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 "With the Blue Wolf Kingdom's strength, it's difficult to guarantee your own safety. The three of us are helping the Blue Wolf Kingdom, or else you'll be destroyed by others sooner or later. Based on our relationship in the past, you should submit to us, and we will give you some benefits.

"You have no other choice right now. Either submit to us or die. You can't blame anyone except the Blue Wolf Kingdom for being too weak. You attacked the Lelai Kingdom and suffered such a heavy loss. If you hadn't attacked them, we wouldn't have made a move either."

Cang Xuenu's eyes were icy cold, but she did not regret this at all. She was the Queen of the Blue Wolf Kingdom, and because her father had been killed by the other side, she had to take revenge.

However, she had never expected the weak Lelai Kingdom to have a powerful expert helping them, instantly turning the situation around. All of their preparations had failed

If it wasn't for that expert, the Blue Wolf Kingdom would have destroyed the Lelai Kingdom and devoured its forces long ago, making them even stronger.

One of the three Kings, a slightly chubby man, said, "Xuenu, uncle watched you grow up and become pretty. Your Blue Wolf Kingdom has no hope anymore and can only surrender. You can come and serve uncle; you'll have a role to play in the Azure Wolf Kingdom."

Hearing these shameless words, Cang Xuenu could not hold it in anymore and started to attack. Her halberd ferociously swung towards that slightly chubby man.

As Cang Xuenu attacked, a big battle between both sides unfolded.

The soldiers on the ground charged, giving off shocking sounds as they flooded towards the Great Wall. Powerful auras exploded out as Corps Formations appeared, and the sound of the air being torn could be heard as countless arrows flew out.

The City Lords in the sky also gave off immense auras as they rushed out and started to fight, causing terrifying shockwaves to ripple out.

The fighting was incredibly intense, and blood flew everywhere. The sounds of fighting and dying continuously sounded out, and both sides ferociously attacked as more and more people died.

"Hahh!" In the sky, Cang Xuenu cried out as she slashed out her halberd with all her strength. Three icy flood dragons giving off cold auras roared as they flew at the three Kings, causing the surrounding temperature to fall. Ice crystals seemed to appear in the air; it could be seen how terrifying this attack was.

However, the three Kings were not so easy to deal with. They also released three terrifying attacks, easily destroying the three icy flood dragons.

One of them flew forwards, not holding back at all as he swung his saber, causing a sharp saber light surrounded by terrifying saber qi to fly towards Cang Xuenu.

Cang Xuenu's expression did not change. She gripped her halberd and vigorously stabbed forwards, causing a fierce cold light to shoot out and clash with the saber light. A large explosion resulted, causing wild winds to blast out.

However, at that moment, another person suddenly appeared behind Cang Xuenu, stabbing out with his sword towards her heart.

Cang Xuenu's expression fell, and just as she was about to respond, another person swung his axe, giving off an extremely violent power as he hacked towards Cang Xuenu's head, looking incredibly savage.

Facing both of these people's terrifying attacks, Cang Xuenu was unable to defend. However, both of these were fatal attacks, and if she could not block them, she would die here.


A terrifying aura exploded out from within Cang Xuenu's body. She did not hesitate to use her Nation Armament; this was a true Kingdom's Nation Armament, and it was not something that a Nation Armament without a Kingdom could compare with. This power sent both people flying back, but it was unable to harm them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three massive explosions sounded out; it was not just Cang Xuenu who had a Nation Armament. The three others also exploded out with the power of their Nation Armaments, and a large battle once again unfolded.

However, the battle was extremely unfavorable to Cang Xuenu. The three others continuously suppressed her, and the situation seemed quite dire. She was now injured, and she was facing three experienced Kings whose cultivations all surpassed hers.

Apart from being at a disadvantage, the rest of the Blue Wolf Kingdom was also at a disadvantage, and they did not have as many City Lords as the other side. Each one of their City Lords had to face multiple City Lords, and they did not have enough soldiers either. Even though they were fiercely retaliating, the enemies had already started climbing up the Great Wall.

At the same time, the Corps Formations gave off terrifying shockwaves, and the Blue Wolf Kingdom did not have enough Corps Formations either, resulting in them being constantly suppressed.

This situation was quite disadvantageous, and the Blue Wolf Kingdom would definitely lose.

At that moment, Zhao Fu and the other Grassi Kingdoms took this opportunity to also attack the Blue Wolf Kingdom from the other side. Because the Blue Wolf Kingdom's main force was dealing with the three other Half-Beast Kingdoms, Zhao Fu decided to take advantage of this.

The four Kingdoms split into four armies, easily breaking through the Blue Wolf Kingdom's Great Wall. They started to unrestrainedly kill and pillage, and this was according to their agreement - anyone could take anything they could lay their hands on. As such, everyone started pillaging like bandits, taking anything they wanted.

City after City was broken through, and as the Grassi people charged into the Cities, they did not bother saying anything, directly killing and taking anything of value.

There were mostly only residents left within the Cities, and they were unable to stop the ferocious armies at all. They were one-sidedly slaughtered, creating a bloody scene.

Because the Lelai Kingdom was quite close to the Blue Wolf Kingdom, a large stretch of their borders touched. As such, Zhao Fu picked a central route and headed straight to the Blue Wolf Kingdom's Palace.

At the same time, the Half-Beast people who had surrendered were put to use. Zhao Fu told them about the situation the Blue Wolf Kingdom was in, that it would almost certainly be destroyed, and that they could bring their friends and family to the Lelai Kingdom. The Lelai Kingdom would protect them, give them the same treatment, and would not make them slaves.

After seeing that the Blue Wolf Kingdom really was doomed, Half-Beast people felt incredibly grateful to the Lelai Kingdom and started to convince other Half-Beast people to submit to the Lelai Kingdom.

They had taken in many Half-Beast people in the past, and they made it so that Zhao Fu's army progressed incredibly quickly. Most people surrendered, so there was barely any resistance. This also made it so that they naturally obtained greater gains as well.

The news of the Grassi Kingdoms attacking the Blue Wolf Kingdom was instantly transmitted to the frontlines on the other side. Cang Xuenu's face became incredibly pale, and she understood that the Blue Wolf Kingdom was finished.

The three Kings were furious. They had put a lot of effort in to destroy the Blue Wolf Kingdom's main force, but most of the benefits had been taken by the Grassi people.

They had long since started to view the Blue Wolf Kingdom as something that belonged to them, so the Grassi people were stealing what belonged to them. This naturally made them feel quite furious.

At that moment, Cang Xuenu thought of something, which was to have the Half-Beast Kingdoms and Grassi Kingdoms fight against each other. Perhaps the Blue Wolf Kingdom would have a trace of a chance then.