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 The gold-clothed young man crashed onto the ground and shouted at Zhao Fu, "Do you know who I am? You dared to harm me; the Muse family won't let you off. You're screwed!"

Zhao Fu stood in the air and disdainfully laughed. Why would Zhao Fu fear a large family from a Barony Kingdom? If it was a Dukedom Kingdom, Zhao Fu perhaps would have felt apprehensive, but this young man was nothing to him.

Since he wanted to die, Zhao Fu would satisfy him.


Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and grabbed at the air, causing space to seem to explode. A massive formless hand gripped the young man, who became terrified. He was absolutely unrestrained within this Kingdom, and he had never thought that someone would dare to kill him.


Just as the gold-clothed young man was about to say something, the formless hand tightened, causing him to explode and turn into a bloody mist. Only an Official Seal remained.

This Official Seal was useless to Zhao Fu, and it did not have the effects of an abandoned City Lord Seal. Otherwise, Zhao Fu could have at least used it to fuse into beasts to make them stronger.

The nearby City Lords were terrified and obediently knelt on the ground, not daring to move at all. That person hadn't hesitated dared to kill the gold-clothed young man, so he definitely looked down on the Muse family's power. How could they dare to offend such a person?

Moreover, even if they wanted to attack, they did not have the strength. They were not as strong as the gold-clothed young man, who had been instantly killed by that person.

Zhao Fu glanced at them, and seeing that they were tactful, he did not make a move against them. He did not need to worry about his identity because he was only passing by here. He most likely would not return, and those who had run away already knew to stay away.

Facing Zhao Fu's gaze, which seemed to be like that of a terrifying evil beast's, the City Lords' bodies trembled, and they felt incredibly fearful. How could such a terrifying person suddenly appear? This was simply too shocking.

Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and directly passed them, flying into the mouth of the cave.

Inside, there was a road paved with bricks, and there were some carvings on the walls. A cold aura rushed out from within; this indeed seemed to be an ancient tomb.

Zhao Fu ignored these and continued to fly into the depths of the ancient tomb. Finally, he arrived at a large hall. This hall was hundreds of meters tall and over 1,000 meters wide. The walls were blood-red as if they had been painted using fresh blood, and they gave off a gory stench.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite surprised; before, Zhao Fu had thought that he would run into a few people, such as Lord Keli.

However, after going in, he only saw a heap of corpses and no living people. At the center of the hall, there was a vertical rift from which bloody qi continuously flowed out.

Swish, swish, swish...

Ten or so rays of light flew out from within the rift. Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, sending a wave of energy out that created a formless wall that blocked those lights. The lights were soon revealed to be treasures, all of them being Gold grade equipment. They were all quite ancient as well.

Facing this scene, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. Moreover the corpses around him were proof that the things in front of him were not as safe as they seemed.

Just as Zhao Fu went up to take a look at the rift, the rift suddenly exploded out with a powerful attractive force, sucking him in.

Zhao Fu's surroundings blurred as he came to another world. This world was completely blood-red, and the sky was covered with cracks, making it seem like it was going to fall at any moment. The ground was also split, and there was thick blood flowing everywhere. It was a scene of utter desolation and deathly silence.

Suddenly, the boundless bloody qi flowed towards Zhao Fu as if it had a consciousness. Zhao Fu's gaze became serious as he unleashed his Emperor's Domain to keep that bloody qi outside.

"Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill..."

At that moment, a intense killing intent filled Zhao Fu's brain, making him feel as if his head was going to split apart. A berserk killing intent exploded out of him like a wild gale. Zhao Fu's eyes became blood-red, and a blood-red flame appeared around him.

The Clear Sable Sword within the Sword Mark excitedly trembled, giving off clear sword hums, and a powerful blood-red light filled the Sword Mark region.

The other sword spirits' expressions fell because they could sense the Clear Sable Sword absorbing that berserk killing intent, and it was slowly corroding them too.

"Roar..." Dragons' roars sounded out from within Zhao Fu's body as the Great Qin Seal started to protect its master. It gave off Nation Power as Zhao Fu's Sovereign Bloodline also quickly devoured that berserk killing intent, and the phoenix crystal within his body also gave off a large amount of golden light.

Within the Sword Mark, the other sword spirits gave off their own powers, causing powerful sword lights to pierce through the Sword Mark, and Zhao Fu's right hand seemed to have countless traces of sword light shooting out of it.

Luckily, Zhao Fu was able to suppress the killing intent, and his eyes soon returned to normal. His back was covered with sweat, and he felt slightly scared.

That killing intent had been way too terrifying; he had blocked off the bloody qi, but the killing intent had still made its way in and had almost caused him to become a monster that only knew killing.

Moreover, that killing intent was not something that ordinary people would be able to endure. Those who were weaker would have their bodies immediately collapse, and even their spirits would be destroyed.

This was the reason for the heap of corpses outside - those people had most likely accidentally breathed in some of the bloody qi, and their bodies had collapsed because they had been unable to withstand that terrifying killing intent.

Zhao Fu had calmed down, but the Clear Sable Sword within the Sword Mark was still abnormally excited and continued to rampantly devour the berserk killing intent.

The Clear Sable Sword had been a sword of kindness, and it was not used to kill people. Because of this, Zhao Fu had been unable to kill people, and whenever he did, his heart would ache. As such, Zhao Fu had converted it into a sword of killing.

There was a saying that only trees that had its roots in hell could reach heaven and grow the purest flowers; in the same way, only a tree from heaven would be able to create the evilest fruits.

Zhao Fu understood this and understood why the Clear Sable Sword was so excited.


Suddenly, a ferocious blood-red sword light containing immense power slashed at Zhao Fu from the left, and the air seemed to be cleaved in half.

Zhao Fu's gaze slightly changed, and he stretched out his left hand, causing nine black dragons to float out of his body, and the Emperor's Domain became ten or so times more powerful.


The blood-red sword light slammed against the black energy barrier, resulting in a massive sound as shockwaves rippled out.


A clear cracking sound could be heard as a few small cracks appeared on Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain, and the blood-red sword light dissipated.

Zhao Fu turned and saw a figure to his left. It was a middle-aged Elf who looked quite strange. His eyes were blood-red, and there were fangs coming out of his mouth. His gaze was cold as he looked at Zhao Fu with his head cocked to the side.

His body gave off a powerful bloody qi, and he held a blood-red sword. That blood-red sword had a few tentacles that had tunneled into the Elf's arm, causing him to fuse with the sword.

Zhao Fu understood that this person was 'Lord Keli,' but now that he looked like this, he had been fully controlled by the killing intent.