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 "Who are you?" Cang Xuenu looked at Zhao Fu coldly as she stretched out her hand, and the halberd flew into her grasp.

"Me? I'm the imperial son-in-law of the Lelai Kingdom," Zhao Fu replied as he lightly laughed.

An immense look of hatred immediately appeared in Cang Xuenu's eyes. It could be said that everything that had happened to the Blue Wolf Kingdom was because of Zhao Fu. If it weren't for him, the Blue Wolf Kingdom would not have suffered such a great loss, and it would not have been attacked by the other kingdoms.


Cang Xuenu exploded out with a terrifying aura and shot forwards like a bolt of lightning, reaching Zhao Fu's side in an instant. She gripped her halberd with both hands, sending in an immense amount of power, causing it to give off a cold light as she slashed it towards Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu did not even bother looking at her and casually slashed out, causing a massive sword qi to fly out. Cang Xuenu was blasted back and crashed into the ground, coughing up a large mouthful of blood, her face quite pale.

Because of the hatred she felt, she had disregarded the terrifying aura from Zhao Fu's body, which was many times more powerful than hers.

Zhao Fu condescendingly laughed and did not bother with her anymore. Now that the energy barrier had been destroyed, all Zhao Fu had to do was conquer the City Heart to destroy the Blue Wolf Kingdom.


Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and shot into the depths of the City Hall. Cang Xuenu's expression fell, and she also charged into the City Hall and saw Zhao Fu's hand already on the City Heart. She hurriedly cried out, "Wait, as long as you don't conquer it, I'll agree to anything."

Surprisingly, Zhao Fu paused and thought about it. He then turned and smiled, saying, "There's nothing you have that can attract me, and whether or not you can even survive is a different matter. Your royal clan has been captured by the Lelai Kingdom; what can you give me to convince me not to conquer the Blue Wolf Kingdom?"

Cang Xuenu's expression was quite unsightly because she really did have nothing. Facing Zhao Fu's terrifying strength, she had no way to escape either, and even if she used her Nation Armament, it would not be enough. Zhao Fu gave off an aura that caused her to feel immense despair.

"Then what do you want?" Seeing that Zhao Fu had stopped and was smiling, Cang Xuenu was sure that Zhao Fu had some goal in mind.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said, "You're quite smart. The Blue Wolf Kingdom has no hope at all, and there are seven Kingdoms attacking it. You've already lost half of your territory, and the Blue Wolf Kingdom will definitely be destroyed, so there's no need to struggle. Now, submit to us! As long as you submit to us, the Blue Wolf Kingdom will still belong to you and I will make you the most prestigious person among the Half-Beast people."

Hearing this, Cang Xuenu immediately understood what Zhao Fu was thinking, and she felt quite curious about Zhao Fu's mysterious identity and his ambition.

"Just who are you?" Cang Xuenu looked at Zhao Fu as she asked. She now felt that Zhao Fu definitely was not some ordinary person; he actually had the ambition to conquer the Half-Beast world. This meant that Zhao Fu had an incredibly terrifying and dangerous identity.

"Haha, it doesn't matter who I am. You have no other choice but to submit to me. Otherwise, I'll conquer the City Heart and capture you, making you beg for death," Zhao Fu laughed as he said with a hint of menace.

Cang Xuenu sank into her thoughts. Did she have to submit to him and become a chess piece to destroy the Half-Beast world?

She felt quite unwilling for her ancestors' hard work to be ruined by her hands; she would be the greatest sinner of the Blue Wolf Kingdom.

Suddenly, Cang Xuenu thought about the three other Kings hurrying over. If the four of them attacked this person, perhaps they would have a chance at saving the Blue Wolf Kingdom. Moreover, she was a Half-Beast person, so she definitely would not help an outsider conquer her own world.

After making this decision, she did not show it and continued to look indecisive. Now, her task was to stall for time and wait for the others.

Zhao Fu waited for a while, and because he had unlocked Perception, one of the Five Celestial Senses, the range of his senses was quite large. At that moment, he sensed three powerful auras heading over. His expression became heavy, and his body suddenly disappeared.

Cang Xuenu was startled and hurriedly unleashed a defensive barrier. However, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and grabbed at her. The barrier was unable to stop him at all. It instantly shattered, and Zhao Fu's hand grabbed towards Cang Xuenu's throat.

At that crucial moment, Cang Xuenu unleashed her Nation Armament's power, causing a terrifying white flame to burn around her, and an immense power exploded out.

A dragon's roar sounded out from within Zhao Fu's body as he released all of the Great Qin Seal's power. The images of nine black dragons appeared around Zhao Fu.


A muffled bang sounded out as Cang Xuenu's throat was grabbed by Zhao Fu, and her body was lifted up by Zhao Fu with a single hand.

Cang Xuenu looked quite terrified; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so powerful; a Nation Armament of a true Kingdom could compare to five or six Nation Armaments that belonged to factions that had not yet established Kingdoms. However, Zhao Fu was the King of a Marquisate Kingdom, which had over 10,000 regions, and he had all sorts of other powers. As such, Cang Xuenu was unable to defend against Zhao Fu at all.

Now that Cang Xuenu's throat was grabbed by Zhao Fu, killing her required just a single thought. Cang Xuenu felt the aura of death, and her body trembled in fear.

It was difficult for her to even breathe, and seeing that she could not change the situation, she gasped, "I agree... to submit... to you."

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed but did not let her go. He stretched out his other hand, causing six balls of demonic qi to flow out, and they continuously twisted around in front of Zhao Fu's palm as if they were alive. Zhao Fu then pressed his hand against Cang Xuenu's abdomen, causing the six balls of demonic qi to fuse into her body.

Only after setting restrictions in her body did Zhao Fu relax. He threw her onto the ground and said coldly, "Hurry up and relocate the City Heart."

After being treated so roughly, Cang Xuenu felt quite wronged and felt some tears coming. When she heard Zhao Fu order her to relocate the City Heart, she felt relieved; at least the Blue Wolf Kingdom would survive in her hands.

They were just relocating the Royal City, so there were not any abnormal signs. Zhao Fu ordered the soldiers to take anything of value before quickly leaving.

Now that Cang Xuenu had surrendered, Zhao Fu naturally took in her City Lords and soldiers as well, but he had to do this secretively.

One of the reasons why Zhao Fu did not decide to conquer the Blue Wolf Kingdom himself was because the abnormal signs from conquering a Kingdom were simply too great and would attract others over.

Moreover, if the Lelai Kingdom conquered the Royal City and obtained massive benefits, the other Grassi Kingdoms would be dissatisfied, and the Half-Beast Kingdoms would make the Lelai Kingdom their main target too.