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 After piercing through the monster's heart, Zhao Fu instantly withdrew his hidden blade and retreated. The monster's corpse powerlessly fell to the ground before turning into grey air, leaving behind a grey, 5 centimeter long, rhombus-shaped crystal.

When the monster finally died, Zhao Fu let out a breath and looked at the grey crystal on the ground. He walked over with a curious expression on his face and looked at it.

[Underworld Demon Crystal]: Can be fused with a piece of equipment, giving it [Underworld Demon's Power].

Underworld Demon's Power was most likely that monster's power, so that monster was most likely an Underworld Demon. Zhao Fu wondered what sort of creature it was.

At the same time, he didn't know what would happen if he fused the Underworld Demon Crystal into a piece of equipment. Right now, Zhao Fu's hidden blades and clothes were still White grade, so fusing the Underworld Demon Crystal into them would be a waste. Of course, Zhao Fu had other higher grade equipment, but Zhao Fu felt that the Underworld Demon Crystal was more suited to Assassin equipment.

Just as he was about to leave, the Underworld Demon with a large pair of ears, drawn over from the previous battle, charged over.

This Underworld Demon did not have eyes, and it relied solely on its hearing. Its pair of large ears could catch all traces of sound, and if one could find a way to deal with it, it would be quite easy to deal with. However, if one could not find a method to deal with it, this Underworld Demon would be even more troublesome than the Underworld Demon with the eye.

After appearing, the Underworld Demon immediately leaped at Zhao Fu, and he did not even have the chance to hide. The Underworld Demon swiped its claws at Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu's body turned into countless black blurs as he dodged the attack.

In actuality, this was quite useful to Zhao Fu. It would take some time for Zhao Fu to become accustomed to fighting on the frontlines from watching from the backlines. Even though he had gained immense power, he lacked the means to use this power. In other words, he lacked battle experience - his King's Power was also something that could only be developed through battle.

Zhao Fu quickly dodged, as this Underworld Demon attacked even faster than the previous one. Despite his speed and agility, there were many occasions where he was almost hit.

Zhao Fu knew that he couldn't continue like this, and he suddenly remembered his Knife Throwing skill. Throwing knives were leaf-shaped knives that were roughly as long as a dagger. The blade was quite thin and incredibly sharp, and it could deal a great amount of damage. This was one of the long-range abilities that [Assassin - Order] had.

Zhao Fu had prepared some throwing knives beforehand, and he immediately retreated 10 or so meters before taking out two throwing knives. He flicked his wrists, sending the two throwing knives towards the Underworld Demon. They were incredibly fast, and they looked like two rays of white light as they traveled towards the Underworld Demon. The sound that they gave off was quite quiet, but because the Underworld Demon had astonishing hearing, it was able to knock the two throwing knives away with its claws.

Zhao Fu wasn't disappointed when he saw this because he had found a way to deal with the Underworld Demon. Upon realizing this method, a smile appeared on his lips.

Because Zhao Fu's face was covered by his hood, his smile looked quite mysterious and somewhat dashing.

This time, it was Zhao Fu who attacked first. He used the throwing knives to continuously attack the Underworld Demon from different places, and all of them were knocked away by it. Following this, Zhao Fu threw another two throwing knives, but this time, after he threw them, he moved extremely quickly and suppressed his aura as he followed right behind the two throwing knives.

Bang! Bang!

The Underworld Demon waved its arms, and its steel-like claws once again knocked the two throwing knives away. By now, Zhao Fu was right in front of the Underworld Demon, and he slashed his hidden blade towards it. The Underworld Demon finally noticed Zhao Fu and tried to grab him with its claws.

However, just as the hidden blade and the claws were about to clash, Zhao Fu suddenly stopped attacking and dodged to the side. The instant that the Underworld Demon's claws missed, Zhao Fu left a gash on the Underworld Demon's side. This caused it to roar with fury, and it raised its claws before smashing them down on Zhao Fu.


The Underworld Demon's claws crashed onto the ground, leaving a large crater, but by now, Zhao Fu was already behind the Underworld Demon. He stabbed out, his hidden blade giving off a black light as it stabbed into the Underworld Demon's heart.

The Underworld Demon's body immediately dissipated, turning into grey air, and an Underworld Demon Crystal fell to the ground. Zhao Fu picked up the crystal and continued onwards.


Seven days later, Zhao Fu arrived at the end of the forest. Over the seven days, Zhao Fu had killed 459 Underworld Demons, and he had correspondingly obtained 459 Underworld Demon Crystals.

It seemed that Underworld Demon Crystals were guaranteed drops from Underworld Demons, and they were not as rare as Soldier Souls. As such, Zhao Fu fused two Underworld Demon Crystals into his hidden blades, causing their stats to change.

[Hidden Blade]: Grade: Blue, Stats: Strength +1, Agility +1, Description: A normal hidden blade that has been strengthened by an Underworld Demon's Power. The Assassin skills used with this hidden blade will be strengthened, and the hidden blade has received a small armor-piercing effect.

Before, the hidden blades did not have any stats, but now, the two hidden blades had two points of stats, the Assassin skills used with the hidden blades were buffed, and the blades received a small armor-piercing effect. Even if someone was wearing armor, the hidden blades could still pierce through them, so these two hidden blades had now become perfect assassination tools.

After these seven days, Zhao Fu had finally arrived at the end of the forest, which meant that Zhao Fu was about to pass the trial. There were two large doors at the end of the forest that were like the ones that Zhao Fu had entered to arrive in this space. However, there were 50 or so Underworld Demons guarding them.

It would be quite difficult for Zhao Fu to deal with 50 Underworld Demons at once, so he thought about what to do. The goal wasn't to kill the Underworld Demons but to pass through here. As such, he made some faint noises in the forest and lured over only the Underworld Demons with ears.

Now, there were only 20 or so Underworld Demons with big eyes in front of the doors. Zhao Fu didn't hide anymore, and he directly rushed over. After the rigorous training that he had gone through over the past seven days, Zhao Fu seemed to have become a different person in terms of both strength and mental state.

Under his hood, Zhao Fu was shrouded with a mysterious and icy aura, and he rushed over like a black shadow. Of course, the 20 or so Underworld Demons immediately noticed him and rushed towards him.


Just as they started fighting, Zhao Fu tilted his head and dodged one of the Underworld Demon's claws before stabbing the hidden blade on his right hand into its heart. Everything had happened extremely quickly, and now, Zhao Fu's movements were all incredibly smooth and proficient.

Zhao Fu did not even bother to look at the Underworld Demon he had just killed before turning and plunging his other hidden blade into another Underworld Demon's heart. These Underworld Demons, which had been a big problem for Zhao Fu in the past, were no longer a problem. After quickly killing these Underworld Demons, he put away the crystals that they had dropped.

Zhao Fu slowly opened the pair of doors at the end of the forest before arriving in another hall. This hall was the same as the hall from before, but the difference was that apart from there being a Profession Change Stone Stele at the center, there were also 12 stages around it with 12 statues and 12 sets of equipment.