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 Zhao Fu, Ge Nia, and Li Muqing wandered around until the afternoon. The sunset glow dyed the edges of the sky a golden-yellow color. It was now time to return.

"Your Majesty, what did you think of this excursion?" Li Muqing asked with a slight smile.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, saying, "It was quite rewarding. We saw many unexpected things and Great Qin's true appearance. It was much more interesting than reading documents."

Li Muqing grinned as she replied, "Then Your Majesty should come out more and personally experience what Great Qin is like."

Zhao Fu nodded and agreed.

Following this, the three of them returned to the Great Qin Royal City, and Zhao Fu slightly rested before continuing to read through documents. He now felt differently, feeling more interested in dealing with internal affairs.

A few days later, Zhao Fu stopped reading through documents and went outside the Legacy Lands because a big thing had happened.

Something was going on within the Blue Wolf Kingdom. After its battle with the Lelai Kingdom, it had lost 70% of its soldiers and City Lords, and its remaining forces were quite weak, unable to protect the Kingdom.

Even though the Blue Wolf Kingdom had immediately activated all of its defenses and tried to expand its military, they were not very strong. Moreover, the lack of City Lords was a fatal wound.

Back then, the surrounding Kingdoms did not allow Zhao Fu to make a move because their true aim was to lay hands on the Blue Wolf Kingdom themselves. The surrounding Kingdoms planned to ally together, take it down, and split it for themselves.

Zhao Fu had come out because the other Half-Beasts were planning to attack the Blue Wolf Kingdom.

Since the beginning, Zhao Fu had wanted to devour the Blue Wolf Kingdom, but the conditions had not allowed it. The Lelai Kingdom was quite weak and could not fight against a few Kingdoms, so he could only give up.

The Blue Wolf Kingdom was a big piece of meat, and everyone wanted to take a bite. Of course, with the Lelai Kingdom's power, it did not dare to enter the Half-Beast world by itself. If it attacked, it would be surrounded by many Half-Beast Kingdoms.

As such, Zhao Fu planned to bring a few helpers to attack the Blue Wolf Kingdom. He decided to ally with a few other Grassi Kingdoms to split the Blue Wolf Kingdom for themselves.

Now, with a few Kingdoms allied together, they had the confidence to attack the Half-Beast world together and would not have to fear an attack from multiple Half-Beast Kingdoms.

Even though the surrounding Grassi Kingdoms had refused to help the Lelai Kingdom and had even wanted to attack it, there were no eternal friends and enemies, only eternal interests. At this moment, they were all interested in the same thing.

Zhao Fu had Le Yuyu send those Kingdoms letters, and they quickly responded.

Zhao Fu read through the letters with a smile on his face, while Le Yuyu sat in his embrace and also read through them. She smiled as she said, "Little hubby, how much will the Lelai Kingdom's territory increase by this time?"

Outside the Legacy Lands, conquering regions was not as easy as within the Legacy Lands. After all, more territory meant more Fate, and almost all regions had owners. Wanting to take regions meant attacking the faction that owned them.

Within the Legacy Lands, system City Lords often abandoned their own regions to gather together so that the unoccupied regions could be freely conquered.

Only conquering a region for the first time would give a Region Treasure Box, and now that the human world was in the late stages. The system factions were counted as ordinary factions, and they could also obtain Region Treasure Boxes.

This made it quite difficult for Great Qin to obtain Region Treasure Boxes, as they were often obtained by others first.

After hearing Le Yuyu's words, Zhao Fu lightly smiled and said, "I'll do my best to help the Lelai Kingdom gain as much as possible!"

Le Yuyu happily kissed Zhao Fu and said, "Thank you, little hubby. We've missed you so much over the past while. Can you satisfy Us before you go?"

Zhao Fu lowered his head and looked at the lustful woman in his arms and smiled as he said, "Let's wait until all of this is over. Right now, there are a few Half-Beast Kingdoms attacking the Blue Wolf Kingdom, and we need to quickly move or else we won't be able to take anything."

Le Yuyu felt quite disappointed, but she knew her priorities, so she said, "Alright, We will wait for you together with Zhiwen then."

Zhao Fu lightly nodded before leaving the Lelai Kingdom's Palace.

There were three Kingdoms around the Lelai Kingdom, and each of them had a small portion of their territory bordering the Blue Wolf Kingdom, so they could directly attack. They could immediately take control of any regions they conquered and add them to their own territory.

None of them dared to attack the Half-Beast world alone, but with the Lelai Kingdom's suggestion, they were all too eager to agree. If a few Kingdoms invaded together, they would have much more confidence and would not worry about the threat of the Half-Beast people.

The Lelai Kingdom and the three other Kingdoms split into four paths and simultaneously invaded the Blue Wolf Kingdom's territory. Each Kingdom sent at least 20 million soldiers, 7000 City Lords, and some Generals.

Over on the Half-Beast side, there were three Half-Beast Kingdoms attacking the Blue Wolf Kingdom.

They had gathered 90 million soldiers and 2,500 City Lords to attack together, and the Blue Wolf Kingdom rushed to defend. It expanded its army as quickly as possible but only had 50 million soldiers and around 1,000 City Lords.

These City Lords and soldiers were the Blue Wolf Kingdom's last defenses, and this already included the Civil Officials and City Guards.

The place where the two armies gathered had an incredibly austere aura, and the atmosphere was incredibly heavy. The faces on the Blue Wolf Kingdom's side were quite pale, and because of the difference in their forces, they were at an incredible disadvantage.

On the other hand, the other side's people had big smiles on their faces and looked incredibly confident. They looked quite evil as they looked at the Blue Wolf Kingdom's people. They were already thinking about how to split the Blue Wolf Kingdom's territory.

In the air, both sides' City Lords gave off powerful auras as they faced off. The Blue Wolf Kingdom's City Lords were led by a woman.

This Half-Beast woman had a fiery figure and was quite beautiful. She looked quite determined and had wolf ears and a wolf tail. Her fur was snow-white, making her look gentle and beautiful.

She was the Blue Wolf Kingdom's Queen and was called Cang Xuenu.

This was essentially a Kingdom-destroying battle, and the three other Kingdoms' Kings had also come. They were all middle-aged men.

"During my father's time, our relations were quite good, and I even called you three as my uncles. Now that he's passed away, you want to destroy the Blue Wolf Kingdom; you're going too far," Cang Xuenu said as she furiously looked at the three people.

One of them lightly laughed as he said, "That's how the world is. Don't blame us. After the Blue Wolf Kingdom suffered heavy losses, if it wasn't for us, you would have been destroyed by the Grassi people. You should be thanking us."