Clear Sable Sword.

The Clear Sable Sword had already turned into a sword of killing, and after fusing with countless sword souls, it had incredible affinity with the Killing Sword World. Otherwise, it would not have been able to become the core of the Killing Sword World so easily.

The region-sized space completely collapsed, and Zhao Fu and the Clear Sable Sword were now within a space of nothingness. There was only primal chaos around them, giving off source energy, which could make anyone feel both scared and curious.

Now, the Clear Sable Sword seemed to have become a true god sword. It hung in the nothingness, giving off tall bloody flames and boundless blood-red sword light, repelling the nothingness around it and giving off an all-surpassing sword aura.

Swish, swish, swish...

Hazy sword souls with blood-red eyes and holding blood-red swords appeared around them. There were over 100,000 of them, and they gave off powerful auras.

In that moment, all of the sword souls knelt down on one knee to the Clear Sable Sword in the air, acknowledging it as their master.

The golden dragon said excitedly, "Zhao Fu hurry and go and take control of the Clear Sable Sword; then, you'll become the Sword Master."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu hurriedly went forward. Because the Clear Sable Sword had already been fully refined by Zhao Fu, its powerful aura did not obstruct Zhao Fu, allowing him to easily come by its side, and he grabbed its hilt.

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt an unimaginably massive wave of killing intent flow into his mind, causing an explosion to ring out within it. His mind went blank, and the killing intent continuously corroded Zhao Fu's body. This time, Zhao Fu's bloodline did not resist, and it instead absorbed the killing intent.

Gradually, Zhao Fu's eyes became blood-red, and drops of blood flowed out. A pair of blood-red sword-shaped pupils appeared in Zhao Fu's eyes, adding an extra layer to his eyes.

Zhao Fu's long hair gradually became blood-red colored, and a blood-red sword mark appeared at the center of his forehead. Two fangs started to grow out of his mouth, and his body gave off a massive killing intent, causing the space around him to start to freeze.

"Kill!" Zhao Fu's body uncontrollably raised the Clear Sable Sword and pointed it at the sky, giving off a long howl that sounded out in the surrounding tens of thousands of meters.


A massive blood-red light with unimaginable power tore through the space, piercing through the heavens. It seemed to be able to destroy countless worlds, and everything in the world trembled.

At that moment, the experts sent by the Ancient Stem Domain's various factions all froze due to the terrifying power. They felt as if they had fallen into icy caverns, and the coldness spread even to their souls.

It was not just them - even some people at the center of the Heaven Awaken World sensed this, especially some of the factions that had been paying attention to Zhao Fu.

Moreover, this was not all - a blood-red color filled with killing intent spread out in the godly spirit world above, and this was the same in the Underworld below. This caused countless godly spirits and Underworld officials to look quite serious. They did not know what had happened in the Heaven Awaken World.

"I have important things to report!" a person with a trace of blood coming out of his lips respectfully said with an urgent tone within the Heaven Spirit Financial Group, a look of slight terror on his face.

Within the room, an elder in green's expression slightly changed. The person outside was tasked with observing that mysterious Sovereign bloodline, and for him to seem so panicked, something must have happened to that Sovereign bloodline.

The elder in green had that person come in, and looking at the trace of blood on his lips and his pale face, the elder directly asked, "What happened?"

The person described what had happened - he had been observing the Sovereign Bloodline, but a killing intent suddenly flooded into his body. He had used a great deal of power to force out the killing intent.

The green-clothed elder's expression once again changed. There were only a few drops of blood from that person in the Heaven Spirit Financial Group, and it innately held terrifying power. As long as one did not touch the blood, its power would not be released. However, those drops of blood were dangerous, and that killing intent had domineeringly tried to corrode this person's body; the matter was not simple at all.

The green-clothed elder immediately reported this matter up, and a few major figures immediately arrived. Looking at the blood orb giving off such an intense killing intent, ordinary people would be directly killed if they were invaded by the killing intent, turning them into monsters that only knew how to kill.

"What happened to that person recently? There's such terrifying killing intent in the blood, and this killing intent can be called one of the most terrifying martial conceptions in the world. Its origin is definitely terrifying!" one of the people said seriously.

Another person nodded, saying, "Mm, this killing intent is not simple at all, and it is incredibly corrosive. Not only does it contain pure killing intent, but it also has sharp sword intent and dark demonic intent. If someone drank these drops of blood, they would immediately fall into the demonic path, never to recover."

One of the other figures laughed as he said, "He didn't disappoint us at all; looks like the decision we made was correct. Holding out against the pressure of those higher-beings was worth it, but..."

"Wait!" One of the people who had been thinking this whole time interrupted, saying, "I seem to have seen this killing intent before. That's right, it seems to have been from an ancient record. This killing intent is called killing sword intent, and it can cause someone to fall into Sword Obsession. In ancient times, it caused a massive catastrophe and was only suppressed by a few Celestials."

"What?" The others looked quite shocked. They had never thought that this killing intent would have such a shocking background to the point that it had caused Celestials to descend.

Facing everyone's shocked gazes, that person nodded and said, "That killing intent is a type of killing sword intent. However, its berserk, killing nature has been reduced, and it also has a trace of Emperor's aura."