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 After preparing everything, Zhao Fu carefully entered the depths of the Killing Sword World. There was dense bloody qi all around him, and he could only see three or four meters around him. It was completely silent and even more terrifying than in the outside world, giving off a pure killing intent.

Shing, shing, shing...

Sword hums sounded out as ten or so figures appeared in the bloody mist around him. These figures were half-transparent, and their various features were quite blurry; only their blood-red eyes were extremely eye-catching, and they held swords that were black and blood-red colored.

The golden dragon said, "These are sword souls from people going into Sword Obsession; Zhao Fu, be careful."

Zhao Fu nodded, and the ten or so sword souls looked at Zhao Fu and attacked him in that instant. They were extremely fast and seemed to appear before him in the next second. They simultaneously slashed out, sending out crescent-shaped blood-red sword lights.

At that moment, Zhao Fu gripped the excitedly trembling Clear Sable Sword and slashed out. A massive blood-red crescent giving off an incredibly sharp aura flew out.


The blood-red crescent flashed past and sank into the bloody mist, seeming to tear space apart. The sword souls' sword lights and their bodies were all split apart.

The sword souls' bodies started to blur before disappearing, leaving behind faint images of swords that hung in the air. They looked like normal swords, but they were all slightly different, just like how there were slight differences between people.

Zhao Fu felt quite shocked; the Clear Sable Sword had actually become so powerful. After absorbing so much berserk killing intent, it was now many times more powerful.

He wanted to take a look at the information of those illusory swords, and the golden dragon explained, saying, "These are the sword soul essences left behind by sword souls. If you fuse it into a sword, you can forge an ordinary sword into a sword of killing."

The Clear Sable Sword continuously trembled and gave off a desire to devour those sword soul essences. Zhao Fu thought for a moment before raising it and pointing it at those illusory swords.

An enormous attractive force burst out, and all of those illusory swords were sucked into the Clear Sable Sword. In that moment, the Clear Sable Sword gave off an even more powerful killing intent and a brilliant blood-red light.

As Zhao Fu gripped the Clear Sable Sword, a massive amount of killing intent flowed into Zhao Fu's head, causing his eyes to once again become red.

The golden dragon could not help but say, "Zhao Fu, if the Clear Sable Sword keeps evolving like this, it will be very difficult for you to control it. Even though the Clear Sable Sword's heart sword is within your heart, the killing intent it contains is too powerful, and you won't be able to endure it in your current condition."

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and asked, "Is there any way to increase my control over it?"

The Clear Sable Sword was now quite powerful and seemed to be incredibly destructive to the sword souls here. It was the best thing for exploring the Killing Sword World, and if he had to give up on it, it would make exploring this place much more difficult.

Zhao Fu did not want to give up on the Clear Sable Sword, but he did not have enough power either to defend against the killing intent. He was not sure what to do, so he could only ask the golden dragon.

The golden dragon thought about it before saying, "There are a few methods, but you'll have to pay a price."

Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief and smiled; it was fine as long as there was a way to resolve this. He then started to head into the depths of the Killing Sword World.

Zhao Fu did not directly rush in, because the deeper he went, the denser the bloody mist became. It was almost becoming liquid, and Zhao Fu felt an increasingly greater sense of danger. He somewhat did not dare to enter the innermost regions and decided to have the Clear Sable Sword become stronger first.


A blood-red crescent gave off terrifying power as it slashed out, killing ten or so sword souls. The sword souls dissipated, leaving behind ten or so illusory swords in the air.

Zhao Fu raised the Clear Sable Sword and pointed it, causing those illusory swords to be sucked into the Clear Sable Sword. In that moment, countless sword hums sounded out from within the Clear Sable Sword, piercing through the surrounding hundreds of kilometers, and boundless blood-red light burst out from it.

The Clear Sable Sword gave off an even greater killing intent, and Zhao Fu's eyes once again became blood-red, filled with a pure killing intent.

The golden dragon said in his mind, "You can begin the first refining!"

Zhao Fu suppressed the killing intent in his mind, and his eyes returned to normal. After hearing the golden dragon's words, he nodded and began the first refining, which was blood refining.

He first used his power to cause the Clear Sable Sword to float in the air, after which he slashed his hand and let out some of his blood. He controlled it and caused it to flow into the Clear Sable Sword.

After absorbing Zhao Fu's blood, the Clear Sable Sword continuously trembled and seemed quite delighted. The sword gradually went through changes, and a black dragon inscription appeared on the blade. Apart from the cold and murderous aura it gave off, it now also had the dignity of an Emperor.

Zhao Fu let out quite a lot of blood, causing his face to become pale. However, he felt a closer connection between himself and the Clear Sable Sword, causing him to smile.

Because this place was filled with danger, Zhao Fu did not dare to advance. He remained where he was and consumed a few spirit medicines to recover first.

A few days later, a storm of sword qi giving off an incredibly sharp aura covered over 100 sword souls. Under the effects of the powerful sword qi, they gradually dissipated, leaving behind illusory swords.

Zhao Fu once again pointed with his sword, but this time, the Clear Sable Sword did not give off an attractive force. Instead, it was like a king among swords and gave off a King's aura, and the illusory swords slightly trembled and seemed to submit as they flew into the Clear Sable Sword by themselves.

By now, the Clear Sable Sword had fused over 1,000 sword souls, and in that moment, over 1,000 sword hums sounded out. That sound seemed to be able to pierce through metal and stone, and it reverberated throughout the surrounding 10,000 kilometers, causing leaves to fall from trees.


The Clear Sable Sword once again gave off a powerful aura, and a blood-red flame erupted around the blade. Terrifying auras blew out like wild gales, and the ground below could not withstand this and started to crack.

At that moment, the golden dragon cried out, "Zhao Fu, start the second refining!"

Zhao Fu felt a bit hesitant towards the second refining, but he quickly made his decision. He continued to keep the Clear Sable Sword in the air and took out the Royal Wood Sword. He endured the pain and cut off his left hand.

He then used the Royal Wood Sword to quickly heal the wound and consumed a large number of medicinal pills, causing his hand to regrow

At that moment, Zhao Fu used his power to cause his chopped-off hand to fly towards the Clear Sable Sword.

The second refining was the body refining, which required a certain part of the body. This was the price that the golden dragon had mentioned.

The Clear Sable Sword gave off bloody flames, which covered the hand, and it gradually fused into the sword. An even more intense aura exploded out as if an Emperor was descending. At the same time, it gave off boundless killing intent that almost seemed corporeal, covering the surrounding 10,000 meters.