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 Cang Xuenu immediately called out to the three Kings, "The Blue Wolf Kingdom is about to be destroyed by the Grassi people, and you won't be able to obtain any benefits. The Blue Wolf Kingdom can surrender to you later; that will be better than being destroyed by the Grassi people at least. Don't worry, the Blue Wolf Kingdom does not have any power to defend against you; you should be defending against the Grassi people right now."

After hearing this, the three Kings thought to themselves. The Blue Wolf Kingdom indeed no longer had the power to resist them, and right now, their focus should be chasing out those shameless Grassi people and stopping them from taking what was theirs.

As such, the three of them agreed to Cang Xuenue's suggestion but also felt quite wary.

On the other side, the four Grassi Kingdoms continuously conquered regions. In just a short amount of time, they had already conquered 40% of the Blue Wolf Kingdom's regions.

Zhao Fu attacked the Blue Wolf Kingdom's Royal City with a delighted look. The Kingdom-Protecting Formation had already activated, forming an energy barrier that gave off a massive aura, protecting the Royal City.

Time was of the essence, so Zhao Fu immediately gave the order to attack the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier. There were some soldiers within the Royal City, but if the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier was not destroyed, the Half-Beast soldiers could not attack them either. As such, Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to attack from a safe distance away.

With Zhao Fu's strength alone, it would be quite difficult to break through the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier. After all, a Kingdom-Protecting Barrier's power from the entire Kingdom, making them quite difficult to destroy.

However, things were different now. The Blue Wolf Kingdom had already been broken through and lost a large amount of Fate, making the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier much weaker. At the same time, Zhao Fu had 20 million soldiers.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions sounded out as the five Corps roared and unleashed five Corps Formations, four beasts and one object. The other soldiers also exploded out with their cultivation power, and the five Corps Formations started to devour their cultivation power, causing them to become even more powerful.

The ordinary soldiers could not directly fuse their power into the Corps Formations, as they were not part of the Corps, so they could only use this method to provide power to the Corps Formations. However, it cost them a lot of their strength.

The five Corps Formations became seven or eight hundred meters tall and gave off ferocious auras, causing the weather to change and shaking their surroundings. They charged at the Royal City and started to madly attack the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier.

Swish, swish, swish...

Some soldiers drew their bows and aimed at the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier, causing countless arrows to descend on it like a torrential rain.

Even though the Kingdom had been broken through, the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier was still quite firm. Facing countless attacks, it only weakened slightly. At this rate, it would take at least a few hours to fully destroy it.


An enormous might descended as the Great Qin Seal within Zhao Fu's body trembled. A large amount of Great Qin's Nation Power entered Zhao Fu's body, causing black flames to erupt around his body. The space around him became distorted as violent gales blew out from him.

As this massive aura appeared, the people in the surrounding ten or so regions all sensed this. It was a power that could cause people to despair.

The 20 million soldiers, as well as the people within the Royal City, all trembled under this terrifying aura.

"Demon Sun!" A massive pillar of demonic qi shot into the sky, causing the sun in the sky to be dyed black and give off an intense demonic light. A boundless demonic intent spread out in the sky.

Zhao Fu raised the Sky Demon Sword and unleashed one of his most powerful attacks. He then slashed down, causing an enormous black sword light to slash towards the energy barrier, seeming as if it could split the heavens and earth.


The Kingdom-Protecting Barrier violently shook, trying to defend against that world-destroying sword light. In the end, it was able to completely dispel the attack but had used up a lot of its power.


Yet another pillar of demonic qi shot into the sky, dyeing the sun in the sky black and giving off a demonic intent. Following this, another terrifying sword light slashed out.

The soldiers quickly attacked, and the five Corps Formations ferociously smashed against the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier, causing it to once again greatly weaken.

After four sword strikes from Zhao Fu, the incredibly tough Kingdom-Protecting Barrier was covered with cracks, and the people within the Royal City started to panic because the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier was about to be destroyed.

At that moment, Zhao Fu once again raised the Sky Demon Sword, and a massive amount of demonic qi once again dyed the sun black. A terrifying sword light descended onto the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier.


A massive sound rang out as the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier completely shattered. Under the combined attacks of Zhao Fu and the 20 million soldiers, they had finally destroyed the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier.

The Royal City immediately fell into chaos. Some ran to the City Walls to fight to the death, while others ran in terror. A white energy barrier appeared within the City, which protected the City Hall.

Now, there were only ten or so City Lords within the Royal City, around 100,000 soldiers, and six or seven million residents. Zhao Fu did not care about them at all, and he gave the order to attack.

The 20 million soldiers ferociously charged into the Royal City. They first shot out a wave of arrows, causing the defenders' numbers to be reduced by half, before the soldiers at the front easily scaled the City Walls and entered the City.

Zhao Fu killed the ten defending City Guards with a single sword strike and arrived above the City Hall, looking down at the energy barrier.

This was the energy barrier of a Barony Kingdom, so destroying it would not be easy. However, it would be much easier than destroying the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier. Zhao Fu had just used up a lot of power, so in order to avoid any danger, he decided not to use the Great Qin Seal's power anymore. Instead, he used the Six Paths Demon Images' power.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive explosions rang out as a mushroom cloud rose up, and a corporeal shockwave destroyed the area in the surrounding ten or so kilometres. Sand and dust filled the air, and the explosive power almost affected the Lelai Kingdom's soldiers as well.

After the dust settled, there was a massive crater around the City Hall. The energy barrier still had not been destroyed, but it was covered with cracks. Just then, Zhao Fu had used ten Destruction Crystals, and the destructive power was evident. Zhao Fu smiled as he walked over and casually attacked, destroying the energy barrier, and he walked into the City Hall.


Suddenly, a halberd containing immense power seemed to cause the air to explode as it shot towards Zhao Fu.

The Sky Demon Sword in Zhao Fu's hands gave off boundless demonic light, and Zhao Fu swung it back handed as a massive sword light slashed out, knocking the halberd away. He slightly turned, looking at Cang Xuenu.

Cang Xuenu had hurried back as quickly as possible, and she had never thought that the Kingdom-Protecting Barrier would be destroyed so easily. This had ruined all of her plans. However, something that chilled her heart had happened: The City Hall's energy barrier had been destroyed. If that person conquered the City Heart, the Blue Wolf Kingdom would be destroyed.