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 There were many factions more powerful than Great Qin outside the Legacy Lands, so Zhao Fu wanted to act more low-profile in order to avoid showing too much of his power. If he was attacked by many other factions, things would be quite bad.

In actuality, allying with other factions to attack others was quite good. With how weak the Lelai Kingdom was right now, it was the best choice.

Later, Zhao Fu would spread news that the Lelai Kingdom had obtained nothing, as the Blue Wolf Kingdom's Queen had relocated the Royal City and left already.

After doing all of this, Zhao Fu grinned and continued to give the order to quickly retreat and leave this place.

Following this, the three Kings arrived and saw that it was just an empty City, making them feel quite furious. One of them was angry to the point that he started launching attacks everywhere, destroying the City.

Before, they had agreed with Cang Xuenu to chase out the Grassi people for now before dealing with the Blue Wolf Kingdom.

However, Cang Xuenu had suddenly said that the Royal City was being attacked, so she had quickly returned.

They immediately felt that something was off and tried to stop her. After all, none of them trusted her and didn't want her to pull any tricks, like relocating the Royal City.

However, they had been unable to stop her. Some of her Generals and Corps had covered her, allowing her to run off. After arriving, they found that she had indeed played them and relocated the Royal City.

However, if they were in her shoes, they would have done the same thing. After all, there were seven Kingdoms invading, and the demise of the Blue Wolf Kingdom was guaranteed.

The three other Grassi armies also wanted to come and attack the Royal City, but it would have been quite difficult, so they gave up for now. Now that they heard that the Lelai Kingdom had gone there for nothing and that the Blue Wolf Kingdom's people had already relocated the Royal City and left, they did not care too much.

The seven Kingdoms devoured the Blue Wolf Kingdom's territory like wild beasts, not holding back at all. They quickly conquered Cities and regions, and facing these bandit-like people, the ones who suffered the most were the residents of the Blue Wolf Kingdom.

They could only run about in terror, trying to avoid this disaster. This was the consequence of their Kingdom falling.

In the end, all of the Blue Wolf Kingdom's territory was split by the seven Kingdoms, and the Blue Wolf Kingdom disappeared from the map, fading into history.

Originally, the Blue Wolf Kingdom had 340 regions, and because the Grassi people had attacked quite early on and did not face much resistance, they had obtained greater benefits.

In total, the Grassi people had conquered 230 regions, and each Kingdom had taken 40 or 50 regions, with the Lelai Kingdom taking the fewest. Zhao Fu had done this on purpose in order to reduce the amount of attention placed on them, paving the way for the future.

On the Half-Beast side, they only conquered 110 regions and had suffered quite a bit of losses from fighting. This made them quite angry - they had put in so much effort, yet most of the benefits had been taken by others.

The armies of both sides faced off against each other, their terrifying auras clashing and making everyone tremble as if they had fallen into icy water. All of the birds and beasts had already escaped, and no one dared to leave. The scene was incredibly silent and austere.

"You shameless Grassi people, you can keep the things you stole, but get the hell out of our world."

One of the Half-Beast Kings, a tall man, looked quite furious as he shouted loudly to the Grassi people.

The Grassi side had an advantage in terms of soldiers, City Lords, and Corps, so they naturally did not fear the other side. After attacking the Blue Wolf Kingdom, they had plundered many resources, and all of them had smiles on their faces, feeling quite happy.

Of course, they did not need to return the things they had taken, but they wanted the territory as well. After all, they each only had 200 to 300 regions, and taking even a single region required much effort.

Now, they had taken 40 or 50 regions in one go, which was equivalent to one-sixth or one-fifth of their overall territory; how could they give away such a large piece of meat. Moreover, they had superior numbers, so they did not have to feel afraid.

On the Grassi side, a long-faced King said mockingly in a loud voice, "We took those things for ourselves through our own effort; why should we give them to you? Do you think we're stupid? Plus, this territory doesn't belong to you three!

"All of us are here to steal from others, so stop acting all righteous. If you want it, take it for yourselves. You think we Grassi people are afraid of you?"

The Half-Beast Kings were infuriated, but they did not lose their reason. After all, if both sides fought, they would be at a disadvantage. It was possible that they would lose what they already had and could even lose most of their forces.

"This is the Half-Beast world's territory; as Half-Beast people, we have the right to say this. You shameless people dared to take our territory; aren't you afraid of a war between worlds?" a slightly chubby man yelled.

The Grassi people disdainfully laughed. How could it be so easy to start a war between worlds? Neither side would benefit from such a war, and it would be other worlds that benefitted. As such, they did not worry too much about this.

Zhao Fu stood in the air but did not say much, trying to seem as inconspicuous as possible. He let the three others take the lead and watched the war of words unfold.

After facing off for a few days, fighting still didn't break out between the two sides, as neither side wanted to escalate this matter. If an even more powerful faction became involved, it was possible that they would lose what they already had.

Following this, all of the Kingdoms started to build Great Walls, planning to close off their territories and slowly digest those regions.

After this operation, the Lelai Kingdom's relationship with the other Grassi Kingdoms became better. They were all quite welcoming of Zhao Fu and even invited Zhao Fu to a banquet to celebrate.

Zhao Fu politely refused and went back to the Lelai Kingdom to go through their gains from this operation.

The gained one Royal City, two Capital Cities, 300 or so Great Cities, 300 million people, and ten million Stage 1 soldiers.

Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with these gains. Of course, most of these things had been taken by Zhao Fu secretly; the others did not know about this.

Zhao Fu did not plan to bring most of these things back to Great Qin, and he instead decided to develop the Lelai Kingdom's strength. After all, the Lelai Kingdom was an important piece to Great Qin, so he had to properly develop it.

At the same time, Zhao Fu secretly re-established the Blue Wolf Kingdom within the Lelai Kingdom's territory in order to make preparations for conquering the Half-Beast world in the future.

Zhao Fu was unable to fully conceal this, as Zhao Fu was not the true ruler here. After hearing about this, Le Yuyu was somewhat against it - after all, it was another Kingdom within the Lelai Kingdom's territory, and it had not submitted to the Lelai Kingdom.