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 This time, the large tree did not attack, and Zhao Fu inwardly let out a sigh of relief. The forest was quite large, and because he had to use Stealth the entire time, he couldn't relax, or the trees would start to attack him. This was quite difficult, as using Stealth required a lot of his concentration.

However, if Zhao Fu wanted to advance, this was necessary. Zhao Fu carefully crept forwards, his mind fully alert. Soon, Zhao Fu quickly hid behind a large tree because he had discovered a monster ahead.

The monster had a human-like body, was 2 meters tall, and had grey-white skin. Its arms were quite long, and it was to the point that they were trailing on the ground. Its hands were like claws, and the monster did not have a face, only a pair of large ears.

Upon seeing this monster, Zhao Fu quickly ducked behind a tree. It did not seem to notice Zhao Fu, and after a while, it finally left.

Following this, Zhao Fu continued onwards. However, he saw another monster like the one from before. However, this one did not have a pair of large ears, and it instead had a large eye on its face.

The monster turned its head, and Zhao Fu was given a big fright - he had been discovered.

In the next second, the monster disappeared and reappeared in front of Zhao Fu. It raised its right claw and vigorously slashed downwards at Zhao Fu.

" _So fast!_ " Zhao Fu marveled inwardly. He immediately activated the mechanisms attached to his hands, causing the two hidden blades to extend outwards, and Zhao Fu crossed his arms in front of his body.


A massive force smashed into his arms, making him slide back by 5 or 6 meters. It had to be known that Zhao Fu's stats were comparable to that of a Stage 2 guard's, but because his cultivation was lacking, he was still forced backwards. It was evident how powerful this monster was. No wonder the Ratfolk had been unable to get past this area - it would have been impossible for them to win against this monster.

Facing this monster, Zhao Fu had no choice but to use his King's Power. He sent his King's Power into the hidden blades, and the silver-white blades looked as if they had been dyed black, with dragon inscriptions moving along the surfaces of the blades.

This time, it was Zhao Fu's turn to attack. He leaned forwards as his legs explosively pushed off from the ground.


The ground cracked as Zhao Fu's body turned into a black blur and shot towards the monster.

The monster stood its ground calmly when it saw Zhao Fu rush at it. When Zhao Fu came within two meters of it, the monster swept its right arm out as fast as lightning, and its sharp claws gave off five rays of light that seemed to be able to crush rocks.

Zhao Fu raised the hidden blade on his left hand and blocked the monster's claw as he stabbed the hidden blade on his right hand towards the monster. The monster was able to react incredibly quickly, and it stretched out its other hand and grabbed onto Zhao Fu's right arm.

Zhao Fu was greatly shocked, and in the next moment, the monster threw Zhao Fu like he was a sandbag.


Zhao Fu was thrown 10 or so meters away and crashed into a large cry. The tree trunk trembled, and quite a few leaves fell from the tree.

_Cough!_ As Zhao Fu fell to the ground, he coughed up a mouthful of blood. The monster was incredibly strong, and if he wasn't careful, he would be heavily injured. Zhao Fu took out a healing pill and ate it before standing up.

At this moment, the monster's large eye was staring at Zhao Fu without a trace of emotion. Following this, the monster's body vanished and appeared before Zhao Fu, its claw reaching towards Zhao Fu as if it wanted to dig out his heart.

Zhao Fu quickly leaped to the side and avoided its claw.


A muffled explosion sounded out as its claw stabbed half a meter deep into the tree trunk. Right after dodging the claws, Zhao Fu saw an opportunity and slashed out with his hidden blade towards the monster. However, in the next second, the monster whipped its other claw towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's hidden blade was unable to connect with the monster at all, and his entire body was sent flying again. After hitting the ground, Zhao Fu felt as if his body was going to collapse, and he thought to himself, " _How is this monster so strong and so fast?!"_

However, Zhao Fu suddenly realized that he had forgotten something, and he thought to himself, " _Aiya, I'm an Assassin!"_

Assassins were extremely fast and incredibly agile, and Zhao Fu had not used the strengths of his profession at all.

At this moment, the monster once again appeared in front of where Zhao Fu was and raised its arms, slamming them down on Zhao Fu, who was on the ground.

Zhao Fu immediately activated Ghost Form, which was a skill that could allow his body to become abnormally agile.

When the monster's claws were about to hit him, Zhao Fu's body performed a strange twist as he narrowly avoided the monster's attack, and he quickly flipped to his feet from the ground.

In the next second, Zhao Fu immediately used Blur, and he quickly ran and leapt around the monster. The monster looked around with its single eye to track Zhao Fu's movements.

Suddenly, a black blur flashed near the monster. However, when it tried to grab the monster, it caught nothing. Zhao Fu appeared at the other side of the monster's body, but it was able to react incredibly quickly, swinging its other claw towards Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu bent backwards as lithely as a snake and dodged the attack. As he swung back up, his hidden blade slashed across the monster's waist, leaving a 15-centimeter wide injury.

"Roarrr!!!" the monster howled in pain. It turned its body and tried to claw Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu's body had already turned into a blur and reappeared five meters away.

This was the first time that Zhao Fu had been able to hit the monster, and he was quite happy. However, his expression became serious because he saw that the wound he had created healed in just seconds, and it was to the point that there was not even a scar left.

After the wound closed, the monster once again rushed at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu decided to use the Assassin profession's speed and agility to its fullest by choosing to evade and dodge instead of meeting the monster head-on.

At the same time, Zhao Fu gradually discovered the monster's openings. Every time it attacked, it would leave openings on both sides of its waist. Zhao Fu could take advantage of this and continuously injure the monster, but no matter how much he injured it, it would be able to quickly recover, and its strength did not seem to go down at all.

There was almost no way to defeat this monster, and Zhao Fu could only think like an Assassin. He realized that he had been making a mistake: Assassins existed to assassinate their targets, and this required them to kill in a single blow. Often, Assassins would only have a single chance, and once they missed it, the opportunity would not present itself again.

Normally, the lethal areas were the heart and the head, and this monster's weaknesses were most likely those two places as well. After coming to this realization, Zhao Fu started to face off against the monster again.

He first left a few injuries on the monster's stomach and waist area, causing it to roar angrily and attack Zhao Fu wildly. Its claws glinted with light, and anyone who was hit by them would have been reduced to scraps.

Zhao Fu quickly dodged, his heart incredibly calm without a trace of panic. He did not continue attacking because he had completely immersed himself in the identity of an Assassin. Only that way would his heart fully fuse with the Assassin profession.

As the monster madly rained down attacks, Zhao Fu continuously dodged. Suddenly, Zhao Fu's eyes flashed as he ducked under one of the monster's swipes, leaned forwards, stretched out his right hand, and used the Assassination Technique. His hidden blade flashed with a dark light as it stabbed forwards.


The sound of the hidden blade piercing into flesh sounded out as the hidden blade pierced the monster's heart. At that moment, both parties stopped moving.