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 "What happened after? How did the Killing Sword World turn out like this?" Zhao Fu asked.

The golden dragon slightly sighed before saying, "Just as you've seen, this is how the Killing Sword World has turned out. This is because everyone who has gone into Sword Obsession turns into a monster who only knows how to kill.

"Back then, countless people in Sword Obsession charged out from the Killing Sword World and caused a disaster in the Heaven Awaken World. Tens of thousands of worlds were caught up in this, and in the end, a few true Celestials appeared and put an end to the disaster.

"The people in Sword Obsession were all killed, and even the 137th Sword Master was killed by a few Celestials, resulting in the Killing Sword World being obliterated.

"This place is most likely a small piece of the Killing Sword World, perhaps the only one remaining. After all, with the power that Celestials wield, if they wanted to destroy a world, they could destroy even the source of the world, leaving behind not even a trace. This small piece surviving is already a tragedy."

After hearing the golden dragon's words, Zhao Fu sank into his thoughts and considered what to do.

His first thought was to leave this place, seal the rift, and destroy the ancient tomb. That way, no one would be able to discover it. After all, this killing sword intent could cause even Zhao Fu to lose control, and that was with how powerful he was. If it was ordinary people, they would not be able to resist at all.

However, his second thought was to gain some benefits from here. The more dangerous a place was, the more opportunities were awaiting, and it could greatly benefit Great Qin.

There were still some treasures, which were the things that flew out of the rift. Zhao Fu did not care too much about them though, as there were not many things that interested him.

Currently, Zhao Fu felt quite indecisive, so he decided to ask the golden dragon for advice. After all, it knew more than Zhao Fu.

The golden dragon thought to itself for a while and was not in a hurry to respond. Only after a while did it reply, "Zhao Fu, this is just a small piece of the world, so it shouldn't be too dangerous. However, you need to still be careful. If there's any danger, you need to quickly leave."

After hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and thought about it before taking out the extremely excited Clear Sable Sword.

Right after he took it out, the Clear Sable Sword continuously trembled and gave off sword hums, absorbing the surrounding bloody qi. The bloody qi in the surroundings quickly gathered towards the Clear Sable Sword.

A powerful killing intent flowed out of the Clear Sable Sword. Even though it was quite berserk, it could still be controlled, and Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief.

Perhaps the Clear Sable Sword would be useful later, so Zhao Fu took it out now and unleashed his Emperor's Domain with his full strength. The nine black dragons surrounded Zhao Fu and protected him, and he started to carefully investigate this place.

He first investigated the boundaries. Even though the bloody qi contained killing intent, Zhao Fu could now withstand it. There were not any things at the boundaries, so it most likely would not be too dangerous.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu had finished quickly investigating the boundaries and found that this place was not very big, only a bit bigger than a region. The outer region was essentially the same, with a blood-red sky, cracked ground, and blood everywhere. There were no living creatures, only deathly silence.

Seeing that there was not any danger, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief. The Clear Sable Sword had gone around the boundaries with Zhao Fu, and it now excitedly pointed him to the inner region.

However, Zhao Fu returned to where he had entered. It had been some time since he had killed the gold-clothed young man, and he expected that the people from that Kingdom would be coming soon.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to hide this matter about the Killing Sword World for now and continue thinking about what he would do next.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive sounds rang out as the original cave mouth and the entire mountain collapsed. The expressions of the City Lords outside fell - Lord Keli was still inside, and it seemed that he could be in trouble.

That terrifying existence had not come out, and they did not know what was going on inside. Some people had sent messages back, and there were many people hurrying over.

They were worried about the safety of Lord Keli, and the Muse family's Third Young Master had died here, which was a big matter, so they had to report it to the higher-ups.

Now that the mountain had collapsed, they started to panic. A large group of soldiers and over 100 City Lords soon arrived. This had originally been a small matter, but because of the gold-clothed young man's death, it had instantly shaken the Kingdom.

Over 100 City Lords had come; this displayed the Muse family's strength within the Kingdom.

Following this, they found the City Lords who had been standing guard outside and asked what had happened. After hearing about it, they felt chills in their hearts - that person had the ability to instantly kill the gold-clothed young man, who had an Official Seal equivalent to a Capital City.

That person was extremely powerful and did not seem to care about the Muse family at all. After all, the gold-clothed young man had said who he was, yet that person had dared to kill him. That person's identity definitely was not simple at all.

Most people from the Muse family were quite intelligent. Even though they could do whatever they wanted within this Barony Kingdom, they knew they were nothing in front of true experts.

The higher-ups from the Muse family were quite troubled about this - on the one hand, they were quite furious as someone had dared to kill a person from their family, but on the other hand, they were worried about offending someone they could not offend. If that was the case, the entire Muse family could be doomed.

They first did some careful investigations and found that that person may have left using special methods. However, they burned this enmity into their memories and hoped to take revenge in the future.

They had only felt curious about this ancient tomb and thought that there was nothing of great value inside. Even if there were, they most likely had been taken by that person.

Within the mountain, Zhao Fu had already used a magic formation to conceal the region, and he had used all sorts of items to stabilize the rift, making it so that he could control it.

He was not sure what was going on. Why had a piece of the Killing Sword World appeared here? Why the rift was in this ancient tomb?

After entering the rift again, Zhao Fu started to head to the inner regions of the Killing Sword World.

One day later, Zhao Fu finished his investigations. He did not find anything dangerous, nor did he find any living creatures. It was deathly silent all around, and he had obtained over 10,000 pieces of Gold grade equipment and dozens of Legendary grade equipment.

These things had all been quite powerful, but due to the corrosion of time, their grades had fallen. This was like the underground region, but he had collected these for free and did not have to fight for them.

After thinking for a moment, Zhao Fu decided to head to the innermost region.

At the same time, Zhao Fu started to be extremely careful. Massive amounts of ghostly qi flowed out of him, forming a gray defensive barrier with the Six Paths diagram on it.

He had the Emperor's Domain on the outside, the Six Paths defensive barrier as a second line of defense, and finally the nine dragons around his body as the final barrier. The bloody qi in the depths was incredibly dense, and the killing intent was many times more intense than at the boundaries of the Killing Sword World. As such, Zhao Fu had to be incredibly wary and could not be careless at all.