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 There were 1240 or so worlds in the Ancient Stem Domain, and they were split into four directions. Great Qin was in the western boundary of the Ancient Stem Domain.

In the worlds covered by the blood-red light, from the aristocracy to the commoners, all of them crumpled to the ground under the effect from the terrifying killing intent. They looked at the sky in terror, not knowing what had happened and why such terrifying abnormal signs had appeared.

This killing intent was the sort that could destroy all creatures and annihilate the heavens and earth. Its power completely exceeded anything people could imagine.

This was just the remnant power from the Killing Sword World, and it was enough to affect hundreds of worlds. If it was at its peak, it would have sent tens of thousands of worlds into chaos; no less than expected from the power that had been destroyed by Celestials. It was simply too powerful.

The ones that had it the worst were the Elf world. They were right under that terrifying killing intent and bore the direct power of that killing intent. They all stood there frozen, with dull expressions. Their eyes became blood-red, and blood continuously flowed out of their mouths.

This was just the effect of being influenced by the killing intent; they had not even fallen into Sword Obsession. This was mainly because the Killing Sword World Shard did not have much power left.

Otherwise, with that killing intent, it would have been enough for everyone in the Elf world to fall into Sword Obsession, resulting in another horrifying tragedy.

If an entire world of people had charged at other worlds to kill while being under Sword Obsession, entire worlds could have been exterminated.

Countless Elves in the Elf world bore the killing intent, which corroded their bodies. This had advantages and disadvantages: The advantages were that the Elves could walk the path of killing, but the prerequisite was that they could withstand the killing intent corroding their bodies. If they could not control it, the killing intent would corrode their bodies and make them weaker and weaker.

Even the Kings in the Elf world were affected by the killing intent. They stood transfixed with blood-red eyes. However, because of their Nation Fate and Fate Dragons, they were not harmed as much.

At the same time, they tried to control this killing intent.

The surrounding worlds were not affected as much as the Elf world. Countless people ordinary people lay on the ground, while the Kings exploded out with their full power to defend against the killing intent with unsightly expressions, facing these abnormal signs.

The hundreds of worlds had no idea why this was happening. Was it something natural? Or something caused by someone?

Most people thought that this was something caused by natural forces. After all, this sort of terrifying might was not something a person could cause; it was something that could shake all beings under the heavens.

If it was caused by a person, that would be too terrifying and would cause a catastrophe; the situation in the Ancient Stem Domain would completely change.

However, facing that killing intent that seemed to be able to destroy the heavens and the earth, most people did not dare to believe that it had been caused by a person because the consequences would be unimaginable.

The Ancient Stem Domain had 1,200 worlds, and it had slightly above-average strength. This sort of terrifying abnormal signs could affect hundreds of worlds, so naturally most of the worlds within the Ancient Stem Domain could feel it.

There were five great Kingdoms and one great Sect within the west of the Ancient Stem Domain, and the Bear Mountain Kingdom was one of them. At that moment, a middle-aged man with thick hair stood on a tall platform, looking at the devilish bloody qi and terrifying killing intent in the horizon, causing his hands and feet to feel slightly cold.

This was the King of the Bear Mountain Kingdom, Xiong Batian.

Facing such a terrifying abnormal sign, Xiong Batian's expression was quite serious. These abnormal signs were simply too shocking, causing even him to feel a trace of fear. Just what had caused this? What had happened?

If this situation went out of control, it would cause a terrifying disaster within the Ancient Stem Domain. They could not allow the situation to continue developing and had to find out what was happening.

"Proclaim Our orders, the Bear Mountain Kingdom's experts are to head towards the abnormal signs as quickly as possible and investigate the reason for the abnormal signs, and the army is to be on standby."

As orders were given out, the Bear Mountain Kingdom's experts moved out towards the boundary of the Ancient Stem Domain, and soldiers wearing armor and holding sharp weapons made preparations for battle.

It could be seen how seriously the Bear Mountain Kingdom took this, because if a catastrophe happened and they were caught unprepared, the Bear Mountain Kingdom could be heavily wounded. Xiong Batian felt a clear sense of danger.

It was not just the Bear Mountain Kingdom; the other Kingdoms and Sects also acted this way, sending out experts to investigate and readying their armies for any battles.

Since the large Kingdoms and Sects acted like this, the other Kingdoms did not dare to be careless either. They acted in kind and prepared their armies. Because they were in the west, they could sense how terrifying that killing intent was; once the situation went out of control, there could really be a catastrophe.

This caused the atmosphere in the west of the Ancient Stem Domain to become quite austere. Everyone prepared for the worst, ready for any dangers.

The large factions in the east of the Ancient Stem Domain also sensed the terrifying ripples from the west. Even though they were quite far away, they could still sense how terrifying the abnormal signs were, causing their hairs to stand on end and for them to feel a sense of crisis.

Just what had happened in the western side? Why had such terrifying abnormal signs appeared? What had caused them?

Everyone sent out experts to the west to find the reason.

The northern factions in the Ancient Stem Region also took this matter quite seriously. They felt that it could be a catastrophe, as that pure killing intent had almost pulled them into the demonic path.

A few people slightly sighed - it was likely that something big was going to happen in the Ancient Stem Domain.

On top of a majestic mountain in the south of the Ancient Stem Domain, an elderly man with plain looks and wearing gray robes looked to the west.

He was the Sect Master of the Dao Cultivation Sect, which was the most powerful out of the Ancient Stem Field's five great Sects, having power that was either the greatest or second in the Ancient Stem Domain.

"Sect Master, the various factions have all sent experts to investigate the reason behind the abnormal signs; how should we respond?" a beautiful woman respectfully bowed as she spoke.

The gray-robed elder looked quite serious as he shook his head, saying, "No need to go. Even if we go, we won't be able to find anything. The Heaven's Secrets there are in chaos, and the area is filled with bloodlust. The Ancient Stem Domain's Fate, and even the Fate of the surrounding Domains, are gathering there.

"I'm afraid that a peerless evil creature has appeared and that the situation in the Ancient Stem Domain is about to change. Everyone might be dragged in unless they leave the Ancient Stem Domain; otherwise, they won't be able to escape this massive vortex.

"In recent years, the western boundary of the Ancient Stem Domain seems to have gone through many things. There was that big matter that attracted over ten or so higher-beings. The Ancient Stem Domain will be going through an eventful period. No, this Sovereign must go and personally take a look."

After saying this, the gray-robed elder turned into a ray of light and disappeared over the horizon.