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 Zhao Fu gave a detailed explanation to Le Yuyu and told her that he already had Cang Xuenu under his control. It was impossible for her to betray him, and he told Le Yuyu not to worry about the Lelai Kingdom's safety.

After hearing about Zhao Fu controlling Cang Xuenu, Le Yuyu did not seem too pleased and instead seemed quite jealous. She lightly hit Zhao Fu a few times, saying, "You're too fickle and unfaithful. You're not happy with just Us and Our daughter and want even more women."

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and did not understand what Le Yuyu meant. Only after asking did he realize that she thought that he had taken control over Cang Xuenu in the same way he had with her, using desire to control her. Not only could she not betray Zhao Fu, she always begged Zhao Fu to have his way with her.

This caused Zhao Fu to laugh, and he explained that he was not such a licentious person; he was actually quite pure. In response, Le Yuyu looked quite doubtful.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu told Le Yuyu to properly develop the Lelai Kingdom, increase her strength, and help the Blue Wolf Kingdom recover.

This was all for Great Qin to directly conquer the Grassi world and Half-Beast world after the Heavenly Domain Boundary disappeared.

However, he seemed to be missing something - Zhao Fu had seemed to have forgotten about the Elf world next to the Grassi world. He had a piece in the Half-Beast and Grassi worlds, but he also needed one in the Elf world for the future.

If Great Qin attacked the Grassi world, the two worlds on either side would not just sit there and watch. They would definitely try to attack Great Qin. As such, he had to set up a piece in the Elf world as well to prepare for the future.

After leaving the Lelai Kingdom, Zhao Fu went directly to the Elf world and collected as much information as he could. Wanting to set up a piece here would not be easy, and he could not just do it casually.

There were various requirements, such as potential. It had to have a high ceiling and be a Kingdom. Zhao Fu did not want to bother with factions that weren't even Kingdoms.

Another thing was that the faction had to be low-profile, making it difficult for others to discover. This would make it easier for Great Qin to secretly control it and fulfill Great Qin's goals.

It also had to be easily controlled; if the faction was too stubborn, it would be difficult to control and could expose Great Qin's plans.

There were also some other prerequisites, such as location, relations with other Kingdoms, and internal affairs.

As such, finding a suitable piece was quite complicated. It had to be done with a lot of preparation, so Zhao Fu had to collect a large amount of information.

A few days later, after much thought, Zhao Fu picked a target. Just as he prepared to go, he passed by a City that seemed quite chaotic. After asking around, he heard that there was an ancient tomb that had many good things a few hundred kilometers away.

Someone had obtained an Epic grade equipment from there, which was worth millions of gold coins. This was quite attractive to City Lords, so there were many people hurrying there from the City.

After hearing about this, Zhao Fu felt quite interested, but because he had things to do, he did not plan on going. However, the Clear Sable Sword within the Sword Mark slightly trembled as if it was telling Zhao Fu to go.

This was the first time it had reacted in such a way. Before, the Clear Sable Sword had been the second-ranked sword out of China's Ten Great Swords, and it had actually existed in history. It was not as fantastical as the Regulus Sword, but it was still a treasured sword only found in legends and had powerful spirituality.

It seemed that there was something that attracted it, so Zhao Fu thought about it and asked for the location of the ancient tomb before turning into a ray of light and flying over.

Within a valley, there were tens of thousands of people chaotically fighting. There was a cave mouth on a cliff face. Occasionally, ten or so rays of light would shoot out, and everyone would fight over them. Those rays of light were all treasures, and they were at least Gold grade and some were even Legendary grade.

Some people had entered the cave, and those outside were not very strong and did not have many allies. Four or five City Lords gave off powerful auras and stood guard around the cave mouth, stopping people from looking into the cave mouth.


A powerful aura descended from the sky as an Elf wearing gold clothes appeared. Looking at the chaotic scene, his expression was cold as he said with a trace of arrogance, "I'm the Third Young Master of the Muse family. All of you scram; this area will be governed by the Muse family in the future."

After hearing the name of the Muse family, everyone's faces fell. The Muse family was the most prestigious family in this Kingdom, and their authority was not inferior to the royal clan.

However, the Muse family was simply too domineering!

This was evidently a treasure trove with no owner, and they had not even entered, only waiting outside for some things that had been missed. And yet, they did not even allow this and claimed this place to be theirs.

Everyone felt quite angry, but thinking about how terrifying the Muse family was, they could only endure it. Opposing the Muse family was almost equivalent to the Kingdom. They would only do such a thing if they wanted to die.

Seeing that these people were slow to react, killing intent flashed in the eyes of the young man as he said, "You peasants deserve to die!"

Swish, swish, swish...

The young man in gold clothes waved his hand, causing ten massive leaves to shoot out. Countless people were sliced in half at the waist, causing pained cries to sound out and blood to fly everywhere. In just an instant, thousands of people had died.

The remaining people did not dare to remain and hurriedly ran away.

The City Lords standing guard at the entrance had grim looks on their faces. They looked at each other, and one of them stepped up and bowed before saying, "Third Young Master, Lord Keli is inside searching for treasures. This place is the territory of Lord Keli..."


A slap sounded out as the City Lord who spoke was sent flying backwards, half of his face completely swollen.

The gold-clothed young man coldly laughed as he said, "Who does Keli think he is? Can he contend with the Muse family? You dare to use him to try to scare this young master? If you try that again, this young master will have your life."

The face of the City Lord who had been slapped was incredibly red, and he suppressed his anger and lowered his head, not daring to say anything.

The other City Lords also lowered their heads and retreated to the side.

The gold-clothed young man coldly laughed, and just as he was about to fly into the cave mouth, something unexpected happened.


A river-like aura descended from the sky, making everyone feel as if they had fallen into a demon abyss. Their bodies and souls felt terror, and the gold-clothed young man's expression changed. He turned to see that a black-cloaked figure had appeared in the sky.

The cloaked-figure waved his hand, causing the gold-clothed young man and the City Lords to be blasted back. They crashed onto the ground and coughed up large mouthfuls of blood.

The ordinary Elves running away saw this and began running away even faster. Someone even more powerful had come, and he did not put even the gold-clothed young man in his eyes.