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 As Zhao Fu came closer, the four crystal coffins started to show signs of opening. Seeing this, the golden dragon said, "Zhao Fu, give your body to me. We need to seal them. With your power, you won't be able to kill them; they're most likely at the Fourth Transformation of Sword Obsession."

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu handed his body to the golden dragon.

The golden dragon took over Zhao Fu's body, and a powerful aura instantly exploded out. A golden flame burned around Zhao Fu, and the five pupils in his left eye all became a pure golden color, giving off an Emperor's might.

The Great Qin Seal continuously trembled as a massive amount of Great Qin's Nation Power entered Zhao Fu's body. The nine black dragons around Zhao Fu's body became golden dragons.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's aura completely changed as if he had become a different person. It was no longer as domineering, steady, and mysterious. Instead, it became noble and cold, and it seemed quite magnificent.


The golden dragon controlled Zhao Fu's body and stretched out a hand, causing a two meter wide gold magic formation to appear in front of Zhao Fu's hand. Zhao Fu's five golden pupils in his left eye started to quickly spin, and millions of golden chains flowed out of the gold magic formation, ferociously shooting towards the four blood crystal coffins.

At that moment, the four blood crystal coffins continuously shook, and a large amount of bloody qi rushed out of the coffins, which were about to open.

The golden dragon controlled Zhao Fu's body and gave a trace of an arrogant smile. The six gray dots in Zhao Fu's right eye were also dyed a golden color and started to spin as a massive ghostly power flowed out.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

Four demons that were hundreds of meters tall and giving off golden light roared as they appeared next to the four blood-red coffins. They slammed their hands down, pressing down on the lids of the coffins.

The blood-red coffins gave off a few traces of blood-red sword qi, which were incredibly sharp. In just an instant, they had cut the demons into pieces, but by then, the countless golden chains had arrived. They wrapped around the blood-red coffins and started to drag them underground.

The four people in the coffins suddenly opened their blood-red eyes, and even more bloody qi flowed out.

Zhao Fu, controlled by the golden dragon, lightly laughed and pulled with his hand. The golden chains were pulled, and the four blood-red coffins were dragged into a sealed region.


The four blood-red coffins were dragged into the sealed area, but it was not enough to seal the four people. The four people exploded out with terrifying power, causing the sealed region to crumble.

However, Zhao Fu's expression did not change. He waved his hand, causing dozens of thousands Gold grade swords and hundreds of Legendary grade swords to fly out.

The swords hung in the air, and under the golden dragon's control, they started to move in an orderly way. They formed a sword qi formation, from which a massive storm of sword qi exploded out, and a sharp aura filled the entire space.

"Ten Thousand Sword Sealing!" the golden dragon loudly shouted and pointed at the ground. The ten thousand swords simultaneously landed, causing space and time to fall into chaos.

Swish, swish, swish...

The swords stabbed into the ground, and sword qi shot into the sealed region. The countless swords formed a sword qi formation and fused with the sealed region, causing the collapsing sealed region to stabilize.

The four people within the blood-red coffins howled, and a massive amount of blood qi bashed at the sealed region. However, the bloody qi was reduced to mere wisps by the sealed region, and it entered the swords stuck in the ground.

"Alright, the sealing is complete. Not only can the Ten Thousand Sword Sealing suppress them, but it can also absorb their sword intent. When the time comes, you'll have over 10,000 swords of killing!" the golden dragon said as it returned Zhao Fu's body to him.

Zhao Fu smiled as he saw that this matter was resolved. He then asked curiously, "How can the Killing Sword World Shard be used?"

The golden dragon excitedly replied, "You can fuse the Clear Sable Sword with the Killing Sword World Shard. This will make you the 138th Sword Master, and you will become the first Sword Master of the 'Emperor Killing Sword World.'

"After all, the Killing Sword World has long since been destroyed, and what remains is just a small piece of it. Its power and spirituality are both quite weak, so the core from now on will be the Clear Sable Sword as opposed to the Killing Sword World Shard. As such, it can be called a new world.

"The Clear Sable Sword has fused with your blood, flesh and spirit, so it has become an Emperor's Sword. Thus, this space can now be called the Emperor Killing Sword World!

"Of course, because the Killing Sword World Shard is the cornerstone, all of the power in this space will belong to the Killing Sword World. As such, it can still be called the Killing Sword World, and you will be the 138th Sword Master."

After hearing this, Zhao Fu dryly laughed. After hearing how terrifying the 137th Sword Master was, to the point that true Celestials had to descend, if he were to become the 138th Sword Master, wouldn't he be much too weak? The position of Sword Master seemed to have come too easily.

In actuality, Zhao Fu had never thought that something like this would happen; he had actually formed a connection like this with the Killing Sword World, and he had become the 138th Sword Master.

However, if Great Qin could use the Killing Sword World, it would be an extremely good thing.

Zhao Fu flew up to the top of the blood crystal mountain and did what the golden dragon told him. He first released the Sword Soul Domain that the Clear Sable Sword had just created.

The Clear Sable Sword became even more excited. It continuously gave off waves of blood-red light, and a 10,000 meter wide blood-red barrier, giving off thunderous power and a powerful aura of suppression, expanded out.

At the same time, illusory sword souls holding blood-red swords appeared within the barrier. Their blood-red eyes contained cold killing intent, making people feel despair.

Zhao Fu first controlled the Clear Sable Sword to move closer to the Killing Sword World Shard before cutting his hand and releasing some blood. The blood fused into the shard, increasing their affinity.

Only then did he started to control the sword and shard to fuse together. Because the Killing Sword World had already been heavily damaged and corroded by time, it was incredibly weak.

The shard started to shatter before fusing into the Clear Sable Sword. If it wasn't for the fact that the Killing Sword World Shard did not have much power left, Zhao Fu would not have been able to fuse it into the Clear Sable Sword. This level of power was not something that Zhao Fu could affect.

Not only would the Clear Sable Sword not have been able to withstand that shard, but Zhao Fu would also not have been able to withstand the killing intent, resulting in him exploding and dying.

Following this, the last bit of the Killing Sword World Shard fused into the Clear Sable Sword, and the countless sword souls in the domain were also absorbed into the Clear Sable Sword. The Sword Soul Domain that the Clear Sable Sword released was once again absorbed back into it.


A shocking explosion sounded out, and it was as if the heavens and earth were being destroyed. Outside the space, countless people heard this explosion and felt a suffocating wave of terror.

The sky seemed to be torn apart by sword qi, and countless rays of blood-red light covered the ground. Waves of cold killing intent flowed into the world, and at that moment, the entire world seemed to fall deathly silent as all living creatures trembled.

This abnormal sign covered hundreds of worlds, shaking the entire Ancient Stem Domain.